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Claire and Logan looked at their son and Princess Isabella working in tandem to defeat three Seventh Stage Cultivators! They were absolutely dumbfounded by the view in front of them!

They couldn’t believe that they both managed to quickly kill two Seventh Stage Cultivators in a matter of seconds, leaving only one alive who was currently being suppressed.

This was a battle they couldn’t partic.i.p.ate in!

However, just because their son and Princess Isabella did everything they didn’t dare to relax. They stood side by side with Evelynn and warily protected her from an attack that could suddenly appear.

Davis cast a glance at the Sixth Stage Cultivators who were absolutely suppressed by his Soul Suppression Art, unable to do anything. More than half of them had already fainted while some others were either angry or scared to the core.

Davis looked towards the distance and noticed a desperate yet determined silhouette flying towards them as fast as it could. He cast a glance towards the pale Sixth Stage Cultivators again before turning to look towards Elder Valoi’s soul body.

Elder Valoi was absolutely livid! His expression contorted into wretched ugliness as if he were a ghost that came for vengeance.

Davis pitied the poor man but who told him to come towards them and strut of their might? Did he ask for such behavior? It would’ve been just better if he and his family could leave this territory to arrive at the Alstriem Family Territory but they just had to interfere.

Davis absolutely couldn’t have the other party make the first move or he and his entourage would’ve undoubtedly fallen into a disadvantaged position right off the start.

With Evelynn with him together, he had to be careful not to make any mistakes, otherwise, with just their domains spread over to his side, they could’ve either killed her or taken her as a hostage. He would’ve been powerless to do anything if such an event were to occur.

He had heard about domains from Old Man Garvin.

Domains were a cultivator’s dominion. Inside their domain, they could unleash incredible powers, even capable of killing Sixth Stage Cultivators in an instant.

That’s why the whole Seventh Stage was designated as King Grade, unlike the lower grades which covered two stages each. Mortal Grade covered the First and Second Stage. Earth Grade covered the Third and Fourth Stage. Sky Grade covered the Fifth Stage and Sixth Stage while King Grade only encompa.s.sed the Seventh Stage.

Princess Isabella didn’t possess a domain since she was a Body Tempering Cultivator, and neither did Davis. So he had to take the initiative to kill them. At least, his decision to quickly was better than being pushed into a disadvantage.

For Body Tempering Cultivators, only Eighth Stage Experts possessed the ability to cast a domain. However, the domain would be different from what the Essence Gathering Cultivators would release.

Davis looked at Elder Valoi’s soul which was trying to implode but didn’t couldn’t. The latter’s face turned even more ugly when he discovered that he couldn’t escape or even end his own life to preserve honor.

He knew there were even more ugly things than death!

Davis made Elder Valoi’s soul unable to disperse like self-destructing one’s owns dantian.

This was one of the techniques he learned from Old Man Garvin, and the latter also used the same technique to trap and render Elder Severin’s Soul useless.

He stretched his hand and the sphere which trapped Valoi’s soul moved towards him.

As it arrived before him, he cast the Sacred Mark Art which was a slave seal type art he learned in the library of the Royal Castle.

A golden light with yellowish hue and patterns flew from his glabella and landed on Elder Valoi’s soul body after it crossed through the sphere made by his soul force.

Elder Valoi saw the incoming soul technique as his pupils trembled and laughed in desperation, “Haha! Even if you can cast a slave seal on me, you can’t deprive me of my will!! I swear that I will see your dead body before I die!”

Davis narrowed his gaze but he still then intended to cast a slave seal on Elder Valoi as planned.

The moment the Sacred Mark Art fell on Valoi’s soul body, it dissolved into the transparent layer as if it disappeared into Elder Valoi’s Soul Sea.

Elder Valoi widened his eyes as it flashed but then he let out a laugh before crazily smiling at Davis, “As expected, this is one of…”

Valoi wanted to say that the slave seal that Davis used was one of the most basic ones but then his eyes stiffened as a dull light radiated.

‘Truly, the slave seal art I know of is truly the basic ones. Even Old Man Garvin didn’t have such advanced slave seal art that is capable of depriving one’s will and only deigned to use Blood Soul Contract to control people.’ Davis mused as he wryly shook his head.

So what if he possessed no better slave seal arts? Didn’t he possess an even greater treasure that is capable of depriving the will of people?

Davis sinisterly thought before he smiled at Elder Valoi who essentially became a puppet after being controlled by Fallen Heaven.

The Sacred Mark Art was only a farce, and his main reason to use it was too make it seem like he had gained complete control over the stubborn Elder through a slave seal.

However, just in case, at the same time, he cast another technique which flew into Valoi’s soul body but did nothing.

He made it seem like he cast another technique to attract less suspicion from others who knew a thing or two about slave seals, Sacred Mark Art, like Logan and Claire.

After all, they knew the capability of the slave seal technique since they also learned it, even casting it on some people in the Royal Castle.

A few seconds later, the silhouette which he saw heading in their direction approaching towards the place where the Sixth Stage Cultivators were immobilized, in a state where they were unable to do anything, and some of them have even fainted.

The silhouette arrived near the Sixth Stage Experts and propped up a womanly figure into his arms, supporting her up.

The Sixth Stage Cultivators who have not fainted realized that the one who came here was the rumored man of that woman.

They didn’t dare to believe it at first but now, it seemed that it was the case!

“Great! H-Hadian, you’re here! H-Help us report these five i-invaders to the headquarters!” One the Sixth Stage Cultivators gritted their teeth as he spoke.

It took almost every ounce of will for that cultivator to even just speak as he spat out a mouthful of blood, a form of backlash from trying to overthrow the soul suppression to speak.

Hadian turned to look at that cultivator coldly but then glanced at another Sixth Stage Cultivator who looked at him with pleading eyes, his gaze transferring thousands of meanings to comprehend.

Hadian nodded his head at that middle-aged cultivator and looked over to the five enemies who had their faces blurred, a feeling of trepidation reverberated in his heart.

With his Soul Sense, it was not difficult to see what had happened here. In fact, even the undulations of the battle fought by the Seventh Stage Cultivators and Princess Isabella spread across the desert for hundreds of kilometers.

The Magical Beasts ran away and even the rogue cultivators had escaped once they felt the undulations, not daring to stay behind.

But the reason why he was the only one to be present around here entirely was because of the woman he held in his hands.

The woman in his arms was none other than Mulia!


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