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Chapter 260: 260

A moment later, Natalya’s face turned beet red as she realized that she thought of him to be stupid for requesting her little sister to do that absurd task .

She sighed as she was finally aware of her gullibility . No wonder that group of people was able to play her to death, even fooling her family in the process .

‘Strength is indeed everything!’ At this moment, this saying deeply entrenched in her mind and the need for cultivation arose in her heart .

She turned to look at Davis and thought of becoming his disciple but instantly realized that this person in front of her was not only younger than her but also mysterious . She knew nothing about him other than his age .

The words she wanted to let out went back inside her throat as she gulped and hesitated .

On one side, she was afraid that this person would abandon her if she were to annoy him anymore and on another side, she badly wanted to get strong . This made her feel distressed . Deciding to not bring out this topic now, she slowly breathed out a sigh of relief .

. . .

The next day .

Fiora, as asked upon, brought the portraits to Davis with a confused expression on her face .

As expected, all three portraits were different .

She had asked her parents to draw that hateful person’s face but they refused . It was only after she said that she would make the latter pay in the future for the sake of their elder sister did they unwillingly relent .

a.s.sa.s.sin organizations did exist everywhere, so they didn’t find it weird that she wanted that man’s portrait .

Natalya opened her mouth wide agape as she looked at Davis . She was astonished and awed by the fact that the person who was less in age to her was able to deduce this much with just a little amount of information!

Davis explained his deduction to Fiora to which she also felt that it was the case .

“There is no way my elder sister would follow a man just because he is strong!” Fiora smiled as she said, but her expression didn’t last long when she realized that her whole family had been a victim of that person’s illusions .

Suddenly, she narrowed her eyes at the portrait and pointed at it, “I recognize this person . He lives just a few kilometers away from ou . . . this residence . “

“Maybe the answers to where my elder sister is all with him! We got a lead!” Fiora exclaimed with excitement etched all over the face .

Davis furrowed his brows, thinking that there was something wrong . He felt something didn’t add up and with her being able to recognize a portrait, it just felt even more not right .

Why would that mysterious person who was proficient in illusions leave an obvious hole in his almost perfectly executed plan?

Instantly, a thought flashed past his mind!

A bait! That mysterious person had left a hole in his plan for someone!

Davis turned to look at Fiora, “No, it’s likely a bait . “

“Bait? Bait for whom?” Fiora asked back, not understanding .

Davis chuckled, “Of course, for you . . . “

“Me?” Fiora was visibly shocked!

“Didn’t you say that your mother drew that portrait?” Davis asked .

“Yes . . . ” She nodded .

“Then why wasn’t your mother able to recognize that person?”

“That . . . I don’t know . . . ” Fiora turned confused .

“Then it’s obvious that someone has set up a trap for you since you’re the only person who can recognize that man . “

Fiora’s lips trembled, “Why would they do that?”

“I don’t know . I can derive a lot of reasons but the most probable one would be that you’re valuable merchandise to them . “

“Mer . . . merchandise!?” Fiora’s lips trembled even more as she repeated it .

Then what about her elder sister?

Fiora found it hard to fathom what exactly might’ve happened to her elder sister at this moment .

“Sigh, forget it, it’s already been two months . The chances of your elder sister being alive at this point are almost zero . ” Davis said, wanting to stop her from getting into trouble .

” . . . No . . . She is alive . . . ” Fiora uttered with her trembling lips, all the while thinking that it was her fault .

“If you’re thinking of saving your elder sister by investigating the bait, then I a.s.sure you that at the end of the day, you will only be a captive, just like your elder sister . ” Davis suddenly said, breaking her resolution to save her elder sister .

“Not only will you be held captive, but even your mother and father will be silenced using various means . “

“Tell me, is it worth it?” Davis asked coldly, like a demon who tempts the victims at night .

Fiora trembled visibly from hearing his viewpoint .

Davis wanted Fiora to give up and leave this city . If so, he could send Natalya to them in the future without causing any problems . It was a win-win situation for both of them, but it wasn’t so for Fiora in her thoughts .

No matter what she did, it would lead to a tragic fate, unless she went away with her parents to another city while she had the chance .

But that would mean abandoning her lovely elder sister . Both of the options seemed tragic enough to scar her for life .

Her eyes darted around searching for a way to break through this tragic fate .

She herself completely realized that her puny cultivation wouldn’t be of any help in saving her elder sister at this moment .

If so, what else could help? Her mind thought hard and the final conclusion she reached left her reeling in despair .

‘Is there really no other way . . . ?’ Even so, she didn’t give up and thought truly hard but wasn’t able to come up with a solution in her mind .

Davis looked at her, waiting for her to comply with his wishes and return to her parents .

Fiora’s expression changed every few seconds, displaying sadness, frustration, despair, hesitation and finally determination .

Her clear eyes gazed up at Davis as her eyelids trembled, “Mister Scythe, please save my elder sister . . . “

Davis had already thought of what to say if she asked, but just before he could decline, he heard her voice .

“In exchange, I . . . I am willing to . . . s-sleep with you . . . “

Fiora’s face blushed with a deep red hue . The deep sense of shame and disgust she felt at herself multiplied by a few times .

Natalya was shocked beyond compare! And so was Davis!


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