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Chapter 1685 – Halted?

Davis blinked at Princess Iesha as his mind wandered.

He then shook his head and turned to look at the incoming party of spirits.

“Entourage from the Seeker Spirit Empire, what do you want?”

Princess Iesha also turned to look at them and asked, standing in front of Davis.

“You are our Empire’s bride-“

“Sure, arrow-mark spirit.” Davis grinned with a cold light gleaming in his eyes, “Take her away, and I’ll visit your empire to make a real disaster out of it.”

The black-robed Seeker Spirit shook, but he clenched his teeth and spoke again to Iesha.

“You were our Empire’s bride, and I would like to make it clear that it is no longer the case.”


“Oh, that’s smart of you.”

Davis smirked while the Seeker Spirit wryly smiled with a bit of trepidation in his heart. While knowing that this person wasn’t a part of the Renegade Human Shelter due to his powerful nature that exceeded the hegemons, he still didn’t want to offend him by asking his origin, although he was still badly interested to know how this human managed to pop out of nowhere.

“Thank you.”

On the other hand, Iesha heaved a sigh of relief. With this, she wouldn’t be leaving with a bad name, hopefully. The black-robed Seeker Spirit also nodded, but he appeared to be reluctant.

“But a deal is a deal. Your imperial father took you back from us and lost you to this powerful human who defeated him. Your imperial father should still give us another chaste bride as he gave his word to us before. Otherwise, it is akin to offending our Seeker Spirit Empire with false promises.”

Iesha blinked before she clasped her hand.

“I’m no longer a princess as I said that I’m going to follow this human who protected me. I don’t belong to this Frigid World Spirit Empire anymore. If you want to have a word about this matter, then have it with my father, not me.”

The black-robed Seeker Spirit possessed a complex expression on his face as he looked in another direction.

His face looked like that he would want to have it but looking at the Frigid World Spirit Emperor, who was utterly defeated and currently recovering, he mused he was extremely angered after having his pride broken. If he went and spoke about this matter at this moment, it would be extremely dangerous as there was no telling what would happen.

“I understand.”

He spoke and left with the entourage to find someone else to bother.

Meanwhile, Davis looked at Iesha in a complex manner as he heard her words.

‘No longer a princess of the Frigid World Spirit Empire, huh…’

Davis inwardly nodded to her determination before he began to rise.

“Let’s go.”

Iesha nodded, and Pia also straightened her back. They both followed Davis as they rose to the skies. They had already crossed a few kilometers when a resounding voice echoed.


Davis stopped, turning to look at the source of the voice, and so did the other two.

It was none other than the Frigid World Spirit Emperor.

Iesha narrowed her eyes, looking at her father as she recalled the things he did to her on this day before biting her lips.

“What do you want, father? I’m no longer a princess-“

“Live a good life at the very least. Or else, your father will truly become the villain who ruined your life.”


Iesha’s expression trembled before she turned around and rushed into the distance, leaving behind a trail of tears that fell, changing into ice shards halfway as they clattered on the ground, shattering into innumerable pieces.


Davis looked at the both of them, looking at the regret and sorrow in the Frigid Spirit Emperor’s white eyes before he shook his head and left along with Pia Noel, catching up to Iesha.

Without anyone following them, they made their way east.

Davis didn’t disturb Iesha as she flew towards the front. At this moment, she appeared to have come out of the anguish present in her heart as she slowed down her flight to appear beside him.


Iesha bit her lips as she looked at him, her white pupils appearing glazed.

“Where are we going?”

Davis gazed at her for a second before he spoke.

“To the Inferno Spirit Chamber Territory.”

“Oh, the Territory to the far east from our place.” Iesha nodded, “We must cross the perilous Hades Sp.a.w.n Abyss Territory to our east and then enter the Inferno Spirit Chamber Territory. Ah, I guess you already knew that…”

Iesha appeared awkward before she looked worried.

“Those fire-attributed spirits are completely hostile to humans and somewhat repugnant to us that I don’t like them. Guess that’s because of our elemental difference. Well, I’m sure you can handle them, but how are you living there without being found out even once? I’ve never heard of you before.”

She curiously looked at him.

“Well, you’ll see when we get there.”

Davis smiled mysteriously, causing Iesha to pout as she looked away.

“Do you regret your decision to follow me now?”

Suddenly, Davis’s voice echoed, causing Iesha to blink before she shook her head and looked at him once again.

“No, it is because of you that father was able to realize my accomplishments. Otherwise, father would’ve undoubtedly executed me and would’ve never realized my accomplishments nor intentions.”

Davis nodded. Her father did truly strike to kill her. There was no changing that fact, even after realizing that he was in the wrong with his forceful efforts.

“I’m sorry, princess. It’s all my fault…”

Pia Noel shed tears by the side while Davis felt that the atmosphere was turning more sorrowful. He was about to stop it when Iesha’s voice that was kind, turned sharp.

“Don’t talk to me, Pia. Moreover, I am not a princess anymore, nor am I ready to forgive you for what you did. You better be thankful to Davis that you still have your life…”

Iesha didn’t even turn to look at Pia while the latter shed more tears in silence from hearing that answer.

Davis could only shake his head to their fight that he felt wouldn’t last long because Iesha was still kind. Perhaps, if she had stayed in her Empire, she might’ve even forgiven her father in a few year’s time. However, that made him curious as to why she would choose to follow him, and he had this rising urge within him to use his karmic powers and examine the Karmic Threads to see her emotions towards him.

But that felt so spineless that he didn’t bother with it, especially when he knew that she was reliant on him at the moment.

‘I don’t want to take advantage of her… but, does she like me?’

Davis pursed his lips before he shook his head inwardly. His main body was doing his duty as a husband to the wives, but here he was, wondering if another woman, a female spirit liked him.

‘I thought I locked my heart…?’

Davis almost released an exasperated sigh at himself.

At this point, they crossed half the distance to the Hades Sp.a.w.n Abyss Territory. The remaining journey towards it was fraught with silence before they reached the Territory Gate.

When they made past the Territory Gate, no spirits were guarding, which made Davis feel confused because unlike the other side of the Territory Gate, where there seemed to be a steady stream of spirits filling the towns, there was nothing here but darkness.

“What is this place? I can’t see anything past fifty kilometers away from me.”

“Woah, you can see at such a long-distance?… I can’t even see past thirteen thousand meters while my father is only able to see until forty-five thousand kilometers. No wonder you overwhelmed my father whose defenses are at the top for his prowess…”

“Well, his ice was extremely hard to shatter, alright.”

Davis knew that without death energy, such an easy victory wouldn’t have been possible.

Iesha nodded before she looked at the dark s.p.a.ce that was even darker and foggier than Twilight Shade Valley.

“This is the Hades Sp.a.w.n Abyss. Legend has it that there was once a powerful Darkness Elemental that could cross three levels at the Peak-Level Ninth Stage, made this Territory be covered full of its neverending darkness before it ascended to the upper world. The fact that it did not turn into a spirit means that it chose to continue on being a Spirit Attribute Source instead of becoming a spirit.”

“Oh?” Davis’s brows raised, “I’m interested in capturing it…”

“Big words… You’re not even an immortal, Davis~” Iesha giggled sweetly.

“Well, I’ll get to that place sometime…” Davis couldn’t help but chuckle, causing Iesha to look intently at him.

“So, are there darkness attributed spirits here?”

“Yes, but they live in settlements and don’t really make an empire or a power of influence, although I don’t recommend disturbing them as they really… really crave silence and darkness.”

Iesha emphasized while Davis grinned, feeling like he wanted to disturb them. However, since he was already here for some time, he felt that he had to return home as there were still matters to take care of.

‘At this point, it is clear that I’m not going to find any hiding place, but the thing is… there might be some unearthed Immortal Inheritances in these spirit lands.’

Davis wanted to find such powers that he couldn’t help but ask Iesha.

“Iesha, do you know anything about Immortal Inheritances?”


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