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Chapter 90: Waste Ores Room! One Versus Two

“Who are you? How dare you to come here!” The male Great Demon that should be Yagus shouted.

A female voice sounded next to him, “Don’t bother talking to him! Didn’t you see Sir Barnacle’s pet, Nagurala has been hurt to such extent! We must catch him and cut him into pieces!”

As soon as they finished their words, both Great Demons ignited their demonic fire almost simultaneously.

Chen Rui knew that today’s fierce battle was inevitable. Yagus’ weapon was somewhat similar to a boomerang, and it was too wide open here, hence it’d be very unfavorable to Chen Rui. He thought of something immediately and ran into the main pit. Yagus and Sully would never let him go, so they quickly chased after him.

Dodo was even faster. Knowing that he was slow, he simply jumped onto Chen Rui’s shoulder to hitchhiking. The cerberus was enraged by its injuries, so it chased while roaring.

In a blink of an eye, the several figures had disappeared into the main pit.

The main pit was built for thousands of years, especially the upper layer that had been excavated. The s.p.a.ce seemed very large, as if a complex underground labyrinth shaped like a spider web. At every distance, there was a magic lamp for lighting. Chen Rui’s intention of entering the main pit was to fight by making use of the terrain. However, the cerberus’ nose was too keen, and its speed was also fast. It had been following tightly; it was quite troublesome.

“Dodo, I’ll leave the cerberus to you. If I die, you won’t survive too!”

Every word of that sentence was said via telepathically. When the slime just heard that sentence, he felt that its body was light, and he was thrown backward by his cruel master directly toward the cerberus.

The cerberus sniffed one of its nemesis’ smell, so it suddenly slowed down and began to bite Dodo. That action was happened in a split second while Sully and Yagus didn’t stop; they continued to pursue Chen Rui tightly.

Dodo finally got rid of the cerberus’ bite and stuck on the wall with a frightening heart. Although there was still resentment against its owner, the sentence just now made the slime who wanted to just run away changed its mind. If this two-headed big guy and that two bad guys faced master together, master would likely die. If master died, Dodo would die too.

The onion-head examined the cerberus who was roaring below. To be more precise, this downgraded, two-headed cerberus’ strength seemed to be weakened a lot. Bullying the weak and fearing the evil had always been the virtue of Dodo. Suddenly, its courage increased greatly; it extended its body to wrap the “two-headed” cerberus.

Chen Rui’s true intention wasn’t escaping, otherwise, he would’ve rushed down the mountain instead of running into the main pit or he could still activate “Dark Will’s” skill. Now, the cerberus had been badly injured, so he couldn’t do anything to improve the situation. Even if he escaped from the two Great Demons, they’d definitely suspect that he was from the mining office. After all, today was the day that Athena and him arrived, so everything was too coincidental.

Besides, his main purpose at Mountain Xilang was aura. Now that Barnacle went to the town of Leia, he might as well kill the 2 enemies at early-stage Higher Demon, then he would get all the aura from the waste ores room.

Besides, the appointment as a mining officer was Joseph’s scheme. If he had no choice, he could just dismiss the miners and let everyone escape. He could just return and “report” to the Dark Moon City. Once She understood the mine’s actual situation, she probably wouldn’t remain indifferent anymore.

However, it wasn’t easy to deal with these two enemies. If it was only Yagus or Sully, even if they had , escaping shouldn’t be too difficult with Chen Rui’s current speed. However, there were two opponents on the other side that were well-coordinated. He just got rid of them for awhile but was back to being chased again.

Chen Rui just evaded Sully who teleported to him, but two quick hustling sounds were approaching his face. In the rush, he only had time to lean back and dodge Yagus’s flying scythe. Then, Sully attacked again.

Chen Rui couldn’t evade. At that time, the effect of hadn’t disappeared, so he slashed toward Sully. Sully witnessed him cut off the cerberus’ head, so she knew that the secret technique was horrifying; she didn’t dare to block directly. Two oddly-shaped daggers appeared in her hands and parried his attack. The weapon was about one meter long and the handle was at the center. Both ends had three-pointed blades and it looked like a dual-headed lotus of the Demon Realm.

Chen Rui wasn’t sure whether the of his body could rival with the blade. He turned his wrist, struck on the dagger’s back. There were actually sparks. Sully felt an extremely strong sharpness from her dagger that actually pa.s.sed to her shoulder from the handle. It was as if a blade sliced through. A line of fresh wound immediately appeared. Fortunately, this dagger was a customized magic weapon, so most of the damage had been blocked. Otherwise, her entire arm might be cut off. Sully wasn’t Paglio, so she wouldn’t hold back. Chen Rui also felt the powerful recoil. The back of his hand was faintly paralyzed. After all, wasn’t invincible.

Sully was secretly scared. She didn’t dare to take risk. She leaped away and avoided the second strike of . Chen Rui wanted to pursuit then a sharp wind behind him sounded again. The timing was quite accurate. There was no way to avoid it. He immediately shouted, turned around and blocked with like lightning without looking back. The flying scythe was immediately divided into two.

Yagus was shocked, but he didn’t panic. Another two flying scythes appeared in his hands while Sully was with her dual dagger in front of her body. Both parties formed a confrontational situation.

Sully was a standard Great Demon woman. She had curved horns; tall; red eyes; her body was hot; Yagus’s appearance was a bit ugly. He had a pointy nose and a long scar.

Through the light of the magic lamp in the main pit, Yagus carefully examined the mysterious man in black robe and frowned, “This guy shouldn’t be Athena from Dark Moon, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to block our attack combo.”

“It doesn’t matter who he is. Let’s take him down first.” The demonic fire on Sully’s body was blazing and she reminded, “Beware of his secret technique.”

Chen Rui thought quickly in his mind: only lasts for 10 minutes. It’s ending soon. If I use , it’ll at most do minor damage with the 2 enemies’ strength; whereas my Star Power will be lowered drastically, so it isn’t worthy. By the same token, a big move like must also be used when there’s an opportunity. Paglio once said that a battle includes the consideration of multiple factors such as tactics, timing, and power distribution.

Sully didn’t give him too much time to consider. She had already launched a rapid attack. Although she was a woman, she was mad in battle, and her melee attack with the dual dagger was especially powerful. Although the main pit was wide, after all, it wasn’t as s.p.a.cious as outside. Yagus’ flying scythes were limited to a certain extent. Besides, the distance between Sully and Chen Rui was too close, so he might accidentally injure Sully with his long-ranged attack. Therefore, he immediately kept his flying scythe and engaged in close combat.

Chen Rui had learned a little from the bandits about the relations.h.i.+p between Yagus and Sully. Also, they were actually really well-coordinated in battle. Sully’s strength was similar to Chen Rui whereas Yagus strength was slightly inferior. Under their coordination, although Chen Rui had a certain advantage in terms of speed, he was still in an absolute disadvantage. had already ended. He needed to wait for an hour before he could use it again.

While Chen Rui was distracted, he was slashed by Sully at his lower ribs. Before he could catch his breath, Yagus’ heavy punch was coming to him. Chen Rui reached out and blocked, and he took the opportunity to fly backward by the force, conveniently dodged Sully’s fatal attack to his heart. He knew that he’d be more pa.s.sive as this kind of direct battle went on, so he turned around and ran toward another tunnel.

This guerrilla tactic made the joint attack advantage of Sully and Yagis immediately lose its effectiveness. They were secretly scolding their opponent for being despicable The strength of the trio wasn’t much different. So, it was impossible for Chen Rui to make a surprise attack and defeat one at a time, so it became a stalemate.

Sully and Yagus chased for a while, and they seemed to have reached a certain tacit agreement. They gradually forced Chen Rui to a certain direction. It was Chen Rui’s first time coming into the main pit, so he was unfamiliar with the terrain. When he realized their intentions, he was already forced to a dead end. Behind him was an extremely s.p.a.cious hall; it seemed that there was no way out.

Yagus’ waved both his hands, then 4 to 5 flying scythes flew toward Chen Rui at the same time. Sully followed closely and prepared to sneak attack. Chen Rui knew that it was pointless to man fight them directly, so he retreated to the hall.

At the top of the hall, there was a huge magic lamp hanging from it, s.h.i.+ning in bright light. There were also wall lamps installed orderly on surrounding walls, which was much clearer than the light outside. After Chen Rui retreated to the hall, the s.p.a.ce inside was much larger than expected. Based on his preliminary estimation, it was as big as a football field. There was a huge deep hole in the hall, which contained stones of different sizes. Chen Rui’s heart was moved. This hall seems to be the… waste ores room that the dwarf described?

Finally, the place was found. Chen Rui’s main purpose here today was here. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right as there were two enemies before his eyes. They absolutely wouldn’t give him the chance.

There was a heavy sound coming from the door. He saw Sully was pus.h.i.+ng two huge stone doors to close it. In the hands of Yagus, two more flying scythes appeared; his demonic fire blazed. Their faces had a cruel smile at the same time.

Of course, Chen Rui didn’t want to be the sitting duck, so he stepped back back while quickly examining at the surrounding terrain.

Sully’s figure flicked and rushed toward Chen Rui at high speed. It was again the storm-like melee attack. Suddenly, Sully faked an attack and jumped away with a few somersaults. Then, the demonic fire on Yagus’ body suddenly blazed and he snorted furiously, “”

In an instant, the sky was filled with whistling sounds. Countless flying scythes appeared suddenly and surrounded Chen Rui. Chen Rui was taken aback. He was trying to dodge. However, the flying scythes were very skillful. They attacked in a sequence as if several opponents with different rhythms. Yagus’ speed of retrieving and throwing his flying scythes was strangely fast as the flying scythes that flew back were quickly thrown out again with his hands.

The flying scythes around Chen Rui were endless. It was extremely deadly. In the blink of an eye, there were two more b.l.o.o.d.y wounds on his body. The flying scythes were very sharp. Even with the pa.s.sive ability of , the blood that came out couldn’t be stopped at once. At the time of crisis, Chen Rui removed his cloak, shook his hand and the cloak immediately became a flexible whip, swiping left and right to block the flying scythes. However, the whip was slowly shortened. Chen Rui retreated while swiping, then he suddenly disappeared.

Yagus was taken aback to lose his target. Actually, Chen Rui had already fallen into the giant hole and was conveniently the blind spot of his direction. The flying scythes were kept by Yagus one by one. were kind of exaggerated, but there were at least 100. Together with the repeated retrieving and shooting, it was indeed a troublesome ultimate move.

Seeing Yagus missed, Sully was about to go forward, but Chen Rui had already retreated into the pit quickly. He suddenly jumped high and had a few flying scythes that he picked up in his hands. However, his target wasn’t Sully, who chased him tightly but the biggest magic lamp in the air.

However, darts weren’t easy to play, especially these that could turn back. It looked easy, but using it was… too hard. He threw a few out and none of them were close to the target. The most accurate one almost touched the magic lamp,but it spun around and flew back. If it weren’t for this critical moment, Chen Rui would be embarra.s.sed. When he landed, he was almost cut into pieces by Sully.

Sully was obviously intended to repeat the same trick by forcing the opponent to enter the range of Yagus’ flying scythe. Chen Rui certainly wouldn’t be tricked again.

Yagus didn’t wait outside blindly; he had already appeared in the pit. His demonic fire began to flash again which was the precursor to the attack. By the time Chen Rui leaped again, there was already a square stone in his hand. He threw it hard and hit a giant lamp accurately. Surely, stones were the best at any age, whether it was for close or long-ranged attack.

The principle of the magic lamp was by using the principle of magic array to stimulate special material (such as the most commonly used lamp stone) to s.h.i.+ne. Being smashed into pieces by a stone, the magic array was also destroyed and the lamp stone was extinguished. Other than a faint light from a wall far away, it was pitch black in the midlle. Chen Rui suddenly disappeared into the dark.

Only the male and female Great Demon had blazing fire on their body; they seemed especially eye-catching.

Within the main pit, the roars from a distance and the exploding sounds made the bandits who arrived at the door dared not to go in while someone said something.

“Nagurala shouldn’t be approached when it’s hunting. We’ll just guard the entrance lest the enemy escape. Besides, it’s too big inside. If we go in recklessly, we’ll be a burden for Ms. Sully instead. I believe they’ll be done soon.”

That suggestion received everyone’s approval, so all of them lit up a torch and magic lighting equipment to surround the entrance of the main pit.

No one knew that the cerberus, Nagurala was very, very depressed now.

This onion-head like transparent guy is able to change its body freely, and it is kind of like the lowest level slime. However, is there such a powerful slime?

This enemy seems vulnerable, but I can’t kill it no matter what. Whether it’s biting, bursting with fireball or it is scattered into hundreds of pieces, it can still gather and restore into a complete onion-head. The annoyingness isn’t just that but also the skill. Just now I was caught off guard being entangled by its rope form. The flesh and blood at my wound actually disappeared quickly, as if they were swallowed. If I didn’t get rid of it in time, I’ll definitely suffer a huge loss.

What should I do to completely kill this stupid onion-head?

Nagula, who was badly injured, stretched out its tongue and panted heavily. Sure enough, the pieces on the ground once again reformed. When Nagurala was watching at the ground with vigilance, it didn’t notice that some transparent “thing” quietly climbed to the stone wall above it by sucking and the cerberus’ head was right below.


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