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Chapter 806: Slap on the Face

Early morning.

Venus City.

In a hotel room.

Chen Rui stood up and slowly opened the door to the room. After returning from the Nightmare Wilderness, he shut himself in the room.

The trip to the Jade Forest Sea was actually very rewarding. He advanced to grand master in both mechanics and potion at the same time. He should be full of spirits right now, but he was extremely depressed.

The Nightmare Wilderness became a veritable nightmare. In order to save Blanche, starting from the Garron Tribe, he killed all the way to the strongest Thunderstorm Tribe, fought the 3 Beamon Orc Kings, then he fought in the Doom Swamp. He was almost beheaded by a terrifying G.o.d-given weapon at the Secret Language Stone Palace, but when he arrived at the Blood Cave of Nightmare Volcano after a hard battle, he was a step behind after all. All he could find was a pair of gla.s.ses left behind by the half-elf girl.

For this reason, Chen Rui fell into deep self-blame because the real reason Blanche left the Jade Forest Sea was because of him.

He knew that the quiet half-elf girl actually had a lot to say to him in her heart, but she never had this chance again. If he could do it again, he would choose to give Blanche a real promise when he was in the Jade Forest Sea.

Unfortunately, there was no such ‘if’.

No matter what, what is lost is already lost, and I can only cherish everything I have now.

I will always remember this girl and will completely destroy the mysterious cult to avenge her.

After calming his mind, he took a deep breath, took his sadness deep into his heart, and strode out the door.

Today was the opening day of the Star Tower. He was on the way to Starlight College now.

Soon after, Chen Rui arrived at the Starlight College in a horse-drawn carriage. The business of horse-drawn carriages to and from the Starlight College in the past 2 days had been extremely good, and the price had tripled.

There were more law enforcement teams and reception staff at the school gate than usual. Chen Rui, who disguised as ‘Roman’, held the pa.s.s badge issued by the school affairs department and entered the school gate smoothly.

The campus was not as lively as imagined, but it was more orderly than usual.

“Roman!” There were not many people who knew ‘Roman’ on this campus, so Chen Rui was a little surprised. As he looked back, it turned out to be a female apprentice of Socrates who went to the Jade Forest Sea last time. Her name seemed to be Sophia. She looked sweet.

“You’re finally back. Teacher has been talking about you every day for the past few days. If he knows that you are back, he will be exhilarated. I’m going to the teacher’s dean room now. Do you want to come along?”

“No need.” Chen Rui smiled, “I’ll go to the school affairs department first. The Star Tower will be open this afternoon. I need to register first. Anyway, thank you.”

“Oh.” Sophia took a few steps, and she suddenly seemed to pluck up the courage as she turned around, “If you are free, can I ask you about the magic circle alone?”

What is this? A date? Chen Rui was taken aback and thought secretly: This is too unscientific. Based on this good-for-nothing rough and bitter face, there is actually a girl who will take the initiative to date him? Should I answer ‘I only like widows’? (A certain nephew sneezed wildly in the Demon Realm)

Chen Rui thought for a while and replied, “Right now is the Star Tower’s… Uh, wait until this big event is finished, okay?”

After finis.h.i.+ng this matter, ‘Roman’ should also disappear.

“En.” Sophia’s face seemed a little red, and her footsteps were quicker.

Looking at Sophia’s back, Chen Rui smiled bitterly and scratched his head. He walked all the way to the school affairs department where he happened to run into Belia under the building.

There were a lot of people in the school affairs department building, and there were 2 men and a woman beside Belia. They were all ‘acquaintances’.

The first was Arthur’s fiancée, Princess Landbis of the Blue Glory Empire. The other 2 were Belia’s nephew, the silly man Neil, and Quinn, whom Chen Rui met last time in the Jade Forest Sea.

Quinn thought highly of himself. He wanted to challenge Chen Rui, but Duoduo melted the knife in his hand.

Although the beauty of Landbis was particularly dazzling in the crowd, even eclipsing Belia’s beauty, Chen Rui did not look at her. He greeted Belia directly, “Ms. Belia, we meet again. I have come to partic.i.p.ate in the Star Tower’s trial as promised.”

As soon as this sentence came out, the silly man, Neil’s facial expression suddenly changed. Last time he used his aunt, Belia, to deal with his love rival Feiz, but Feiz was fine. Instead, he received bad news that his aunty had given the additional referral place to enter the Star Tower to another person!

Initially, in Neil’s opinion, this slot definitely belonged to him. This had also become 1 of his capitals for pride and ridiculing the others. However, the sudden bad news was like a bolt from the blue, making the silly man perplexed at the moment. He felt like he couldn’t lift his head in front of his cla.s.smates and Shueisha’s companions, especially Rowling.

This matter had another meaning of losing an important capital in the family inheritor dispute.

However, Neil was self-aware and did not dare to show any resentment toward Belia. His father only had a sister, Belia, but he had more than 1 son. More importantly, Belia was the real power figure of the Starlight College, and her right to speak in the family was not under his father as the city lord. Because of this, his mother tried her best to win over and please Belia in order to give him more convenience. If he annoyed this aunty, it would not be beneficial at all no matter in college or in the future, so the silly man could only swallow the bitter pill silently.

Now, the guy who robbed him of his slot actually appeared in front of him blatantly, and he even mentioned the matter in public. It was an outright slap in his face.

“Who do you think you are?” Neil couldn’t help but blurt out. Such a precious slot is actually taken away by this seemingly silly rubbis.h.!.+

“Ms. Belia, why is there such a rude idiot around you?” Chen Rui didn’t hide his disdain for this kind of person.

Neil was furious. He gritted his teeth as if he was about to swallow Chen Rui alive. Belia frowned, “Roman, this is just a misunderstanding. He is my nephew, Neil. Falos.”

“It turns out that it’s your nephew… Then I’ll forget it for your sake.” Chen Rui glanced at the silly man with a look of disdain.

Belia was very aware of the strength and cruelty of ‘Richard’. If another guy with low strength was so impolite, he would have waved and annihilated him long ago. In fact, he had given her a lot of faces.

However, this att.i.tude angered the silly man even more, “You d.a.m.n…”

“Shut up!” Belia whispered; her voice obviously sounded displeased.

Neil’s face twitched for a while, but he didn’t dare to speak again.

“Ms. Belia, you need to educate our Student Neil and teach him the most basic manners.” When Chen Rui said ‘our’, he deliberately increased his tone and winked at Belia.

“That’s enough, let’s go to the school affairs department first to go through the procedures.” Belia glared at Chen Rui in dissatisfaction, but she did not pursue further. This surprised Landbis and the others. Belia’s sternness and arrogance were well-known in the college. If someone else made a mockery like this, she would definitely go mad immediately. However, her reaction now was such a formal sentence, and it even revealed a hint of familiarity with that ‘Roman’. This was undoubtedly shocking and even suspicious to the others.

“Excuse me, Minister Belia, as far as I know, even if there is a recommendation slot, it must pa.s.s the Dean’s level 1 review, even if it is personally recommended by Minister Belia.” Landbis finally spoke. Although she knew that Neil was hopeless, his father was the city lord and he was also a member of the Shueisha that she organized. Now that Neil was humiliated in public, it was impossible for her, the president of Shueisha, to keep quiet about it.

Belia narrowed her eyes slightly and nodded, “Yes.”

“Review?” Chen Rui looked at Landbis with interest while deliberately showing a hostile gaze. Quinn who noticed this at the side had blazing cold eyes.

Landbis’ facial expression remained unchanged as she said calmly, “Yes, the review should have ended yesterday. As far as I know, sir’s name is not on the review list.”

“I see.” Chen Rui laughed suddenly, “Dean’s level 1… does the deputy dean’s work?”

“Of course, it does.” Landbis thought this question was a bit strange when a voice sounded from behind.


This voice was actually Deputy Dean Socrates’. Improving things like magic circles was addictive, especially after the initial success. Socrates had been studying since returning from the Jade Forest Sea. These days he was stuck in a bottleneck and failed several times. He had been looking forward to the return of ‘Roman’. Now that he heard Sophia say that she encountered ‘Roman’ at the college, he immediately rushed toward the school affairs department.

“You finally came back!” Sir Deputy Dean slapped Chen Rui on the shoulder, “I’m looking for you, come with me to the laboratory!”

The obvious intimacy of Socrates surprised Landbis and others. Chen Rui shook his head, “Wait a minute, sir dean. Just now someone said that my recommendation for entering the Star Tower was not reviewed by the dean, so it’s not effective. I’m bothered by it right now.”

Socrates’ eyes turned fierce, and his first reaction was to look at Belia, “Who said that?”

“Of course it’s not me.” Belia smiled lightly. “I’m Teacher Roman’s recommender.”

“Yes, this time your school affairs department finally did a good job.” Socrates’ eyes turned to Landbis and others, “I reviewed the qualifications of Roman more than 1 month ago. Who has any questions?”

Neil lowered his head. For him, it was another big slap in the face.

“I’m sorry, sir dean. No problem now.” Landbis replied generously. She secretly began to rea.s.sess the guy who looked slothful. To make the deputy dean pay such attention to him, plus Belia’s att.i.tude, ‘Roman’ is definitely not an ordinary talent.

If this person stays at the college in the future, at least I can’t become his enemy.

“Then it’s fine now! Roman, quickly have a look at the magic circle for me. As long as the improvement is successful, I can get an extra slot for you.”

When Neil heard the last sentence, a hope rekindled in his mind and he winked desperately at Belia. Chen Rui saw it and sneered secretly. Really thinking that the world is revolving around you alone?

“It’s okay, sir dean. The Star Tower shouldn’t be entered by any random person.”

This sentence completely ruined Neil’s last fluke, which was equivalent to being slapped a few times in public and then being stepped on severely. The silly man’s facial expression suddenly became extremely unsightly.

Chen Rui didn’t even look at Neil. He just nodded to Belia and followed Socrates.

TL: Will this Star Tower be a kingdom of some kind of G.o.d as well?


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