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Chapter 416: Treasure Map

“You… don’t talk nonsense!” Mousse showed a panicked look, “I think you, the Dark Moon, coming to the Blue Lava Estate is obviously ill-intentioned. Now you still want to use this kind of malicious instigation and framing!”

Paglio stood in front of Chen Rui with a protective look, and the human financial officer became even more calm, “Sir Mousse, your att.i.tudes are too different before and after, right? Didn’t you express infinite grat.i.tude on the arrival of the Dark Moon Army previously? Besides, I’m just speculating based on my own knowledge. If you are innocent, why are you so nervous?”

“No wonder the potion masters are helpless!” Sheriff Varit said, “If it weren’t for Sir Chen Rui’s reminder, we haven’t thought about this yet! It seems that we have always underestimated you, Mousse!”

Varit speaking up meant that he had agreed with the “outsider”, Chen Rui’s speculation. Several family representatives showed suspicion.

“Guard!” Varit shouted, “Bring Mousse down, this is related to the safety of sir lord’s life!”

The guards rushed in, but they surrounded Varit and the others.

“The entire lord’s mansion is under my control. None of you can get out today.” Mousse gradually recovered his composure, “I just didn’t expect that my secret technique would be seen through by an unthreatening human. It seems that some plans need to be changed.”

Varit said angrily, “It turns out that you really have been controlling sir lord! Is it your trick to force General Sumen away?”

“Just worry about yourself, Varit. Haven’t you felt it yet?” Mousse gave a spooky smile, “Your power should be declining rapidly. This kind of poison combines the power of dark magic, it is hard for even the Demon Emperor level powerhouse to resist it. Soon, you will all become trash with no resistance power, and then I will manipulate this d.a.m.n human and let him bury all the soldiers he brought with poison!”

“Who are you? Why do you want to control Lord Chandler?” Chen Rui had received the Super System’s prompt. Naturally, this mere toxin had no effect on him, not to mention Paglio, but Varit and the others had shown an uncomfortable expression.

Mousse grinned and said, “After you die, maybe I will tell your corpse the answer.”

“No. I need to know now.” As soon as Chen Rui finished speaking, Paglio waved his hand, and the surrounding guards fell to the ground like dominoes. At the same time, Mousse felt that his body was tight, and he was unable to move. The grin on his thin face suddenly solidified.

Mousse was shocked. It is impossible to resist this terrifying force at all! Could it be that “Aguile’s” power is beyond what I imagined? Why is he not affected by the poison? Even that human too. Do they have any secret treasure?

“Tell me the answer and dispel the [Mind Leading], then I can spare your life.” From the beginning to the end, Paglio didn’t say a word, Chen Rui was in charge of the “narration”.

“My answer is… I won’t let you, ants, jeopardize my master’s plan…” Silver light shone from Mousse’s 7 orifices at the same time. Before he finished talking, he had already exploded in the midst of his blur voice.

Paglio frowned and launched the power to control the scope of the explosion again. It was not the first time he encountered this type of explosion.

Chen Rui also fell into contemplation. Mousse’s self-destruction is to prevent more secrets from being divulged. It seems that the force is not just planning to control the Blue Lava Estate . So what is the real purpose?

When Mousse died, the poison of the dark power began to fade. Varit and the others gradually recovered. Not only that, the blurry vision of Lord Chandler on the throne also began to become clear.

Varit hurriedly came to Chandler’s side, “Sir lord!”

Chandler responded strenuously, “Varit?”

“It’s me, sir lord!” When Varit noticed that Chandler’s gaze had obviously changed, his stern face showed a pleasant surprise. It seems that Chandler should be controlled by the [Mind Leading], the almost lost dark magic, as the human said. Its effectiveness will disappear with the death of the caster.

After getting rid of the [Mind Leading], Chandler was obviously not in good condition. Especially during the period of “being controlled”, many memories were vague. The forged letter of help had naturally become a confusion, even Chandler couldn’t tell the truth from the lie. But just in case, Chen Rui still found an excuse to ask for the letter back, so as not to reveal the flaw.

When Chandler heard that the Dark Moon’s 10,000 elite troops were stationed at the barrack in the Blue Lava Estate, he couldn’t help showing vigilance and asked, “Where’s General Sumen?”

“General Sumen…” Varit sighed. He approached Chandler’s ear and whispered.

“General Sumen fled from Azure Legion? I declared him as a traitor and ordered the entire estate to hunt him down?” Chandler was very shocked when he heard Varit’s report. As the elites of the Blue Lava Estate were dead in the Dark Moon battle, including Azure Legion’s leader, Nader, and Double-headed Dragon Legion’s leader, Mallorca, Sumen was the only and most important military figure that he could rely on. I actually get rid of such “support” myself!

“Immediately issue my order to pardon General Sumen for his rebellion and call him back to the Blue Lava Estate!”

Varit hesitated, “Sir lord… According to the latest report, General Sumen has gone to Town Lupin where the disappearance occurred, and his whereabouts are unknown…”

Chandler looked at Chen Rui who looked contemplative. He had an idea and said, “Sir Chen Rui, Sir Aguile, I’m thankful to the Dark Moon for putting aside the previous feud and helping us at the most difficult time of Blue Lava Estate. I would like to ask the two sirs to help one thing now…Town Lupin has successive disappearances, can the Dark Moon help to investigate and help me bring General Sumen back safely?”

Chen Rui thought for a moment and replied, “We came to Blue Lava Estate as Princess Royal’s response to the sir lord’s request to help settle the rebellion. Since General Sumen is not a rebel, but he was framed by others, it would be inconvenient for us to intervene in this matter…”

Chandler frowned and said, “To be honest, the Blue Lava Estate can be described as turbulent now. Due to the mistake of the former lord which caused the army to be greatly reduced and the capital’s fundraising money has not been returned, especially during the period when I was controlled by the traitor, Mousse, my perverse actions had caused morale drop and widespread famines. It is really beyond my power. Please help me, sirs.”

“Since it’s turbulent, why not find a strong force to rely on?” Chen Rui smiled slightly, “According to the sir lord’s promise to Princess Shea, since the Dark Moon has helped the Blue Lava Estate this time, should sir lord also express some sincerity?”

“I really don’t have much impression of that letter.” Chandler gritted his teeth, “However, as long as Princess Shea can keep my lord position as well as the prosperity and stability of the Blue Lava Estate, I will definitely surrender to Royal Highness!”

Chen Rui nodded slightly and secretly held the recording stone. At least I have received Chandler’s verbal promise. As long as the Dark Moon really uses this opportunity to control the economic and military lifeline of the Blue Lava Estate, there is no concern of Chandler reneging by that time.

“Let’s do this, both of you and Athena, the legion leader whom I haven’t met yet, have come from afar. In order to thank the 3 sirs for your kindness and help, I will give each of you a treasure. 3 of you can go pick any item in my treasure house.” Chandler said again with a painful expression when he saw that Chen Rui was still indifferent.

Before Chen Rui agreed yet, “Aguile”, who was wearing a cloak on the side, spoke first, “Alright!”

This dead duck dragon, he didn’t even act cool when he heard that there is a treasure. Chen Rui glanced at this guy with contempt. Even if Chen Rui couldn’t see Paglio’s true face now, he could still imagine his eyes were gleaming under the mask.

In fact, Town Lupin was very likely to be related to the Bloodfall scheme. Chen Rui already wanted to go there initially, but the reason why he refused it just now was to gain more benefits by retreating.

Chen Rui rejected Chandler’s invitation to a banquet. He only accepted the supplies to console the army. Of course, he also accepted the 3 treasures. In fact, even if he refused, the dead duck dragon would ask for them again.

Although the Blue Lava Estate’s current economic and financial situation was distressed, Chandler’s treasure house was not shabby. Many of them were great stuff which Chandler inherited from his dead father, t.i.tan. In addition to treasures, it was said that this guy also took over his father’s women.

Paglio actually had a very high standard. If it was back then, he wouldn’t even take a look at many items in the treasure house, but his previous wealth had been shared to a “greedy human”, and “the horrifying madwoman wife of the human” also took part of it. Plus the high-quality treasures that he used to “honor” Little Betty previously, the dead duck dragon was already pretty tight (self-a.s.sumed)- No matter how little the value is, it is still treasure.

As for the huge wealth from the capital, the “greedy human” said that he had another purpose for it, so he couldn’t share it temporarily. It’s good in this way too, lest Betty discovers it. This can be my private money in the future.

Although Little Betty has controlled me tightly; even my treasure is shared (it seems to be exclusive to Little Betty), but as a dignified married man, if I don’t have a small vault around me, it will be truly shameful!

Under Chen Rui’s repeated hints, Master Poison Dragon reluctantly focused on the overall situation and gave the 3 opportunities to the “cunning human” with a high-profile look. In fact, he had made corresponding marks on the treasures. He was probably planning to “visit” this place again in a while.

Chen Rui saw a piece of rare magic material, yuan tortoise stone, which was lacking in crafting the Mystic Jade Armor. His eyes lit up. With this piece of yuan tortoise stone and the rest of the collected materials, I can make 1 Mystic Jade Armor!

Unfortunately, there was only 1 piece after searching the treasure house. Chen Rui had no choice but to choose another superb magic material. When he was about to pick the third one, he suddenly found an old box and opened it. It was a torn leather scroll, and the pattern was very familiar.

The accompanying steward at the side quickly introduced, “This is a treasure map for a secret treasure somewhere. It has a long history and has been in the treasury for nearly 1,000 years, but unfortunately it is incomplete.”

Chen Rui’s mind was moved. He kept the treasure map: I didn’t expect there would be accidental gains. I found the fragment of that treasure map here!

After Dodo gave the first map fragment in the black rainforest, he had subsequently gotten 2 copies from Kanita and Town Moling’s trade fair. With this one, only the last part was missing.

I remember the goblin at the trade fair once said that this treasure map records the location of the Dead Sea’s treasure. The treasure is the legacy of the Dark Dragon Emperor who was famous throughout the Demon Realm hundreds of thousands of years ago. There are countless treasures and artifacts in it.

Dead Sea is at the southernmost part of Town Lupin. I don’t know if this statement is true or false. However, I am really busy now. I have no time to explore the illusory legend. Besides, there is still a missing piece of the treasure map. Let me think about it when I have collected all of them.

On the wall of the Blue Lava Estate, the haggard Lord Chandler watched the Dark Moon Army go south, and he looked at the cold-faced Sheriff Varit next to him. They suddenly revealed a strange smile.

????Were they pretending to be controlled, so they wouldn’t be suspected of having ill-intentions by the Dark Moon?


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