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Chapter 78 – The Way To Get 100,000 Energy Points

Gu Qiqi was so tired that she couldn’t open her eyes, and so she asked casually.

But she didn’t expect that the little turtle’s answer would immediately cause her to lose her desire to sleep.

“Reporting to Master. You can collect 100,000 energy points if you come into contact with the domineering man’s body once. To put it simply, you can activate a new skill in one try. Isn’t that exciting? It’s just physical contact. It’s worth it for both of us…”

“Not at all, dream on!”

Gu Qiqi couldn’t tolerate it anymore. She opened her big eyes.

She ruthlessly used her fingernail to flick the turtle’s head!

“Oh, Master, it hurts…”

“Be more innocent!”


The little dirty turtle pouted.

He was referring to the rules of the game. He really didn’t mean anything else. Was his master the corrupted one?

Gu Qiqi rubbed her forehead and sat up. “You said that my body is too weak. Is there any way to improve it?”

“Yes! Once we have acc.u.mulated 100,000 energy points, we can activate the martial arts skills to energize our veins and strengthen our bodies…”

Gu Qiqi held her forehead and lay back down. “One hundred thousand points…”

This energy source was much harder to earn than money.

The dirty little turtle said politely, “It’s not difficult, it’s not difficult. Master. Why don’t you consider my suggestion just now? It would be fine if you could just have some physical contact with that domineering man…”

Gu Qiqi retorted. “Shut up! You’re not allowed to talk about body contact in the future… Or about this matter.”

For some reason, the image of her falling down with the man with erectile dysfunction was too unbearable…

This was too ridiculous.

Gu Qiqi’s face flushed red. She wasn’t going to use such a shameless method to earn some points.

At this moment, in the medical room.

Gong Jue stood in front of the French window.

The man’s slender and imposing figure was frozen into an exquisite scene by the mahogany window frame. He was like an emperor that would emerge from a comic book.

“Master Jue, Young Lady Qiqi is back. Do you want to go and… comfort her?” Special a.s.sistant Lu reminded him carefully.

Seeing that Gong Jue didn’t respond…

He swallowed his saliva and continued, “I heard that afterwards, she cried by the road… for a long time.”

Although he didn’t know the reason, there must be something sad, right?

Otherwise, she should be very happy after torturing that irritating guy, Young Master Bai.

Girls should be coaxed at this moment, right?

“Master Jue, you should usually coax girls…”

“Are you good at coaxing?” Gong Jue asked coolly.

“Ahem, ahem. Not bad. I think I know of a few methods. For example, singing, sending flowers, treating her to ice cream…”

Gong Jue’s face darkened. “I only have one way to make you coax me and that is running 100 laps. Do you want to try?”

“No, no, no. Actually, I don’t really understand girls, nor do I understand Young Lady Qiqi. Um, I’m going out to work…”

Sigh… It was becoming more and more difficult for Master Jue to figure it out. He had clearly heard that Young Master Bai had conned Young Lady Qiqi just now. But he immediately got up from the hospital bed and wanted to personally smash Young Master Bai’s medicine room. He wanted to convict him of the crime of selling fake goods to cheat commoners.

But why did he suddenly turn hostile and ignore Young Lady Qiqi now?

With a long face, Special a.s.sistant Lu escaped from the room.

It was so quiet in the ward that one could hear the drop of a needle.

Gong Jue’s gaze landed outside the window.

From his angle on the seventh floor, he could see the balcony of Gu Qiqi’s room on the second floor opposite.

The curtains were drawn.

After taking a shower, the girl’s figure was clean and light. She wrapped a towel around herself and walked out.

But as soon as she touched the bed, she collapsed onto it and spread out her limbs.

After a while, she sat up.

Soon, she fell onto the bed again.

Gong Jue’s heart was in turmoil!


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