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Chapter 252 – Slowly Walking Into Her World

“There’s no hurry.”

Chu Junmo caressed his wrist.w.a.tch and said in a low voice.

He could tell that Gu Qiqi was in a hurry. She seemed to be in a hurry to meet someone.

He really wanted to stop her and say goodbye.

But this clearly wasn’t a good time.

Fortunately, her future was bright.

She had just graduated from high school and was still young.

He shouldn’t scare her.

He still had patience and time to slowly… enter her world.

His long and narrow phoenix-shaped eyes stared intently at Gu Qiqi’s back until that pet.i.te figure could no longer be seen, and only left behind a faint fragrance.


Gu Qiqi ignored the screams of Gu Yuanyuan and Gu Xuexue. She went straight into the hall and went straight to Old Master Gu’s study.

“Little Qi!”

An old voice called out in pleasant surprise.


Gu Qiqi’s nose stung and she choked on her words.

The grandfather and grandson were very excited to meet her.

The old master pushed all the snacks, tea, and fruits on the study table towards Gu Qiqi. “Little girl Qiqi, you’re here so soon? Did you catch the plane?”


Number One was also considered a plane, right?

She wasn’t lying.

“The plane meals taste terrible. Come, drink tea and eat fruits! Later, I’ll get Auntie Qiu to prepare your favorite supper!”

“Grandpa, I’m not a child anymore…” Gu Qiqi laughed through her tears. She hadn’t seen her grandfather for so many years. Did her grandfather still think that she was three years old?

“Hmph! In the eyes of an old man, you’ll always be the little one!”

The contrast when the stern Old Master Gu said such words was really big.

Gu Qiqi laughed until she was about to cry.

She definitely didn’t believe that such a cheerful and energetic old man would suddenly become weak and collapse in the study room without even a chance to call for help.

There must be something fishy about the cause of her grandfather’s death in her previous life!

As she was thinking about it, she heard an affectionate call. “Sister!”

Gu Qiqi looked up and saw Xiaobei—who was dressed in a white s.h.i.+rt—standing at the door with a cane.

She stopped breathing. The worries in her heart finally had a place to rest.

She moved forward and hugged Xiaobei lightly!

She thought that after today’s parting, she would have a lot to say to Xiaobei. But when they really met, she realized what it meant to be speechless!

The words were stuck in her throat and she couldn’t say them out loud!

She hugged him and patted his back lightly to feel his real existence.

“Sister… I listened to you. Really! I’ve always been by Grandfather’s side and didn’t run around… Sister, don’t be angry at me, okay?” Xiaobei said uneasily.

Gu Qiqi took a deep breath and rubbed her red eyes. “I’m not angry. I just feel too guilty for not taking good care of you. I should have picked you up from the nursing home early in the morning and brought you along with me… But it’s fine this time. Come with me later…”

The siblings spoke affectionately.

Old Master Gu was unhappy to be ignored.

He knocked his tea bowl twice on the table and coughed twice. “Ahem! Where are you going? This is your home. You live here!”

Gu Qiqi knew that her grandfather’s heart ached for them.


Gu Yuanyuan and Gu Xuexue’s att.i.tude just now shouldn’t be just a spur of the moment. There was actually someone supporting them from behind, right?

Did the entire Gu family really welcome the siblings and tolerate them?

“Grandpa, Xiaobei’s eyes have to be checked, maintained, and treated every day in a professional hospital. Otherwise, it’s very easy for them to get infected. I’ve already thought about it. I’ll arrange a ward for him in an affiliated hospital at Imperial Medical University so that it’s convenient to take care of him nearby…”

Gu Qiqi knew that she definitely couldn’t tell her grandfather that there was someone in this family who didn’t welcome her.

That way, the upright grandfather would only think that she was spreading rumors.

Although she was her grandfather’s biological granddaughter, Gu Meifeng was still his biological daughter!


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