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Chapter 668: Chapter 668 Challenge The World

The sixth beam of light finally came, and the Star Chart pattern once again glowed brightly, the golden fist, the bullet, and the sword qi, etc. all disappeared in the dazzling light, leaving the battlefield to the huge pillar-like light beam.

“You can’t withstand it anymore, come into my armor.” Chu Yunsheng wiped the blood from his mouth and said sternly.

Old Youling suddenly raised his head to look at Chu Yunsheng, then he looked at the black energy that surrounded its body, the corners of its mouth moved, and it wanted to say something, but in the end, it didn’t say anything, turned into a line of smoke, and got into the battle armor.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath, sat down again. Under the beam of light’s attack, his body was torn and pierced repeatedly, and he suffered heavy damage every microsecond. It was necessary to compete with this attack for time to rebuild the Rong Yuan body and recover his injury.

He seldom cried pain, just clenched his teeth, for he had felt the same pain many times before, but no pain could compare to the real sharp pain that he once felt deep inside his head, so he could still endure it.

After the beam of light disappeared, he began to accelerate, madly accelerating, activated the fiery red battle armor extracted from the red-sh.e.l.led insects’ sh.e.l.ls, and maximized its speed advantage, launching b.l.o.o.d.y charges again and again to the energy barrier of the Spatial Trap.

The beam of light destroyed a pair of battle armor, he took out another one, activated it again, accelerated it again, and then hit the energy barrier of the Spatial Trap again and again.

He didn’t care about fractures, bleeding, or anything. There was only one thought in his mind: Break out from here, and kill them all!

The seventh and the eighth beams of light pierced through his body, and another set of armor was destroyed. However, the Spatial Trap remained motionless.

Old Youling had to bite the bullet and said: “Boss, the method should not be wrong. However, this group of parasites is not supposed to be able to understand such advanced technology. Only the much more advanced beings are able to develop this kind of technology.”

Chu Yunsheng did not have the strength to speak to it. As soon as his mouth moved, there would be a burst of pain. The ninth beam of light closely followed and threw him into the sky again and pressed him against the energy barrier. Countless tiny rays of light shattered pieces of flesh and blood like he was being skinned alive, and his body disappeared at a visible speed.

After the beam of light, Chu Yunsheng sat down cross-legged and tried to recover his body functions again. At this time, he realized that he could no longer use the speed to break out from here. The faster the speed is, the larger the ma.s.s is. Old Youling’s method was correct, but only after trying it did he realize that the speed that was needed to break out from this locked s.p.a.ce needed to be proportional to the speed of light. Only then would it show a significant change in ma.s.s. The area that the energy barrier of Yellow Mountain covered was probably too big, so it was not as strong as the current one, that was why it could be broken. Moreover, the ice race probably had other tools to break the barrier.

After all, most of the Duo Neng Race’s technologies came from their master, the crystal-dressed beings, and the Ice Race should be able to get some of it.

At that moment, the tenth and final blow of the light beam arrived.

Chu Yunsheng was still thrown up, pressed against the top of the barrier, and then skinned a bit by bit. After the flesh and blood were stripped in many places, the bones were almost visible, which was a very horrifying sight.

When the last beam of light soared into the sky, he fell heavily to the lower barrier of the locked s.p.a.ce.

He tried to get up again and again, but he fell down, painting with blood dripping from the corners of his mouth. But in the end, he gritted his teeth, snorted, and leaned on his bones to prop up his heavy body and sat on the barrier.

At this time, his armor helmet was also shattered and fell off his head, revealing a still determined but very scary “face”. Half of that “face” was cut off, leaving only a small portion of dark red nerve and muscles, and visible white bones. One of the eyes was placed so abruptly in the b.l.o.o.d.y eye socket as if it might fall out at any time.

The pitch-black hair fluttered irregularly with the high-alt.i.tude night breeze with the faint of dark light lingering between in it. When he turned his eyes to the dark ground, the corners of his mouth showed the bleakest sneer in the world.

At the sight of his ghastly face, Old Youling, who always thought that itself was very cruel, felt so anxious that it dared not look at him again, especially his horrible, protruding eyeball…

And when Chu Yunsheng sat up again, the crowds on the ground let out a gasp at the same time, not knowing whether it was admiration, fear, or disappointment.

In the distance, in a dark room, there was a cold muzzle pointing out the window. The owner of the gun stretched out a long slender hand, picked up a white towel, and wiped off the sweat produced by excessive use of fire elemental energy, while the fingers of the other hand began to tremble. This shot, she was not confident that she would be able to hit him again.

She never fired a shot that she was not sure if she was going to hit the target, so she let go of her finger and prepared to rest and recover for a few minutes. At the same time, she looked at the person that was pointed by the gun with a trace of admiration that she had never revealed to anyone before.

At the same time, at the place where the twelve sword formation was, more than 30 people, who took turns to keep the formation running, were sitting on the ground weakly at the moment, seemingly unable to lift the heavy sword again.

On the other side, the fists of a determined man in a straight military uniform began to crack, revealing the white bones inside. His hands trembled slightly as blood trickled down his fingers, and the two cloaked men who had fallen on the roof opposite were sitting on the ground, and their flames were fading quickly.

Farther away, at the end of five long streets, there were a lot of awakeners limping on the ground. At this moment, they seemed to be exhausted with their energy, and the thought of being able to move even just slightly has become a luxury desire. They could only breathe heavily, trying to recover.

They all looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y man in the air, and they all could feel that the air in the sky became even colder.

Chu Yunsheng waited for a long time. He was still waiting for the eleventh light beam. However, it never appeared.

So, he laughed again and laughed presumptuously and scarily. He pointed his sword at the entire city under his feet, and shouted proudly to the people on the dark ground: “Carry on, keep attacking me! Is this all you can do!?”

For a long time, his presumptuous voice floated over the city, resounding through the clouds, echoing into every corner, like a devil challenging the whole world!

No one answered him, everyone seemed to be silent, acc.u.mulating, preparing…

The lingering sound of killing the devil seemed to still exist among the row upon row of buildings, stirring people’s minds.

Chu Yunsheng took out all the backup armor, swords, offensive talismans from the storage talisman, letting them float densely in the spatial trap as if he wanted to deliberately provoke the people on the ground.

“I know that most of you are ordered to come here. Soldiers have to obey military orders, and awakeners have family members that they need to take care of, but have you ever thought that just because they said that I am a devil, then it will be the truth? If I am really a devil, can a devil be easily killed? If not, then what are you all doing?”

“I never attacked you, but you came to kill me first. Who is the devil? Tell me!”

It was still a dead silence on the ground, not a single noise as if no one had heard what he said.

Old Youling murmured in the armor, “boss, why are you wasting your time speaking to them? They clearly want to kill you.”

Chu Yunsheng ignored it, and sneered, “I was just giving you an opportunity, since you don’t want it, then once I step out of this trap, all of you will be dead!”

Old Youling said excitedly, “boss, you have figured out a way already?”

Chu Yunsheng said sternly, “shut up!”

He didn’t find a way to break the barrier of the s.p.a.ce trap, but he found a way to kill people while he was still inside the spatial trap.

It was not only the black gas that could pierce through the spatial trap but also the sword fighting technique.

The sword fighting technique was created by the senior pract.i.tioner, it was not something that Duo Neng Race’s third-rate technology could stop. Although he couldn’t get out, with his sword fighting technique and enough absorption talismans, it was only a matter of time before he killed all the awakeners on the ground.

But time was a luxury for Chu Yunsheng. If the enemy was so powerful that it could use the light beams again without interval, then he would not be able to clear those people.

Though he had misjudged the strength before entering the city, and had fallen into the present situation, he had at least prepared sufficient supplies, which had sustained him till now, and forced the enemy to take a break to recover their strength.

So in that sense, he’s not lost yet. Before all his backups armors, weapons, and talismans were exhausted, there was still a chance. But it was a very difficult opportunity, and the price would be extremely heavy, but it could definitely solve the current situation.

The army has begun to attack. They didn’t need too much time to rest. As long as they adjusted their personnel and reloaded their weapons, they could launch uninterrupted attacks.

The bullets got in quickly. The sh.e.l.ls could only explode outside due to accuracy problems. Only shrapnel flew in, but it was enough to hurt Chu Yunsheng who was heavily injured.

Old Youling got out of the armor and said: “Boss, you can concentrate on finding the way, let me handle these bullets!”

It was also seriously injured, with only a wisp of smoke left, but in the current situation, it must fight with Chu Yunsheng, otherwise, it would definitely die.

Chu Yunsheng had no time to be distracted and talked to it. He only nodded, causing his eyeball to almost fall out of his eye socket, which terrified Old Youling.

The fight broke out again after a few minutes of intermission, and it became extremely intense as soon as it started.

Hearing the violent bullet’s whistling sound, Chu Yunsheng understood that if the Duo Neng race kept giving the military pressure, they would really sacrifice the city and use tactical nuclear warheads or other weapons of ma.s.s destruction.

Although the four-dimensional s.p.a.ce restricted the power of nuclear bombs, and the existence of dark energy would also interfere with their shock wave diffusion, he dared not guarantee that he could survive the high-temperature radiation and shock waves.

So he must hurry up.

In fact, he was right. The people in the military headquarters were having a fierce argument, and some people even cursed out loud…

If he paid enough attention, he could find that part of the army was trying to evacuate to the periphery area while keeping firing at him.

Suddenly, something flashed in Chu Yunsheng’s mind and he instantly opened his eyes.

Old Youling asked hurriedly, “Boss, you figured out how to get out of here?”

Chu Yunsheng sighed: “I didn’t find it. It found it.”

Old Youling looked around, scratching its head and said: “Who?”

Chu Yunsheng smiled, but he did not speak. Instead, he opened his arms as if to embrace something, making Old Youling confused.

The next moment, Old Youling was shocked to find that more and more insects were rushing here. Although the number was small, the noise they created was very shocking.

“Faster! Stop those red-sh.e.l.led insects! “On the dark ground, someone shouted.

Then the intense gunfire sounded immediately, shooting at the insects that were moving at high speed along the streets and along the walls of the buildings, without hesitation using various heavy weapons.

Many red-sh.e.l.led insects were constantly being shot down, but more and more were still rushing towards Chu Yunsheng.

The timing of their deployment was very good. The awakeners were still trying to recover, the alien races were also exhausted, and the Chu Clan’s disciples were still lying on the ground. With the military’s conventional weapons, they couldn’t cause much damage to them, and they could only delay them slightly.

The military’s firepower was mostly attracted by the insects, so Old Youling’s pressure was greatly reduced, but he still shook his head and said, “With this small amount of insects, it won’t solve the problem. Boss.”

It didn’t know why these red-sh.e.l.led insects came to help them. It probably guessed that it was related to Chu Yunsheng, but soon it was confused again. The red-sh.e.l.led insects did not attack any human beings, but simply ignored everything and only rushed towards the buildings near Chu Yunsheng.

At this time, at the corner of the Star Chart formation, a strange group of people appeared. Although the number was not large, all of them seemed to be full of energy. Like wolves and tigers, once they entered the formation, they started to kill many other awakeners to disrupt the formation.

One of the leaders rushed into an armored car, kicked the officer who was trying to resist, and shouted at the sky with a loudspeaker: “Brother Chu, I am Xiaohai. Brothers will try our best to disrupt them as much as possible. You must find a way to break out, they have lost their minds and are ready to attack with a nuclear bomb!”

Old Youling trembled all over when it heard this. It knew what a nuclear bomb was, and it knew that the military would definitely not use a regular type of nuclear bomb. Panicked, it looked at Chu Yunsheng.

Although it didn’t like Yu Xiaohai, at this moment, it hoped that Yu Xiaohai could help them to kill as many soldiers as possible.

But it found that there seemed to be no expressions on Chu Yunsheng’s face, and he was very calm.

“Old Youling, later on, when you get into my armor, don’t move around randomly.” Chu Yunsheng looked at the insects that were running toward him quickly on the ground and said calmly.

As soon as they appeared, Chu Yunsheng understood what Dark was trying to hint to him. That was the effect of life force, and only he could feel the life force burning inside those black-ridged red-sh.e.l.led insects.

They were not here to attack the army, nor to stop the awakeners, etc. They didn’t have enough numbers to do it. They come to commit suicide, they come to sacrifice themselves for a mission that was given to them.

Chu Yunsheng’s strength was increasing. Then he quietly used the merging skill.

Since those insects were going to sacrifice themselves, then he decided to use them to reach Yuan Tian stage three!

The first black-ridged red-sh.e.l.led insect finally rushed to the top of the tallest building under Chu Yunsheng’s feet. As it exerted strength onto its legs and jumped up, it shot toward the spatial trap like an arrow.

As it got closer and closer to Chu Yunsheng, its body began to shatter and in the end, it exploded.

With the first one, the second one quickly followed. From the top of the building, on the walls of every building nearby, all the black-ridged red-sh.e.l.led insects did the same thing while braving the bullet storm, and joined the mist that surrounded Chu Yunsheng.

Old Youling was stunned, looking at Chu Yunsheng as if it was watching a “ghost”. It could not help muttering quietly, “Kill the Devil, Kill the Devil, Slay the G.o.d…”

Noticing the abnormality here, someone on the ground shouted: “Hurry up and use the energy beam!”

The exhausted awakeners desperately tried to transfer their remaining energy, and the five streams of energy appeared once again, rushing across the street, rolling towards the meeting point.

The Chu Clan’s disciples also took up twelve swords desperately, formed the sword formation frantically, and pointed straight at the sky.

The third man in the cloak also appeared, and with the other two, the attack became even more fierce.

The whole city started to go crazy…

In a corner of the increasingly chaotic battlefield, a young man shot out a Frost Arrow, and then shouted, “Brothers, this is our only chance! Kill them!”

In the temporary military base, a truck with a huge warhead slowly drove out of the underground garage. The commands were heard one after another, and the cold gleam on the dark warhead under the searchlight revealed the gleam of death.

At the same time, a group of soldiers marched out of the darkness and spread out before a bridge. “You want to rebel against us?” The soldiers that were guarding the bridge shouted out in fear.

Farther away, outside the city, two swarms of insect swarms collided with each other violently. While they were fighting each other fiercely, the third swarm of insects was completely confused and didn’t know what to do.


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