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Chapter 647: Chapter 647 Shooting The Sun

Translator: Doggotranslation

Chu Yunsheng’s unhesitating attack finally caught the giant head off guard. At this level of fighting, the consequences would be extremely serious if there was the slightest mistake.

It was too greedy. It wanted to kill Chu Yunsheng, take its body, and get the knowledge he had. Moreover, it really wanted to study the particles of destruction. Any one of those three would make it extremely excited, and it really didn’t want to give up any one of them.

But greed comes at a price, and absolute strength can offset this price.

The giant head may think that it had such strength. However, being too greedy bound to make it lose something. No matter how delicate the arrangement was, it still would not be to stop the desires in its heart from eroding and destroying it. If Chu Yunsheng did not have many experiences of being fooled by others, maybe it would succeed, but it was such unremarkable negligence that the “skysc.r.a.per” that it had meticulously built was instantly destroyed!

The ice and fire talismans were poured onto the giant head from Chu Yunsheng like seawater. Each talisman attack was a precise blow guided by six sword qi. The original power of talismans were all unleashed onto the giant head without missing anything.

There was no time interval for bombardment. He who always adhered to the rule of not giving his opponents a chance to counterattack, knew clearly that this was the only chance and the best chance he had to kill the giant head. Once he missed it, there would not be the next time.

Therefore, he cast out almost all his ice and fire offensive talismans at the maximum speed and limit he could bear.

. . .

At this moment, the place where the giant head was was bombarded by chaotic energy. It was much worse than the first time Chu Yunsheng attacked it. Often, as soon as a large group of ice fragments burst forth, a great number of sweeping flames would completely seal the spot, and then another huge cone of ice would appear, but before it was able to melt, countless ice bayonets would swish in from all directions and thrust into it.

Then Chu Yunsheng cast out a new round of sword qi and let them join the bombardment. With all the ice flying and flame roaring, the place where the giant head stayed earlier already became a h.e.l.l. If it was still able to survive this, it would only be a miracle.

After the storm, the ice mist, flames, and swords dispersed, and unexpectedly, the miracle really happened. The giant head was still alive, but its huge head was much more transparent now, and it was no longer that energetic.

Chu Yunsheng’s face was extremely cold. He didn’t expect that he still could not kill it.

“Young man, you won, but you can’t kill me!” the giant head said weakly. At this time, it could still laugh.

“I don’t think so!” Chu Yunsheng put away his other weapons, took out his bow, and forcibly suppressed the extreme internal agitation and violence caused by the excessive use of Ben Ti Yuan Qi. He has also reached his limit, and he also needed time.

The head laughed at itself, “As I expected, you still have the particles of destruction. That’s why I said you won, I lost. But you still can’t kill me. There is a reason why I can live to this day even without a body.”

Chu Yunsheng raised the bow, but at that moment, he suddenly noticed that he was unable to open the bowstring. Unless he wanted all the veins in his body to rupture. The attack he unleashed earlier on indeed reached his body limit, so he could only hold the string, and said coldly: “You are just trying to buy time.”

The giant head glanced at him and said, “aren’t you also buying time?”

Chu Yunsheng tried his best to restore his body. At this moment, every single second was extremely important. He had to recover before the giant head, “But I still have the ability to kill you.”

He was referring to black gas, and he knew that the giant head knew what he was talking about.

“Young man, although legend has it that the particles of destruction are very powerful, no one has actually tried it. As I said just now, there is a reason why I am able to survive to this day. I also obtain a legendary thing in the rainbow bridge, it is as good as the particles of destruction. For that thing, I lost my body, and because the coordinate system was also broken, I was lost in the rainbow bridge for thousands of years. I lost all my relatives and friends, lost everything, it was such a terrible price, but I still survived!” The giant head let out a long sigh, and a flash of pain and regret in its eyes was soon replaced by a fighting spirit.

That fighting spirit was like the determination of its ancestors had when they were trying to explore the dark universe. Even if it meant to sacrifice generations of people, they would still do it. It was the condensation of a tenacious spirit.

“That’s your business, it’s because you are too greedy, and it has nothing to do with me.” Chu Yunsheng admired its spirit, but he didn’t sympathize with it. Just the moment before, it still wanted to kill him. So how could he sympathize with it?

As for the thing that the giant head said, Chu Yunsheng also thought about it when he was at the train station. Indeed, without a body, it was very strange that it could live for so long. But if he could not kill the giant head, anything it had would be meaningless to him.

At this time, the giant head spoke again, “I think you got the wrong idea. I am not trying to use that thing to exchange my life. I am just telling you that with that thing, you will not be able to kill me. Okay, time is up, I need to go now, I hope we won’t meet again.”

Then, the giant head began to sink at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. Under its head, where it was originally bombarded by ice and fire energy, a wave-like pattern appeared, which looked like a mirror.

Does it want to run away?

Chu Yunsheng was suddenly taken aback. The giant head would not spend time to tell him those things for no reason. Since it didn’t want to use the thing that it obtained in the rainbow bridge to exchange for its life, it meant that it must have other purposes. He knew for certain that it was trying to buy time. After all, it was also the same for him. However, that doesn’t seem to be the main purpose of it.

Chu Yunsheng was once again impressed by the giant head’s wisdom. In just a few words, it made him fall into the mind struggle again.

However, there was something the giant head said was wrong. Of course, it would not know about it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have said it. It was also something that Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered. Black gas was not some kind of particle of destruction. Because it was once said by the shadow of the seven divine nails before it was killed.

Chu Yunsheng knew that he wasn’t a smart man. After failing to figure out why the giant head wanted to tell him this, he wanted to kill the giant head even more. He couldn’t afford to let it run away. If it recovered and came back again in the future, it might really be able to take over his body.

He must kill it!

Chu Yunsheng immediately made up his mind. At this time, the giant head was sinking rapidly into the watery mirror, and soon it vanished in the mirror.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and then also jumped into the mirror.

All of a sudden, he felt a moment of vertigo, then the entire world seemed to have turned 180 degrees with land above him and sky below him. It was completely like a new world.

At this time, he found that he was actually in the sky, and there was an invisible film wrapped tightly around him. He was like a moth hitting a transparent gla.s.s, isolating from this world.

However, the giant head was able to hurtle away at a great speed. Its round head didn’t even change its head in the strong air resistance. At the same time, it was trying to absorb the ice elemental energy from this world crazily. With more and more ice elemental energy gathered around it, it began to glow brightly in the sky like an ice sun.

In the distant field, a child who occasionally raised his head and looked into the sky, pointed excitedly at the sun in the sky, and began to run through the field, “GAI YI, GAI YI…” The child shouted loudly and excitedly.

As if the sound of the child reached the speed of light, it swept across the field, reaching all the corners under the sky, from villages to cities, from rivers to seas, from castles to temples. Everyone below the sky all raised their heads and looked at the sky.

Above the sky, Chu Yunsheng slowly pulled the bowstring. Black gas silently appeared from his fingers and quickly spread forward, until it formed a dark death arrow, aiming at the raising ice sun.


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