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Chapter 930 You“ll See

The parent-teacher meeting held by Chaos School was a pretty big event. It was understandable, considering that it was the only school in the city.

Chaos City attached great importance to education, so most of the residents living here had studied at that school, and now their children were gaining knowledge there.

No employers would give their workers a hard time if they wanted to take today off.

There were many carriages and horses outside the main gate, but they had been parked in orderly rows.

Everyone was properly dressed. No one wore anything too ostentatious, not even highborn and wealthy people, because they knew Chaos School didn’t judge people by their appearance, but by their character.

Chaos School followed a principle: Only the wise and strong would be met with honor.

Therefore, how parents were dressed did not provide any positive influence on their children. This was the school’s take.

If anyone were to stand out or be a sore sight amongst the crowd, they would only cause their child to be met with odd gazes. This wasn’t something good.

When Mag arrived on a bicycle in a black suit and black leather shoes, he naturally attracted a lot of eyes. A box was wrapped in a black cloth behind him. As he appeared with Sally at the school’s entrance, he was quite surprised that he became especially outstanding, contrary to what he believed would be a fas.h.i.+on event.

“What’s that two-wheeled thing they are riding?”

“What’s he carrying on his back? A box?”

“Look at that elf! She’s so pretty! And so young! She is a mother already?”

Some parents couldn’t help but stare at Mag and Sally.

Being the focus of attention, especially with her taking the role as Amy’s mother, Sally asked, her voice low and nervous, “Bo— Mag, what do we do?”

Mag was very calm, though. “Let’s find a spot to park the bike first.” He looked around and then wheeled his bike towards a familiar face.

“Hey, Mag!” Gjerj called out. He wasn’t surprised to see Sally here.

“Hi, Gjerj. Can I park here?”

“Sure. Nothing is easier to park than your ride.” Gjerj stepped aside and let Mag park between two carriages.

“What’s behind your back?” Gjerj asked curiously.

Mag smiled. “You’ll see.” He took the cool box out of the basket. “See you later.”

Gjerj nodded. What’s in the two boxes? he wondered, scratching his head.

Chaos School consisted of two sections: the primary section and the secondary section.

The parent-teacher meeting was only for students in the primary section. Those in the secondary section needed to learn to be independent, so they didn’t need the parent-teacher meeting.

There were about 20,000 students studying in the primary section, so there would be 40,000 parents or so attending the meeting.

It was a good thing Chaos School was big enough.

They are smiling. Could it be that having kids can make people happier? Sally wondered as she walked with a large crowd in the campus.

She had never thought about having her own children. She was still a child herself in everyone’s eyes. Now she was partic.i.p.ating in the parent-teacher meeting under the guise of being Amy’s mother. Although it was just an act, she still felt baffled.

Mag’s two boxes were so conspicuous. Some people might have made him open them to check the contents, but he looked nothing like a terrorist.

“Amy’s cla.s.s is over there,” Mag told Sally when he saw Luna standing at her cla.s.sroom door with a smile.

Luna looked surprised when she saw Sally, but her smile returned quickly. “Good afternoon, Mag.”

“Good afternoon, Teacher Luna,” Mag replied with a smile.

Amy was sitting in the cla.s.sroom beside Daphne. When she saw Mag and Sally, she waved her hands happily. “Father! Ai— Mother!”

Some parents turned to look when they heard such an adorable voice.

“That girl looks so cute!”

“She’s the powerful magic caster I told you about, Mother.”

“She’s adorable as well as talented. Her parents must be really proud.”

Their eyes quickly found Mag and Sally.

Mag looked around 30. His black suit showed off his lean, muscular physique. He was very handsome with his short mustache, and his kind, sparkling eyes made him look really approachable.

Sally looked more like a girl than a woman in her close-fitting qipao. She was tall and slender, pretty but emotionless, giving off a stay-away-from-me aura.

They looked a perfect match for each other. They were not wearing any blingy accessories, but still, many people couldn’t tear their eyes away from them.

“Now I know why that little girl is so adorable,” a man muttered. Many other parents nodded in agreement.

She had obviously gotten her good genes from her parents.


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