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Chapter 786 Remember That You Belong to Me!

There was a split second during which Mag was struck by the impulse to ask Irina to stay. The three of them could go somewhere far away and live out their lives in leisure as an intimate family of three.

He looked at Amy, who was sleeping in Irina’s arms with a content smile on her face, and he suddenly realized just how much he wanted a complete family as well.

He had thought that he would be able to give Amy all of the love in the world to ensure a happy childhood. However, he had to admit that maternal love was unique and indispensable, and it was not something that he could offer.

I’m going to work hard so we can be reunited as quickly as possible, Mag vowed to himself. He had to set some things in motion once he returned to Chaos City.

Irina held Amy in her arms and swayed her gently from side to side, humming a beautiful melody under her breath. Even though the lyrics were indistinguishable, the song still had a very soothing and calming quality.

How strange; who would’ve thought that the ugly and wrinkly little thing would grow up to be so beautiful. She doesn’t even know who I am yet, but she’s still so close with me. What a smart little girl. If only I could keep staying by your side…

Irina held Amy for a long time, and she only reluctantly turned her gaze away from Amy’s little face after her song had drawn to a conclusion. She turned toward Mag, and asked, “When will you come to find me?”

Mag looked into Irina’s clear eyes and thought about her question carefully before giving a firm reply. “One year.”

“Alright, then I’ll wait for you for a year. If you don’t come to me in a year, then I’ll come to you and Amy.” Irina nodded before handing Amy over to Mag. She planted a gentle kiss on Amy’s forehead and looked into Mag’s eyes for a long while before suddenly rising up onto her toes and pecking him on the cheek.

“Mag, remember that you belong to me!”

A golden teleportation formation appeared beneath Irina’s feet, and she abruptly disappeared, leaving behind a dumbstruck Mag, and an equally dumbfounded Ugly Duckling.

Only after a short while did Mag return to his senses as he laid a hand on his cheek. His eyes were still a little glazed over as he blinked a few times. When her lips had come into contact with his cheek, his mind had gone completely blank.

Even though that wasn’t a threat, it’s more effective than countless threats. Mag heaved a faint sigh.

From this day forth, he was going to have to work harder than ever. That promise of a year was made to Irina, but it was also a promise to Amy.

Mag didn’t want to delay the official reunion between the mother and daughter duo for too long. As such, what he had to do now was to try everything he could to attain the power required to protect Irina and Amy within a year.

After all, he didn’t want Irina to have to come for them in a year.

That would certainly be the easier option, but he didn’t want Amy to look down on him. He had to be the one to seek out Irina in the Wind Forest rather than the other way around.

Mag looked down at Amy, and his expression gradually softened. He would do anything to ensure her happiness.

“What’s this?” Mag suddenly caught sight a of thin green string around Amy’s wrist, attached to which was a pea-sized green bead, or perhaps a seed. In any case, it was a semi-transparent object that was emanating faint green light.

This bead had most likely been left to Amy by Irina. Mag was very familiar with this green light—it was the same green light that had emanated from Irina’s hand during his period of debilitation earlier, and it was filled with vitality.

I don’t know what this is, but it must be something very precious. Mag gently tugged Amy’s sleeve down a little to conceal the bead, and then wrapped Amy up in his own clothes. After that, he picked up Ugly Duckling from the ground and pushed open the door.

The storm had subsided significantly, but the rain was still quite heavy.

The butler outside had already fallen asleep as he leaned against banister, but he immediately opened his eyes upon hearing the door being opened. He hurriedly rose to his feet and approached Mag with a fawning smile as he offered, “Are you going out, Master Mag? Please allow me to hold an umbrella for you.”

“Thank you.” Mag nodded with a smile in response. This butler was the perfect witness who could prove that Mag had been in the kitchen this entire time. Furthermore, he really didn’t have any hands to spare to hold an umbrella with.

After exiting the kitchen, a commotion rang out from nearby. Josh’s enraged bellows could be heard amid the sound of things being smashed onto the ground.

“What’s going on?” Mag asked.

“Perhaps one of the servants did something wrong.” The butler cast his gaze in that direction with an expression of fear and relief. He was very thankful for the fact that he had been a.s.signed with such a simple task of keeping an eye on Mag and Amy rather than having to face the wrath of Josh directly.

Mag nodded and didn’t ask any further questions. However, he was feeling slightly forlorn that he wasn’t able to kill Josh earlier.

After returning to their room, Mag carefully placed Amy down onto the bed. He looked at Amy’s adorable sleeping face, and he couldn’t help but lean down to plant a kiss on her forehead.

“Alex is back; Rodu is most likely going to be plunged into turmoil soon.” Mag chuckled to himself as he looked out the window.

“p.i.s.s off! Get out!”

Josh’s robes were soaking wet as he kicked over a servant, who was kneeling on the ground, holding a warm wet towel in his hand.

The entire room had been completely wrecked with everything smashed to pieces on the ground, creating a chaotic scene.

The dozen or so servants who were kneeling on the ground hurriedly rose to their feet and rushed out the door, thanking their lucky stars that this terrifying ordeal was finally over. The door of the room was closed, and Josh was left alone to his own devices.

He stumbled over to the table and slumped into a chair with a pair of soulless eyes.

Right at this moment, a burst of blue light illuminated the entire room, and Richard emerged from a teleportation formation. He looked at the distraught Josh with furrowed brows as he said, “Your Highness, Alex has appeared again, and he’s returned to the height of his powers. If he reveals what happened three years ago to the world, then we’ll be faced with immense pressure. We have to make some preparations.”

Only after hearing Richard’s voice did Josh return to his senses a little. His lips were trembling and his face was deathly pale as he said, “He… He wants to kill me. His sword slit my throat, and I almost died…”

Richard glanced at the gash on Josh’s neck with a serious expression as he vowed, “We’ll protect you, Your Highness.”

“No! No one can protect me from his sword!” Josh grabbed fistfuls of his own hair and shook his head with a painful expression. All of a sudden, he fell still as a dangerous look appeared in his eyes, and he said in a hoa.r.s.e and raspy voice, “Unless he dies first!”


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