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Chapter 603 Take It Apart and Sell It as Sc.r.a.p Metal

“The near-new tables and chairs are with 200 copper coins per set, amounting to a total of 8,000 copper coins; everything else in here is of inferior quality, and amounts to a total of 2,000 copper coins. The system will throw in disposal services free of charge,” the system quickly responded.

“You sure do offer thorough service.” Mag raised an eyebrow.

“Of course! The system takes pride in offering exemplary service,” the system replied firmly.

“Such a large restaurant would have cost a lot to renovate. These tables and chairs are all close to brand-new; surely 200 copper coins per set is too cheap? Do 300 per set instead.” Mag shook his head decisively.

“250 copper coins per set; that’s the most the system is willing to offer. If you think you can find a more suitable buyer, then go right ahead.” The system’s response was also very firm and decisive.

Mag’s brows furrowed slightly upon hearing that. It was clear that the system knew that he had no use for these tables and chairs, and it was taking advantage of that fact to purchase them from him at a low price. With that in mind, he put on a serious expression, and said, “251 copper coins per set and I’ll hand them over on the spot.”

“You’re the owner of Mamy Restaurant and you make hundreds of thousands of copper coins per day, yet you’re bargaining with me over one copper coin? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” The system was getting a little angry.

“Well, you’re the G.o.d of Cookery Cultivation System, an omnipotent system that stands at the pinnacle of technology. Why are you arguing with me over one copper coin?” Mag responded in kind.

“Deal! Everything in the rotisserie amounts to a total of 12,040 copper coins! Now beginning the recycling process!

“Ding! Recycling complete! 12,040 copper coins have been added to your balance!”

After a brief silence, the system finally succ.u.mbed with gritted teeth.

Mag looked around at the rotisserie, noticing that it had been completely cleared out in the blink of an eye. Even a group of bandits wouldn’t be able to do such a thorough job.

“System, this is the site for my new ice cream shop. My requirement is that a 40-square-meter area of this storefront is used for the ice cream shop, while the remaining area remains untouched. You may begin renovating now,” Mag instructed with a smile.

“Didn’t you say 30 square meters before? Why is it suddenly 40 now? In that case, the renovation fees we agreed on will be void!” the system yelled vehemently.

“I originally intended to build a smaller ice cream shop, but seeing as I won’t be using the storefront for anything in the short term, I decided to make the ice cream shop a bit bigger. We can add a few tables in there and customers would be able to sit and enjoy their ice cream. As for the renovation costs, I’m only willing to pay 100,000 copper coins at the very most. It’s just an extra 10 square meters anyway; just add a few floor tiles and a few tables. Why are you so mad?” Mag asked.

“What do you mean just a few floor tiles and a few tables?! An extra 10 square meters means I’ll have to completely sc.r.a.p my old renovation blueprint. Also, all of the materials used by the system are of premium quality, and the addition of 10 extra square meters results in 25% higher costs! How could you expect me to do that for no extra charge?!” The system was furious.

“Are you going to do it or not? If not, I’ll hire someone else. I think I saw a few dwarven artisans holding signs advertising their services on the way here.” Mag immediately stood up and made his way toward the restaurant’s entrance without any hesitation.

“Alright! i’ll do it!” The system conceded in an enraged voice.

“Ding! The ice cream shop renovation will take around five minutes to complete.

“Ding! 100,000 copper coins have been successfully deducted! Please choose the style you would like!”

Mag looked at the several dozens of design sketches in his mind. After some contemplation, he picked the snow and ice queen theme for the ice cream shop. “I’ll take that one.”

“Ding! The renovation style has been confirmed! Renovations will commence in one minute!”

“Alright, I’ll leave you to it, then. I’m going to go upstairs to have a look.” A smile appeared on Mag’s face. He had countless ways to get what he wanted from the system.

There was a staircase beside the kitchen, and Mag slowly scaled the stairs. He could see that there was a layer of dust gathered over the staircase, indicating that it was not used often.

The door to the second floor was closed, but not locked, so Mag was able to enter. A putrid, rotten smell immediately swept toward him, and he furrowed his brows as he covered his nose with his hand. This was clearly the restaurant’s storage room. The lighting in the room was very dim, with only two small windows allowing some natural light to pa.s.s through.

There were a few large freezers in the room, and all were wide open. There was not a single piece of meat left in them. Perhaps Ricky had taken it, or the employees had stolen it as compensation for their imminent unemployment. In any case, that wasn’t important to Mag.

There were a few shards of ice strewn all over the ground. Aside from a few rotten vegetable leaves in the corner, everything else had been taken away.

Mag didn’t really care about all that. Their agreement was that the loser couldn’t take anything from their restaurant, but he wasn’t interested in Ricky’s ingredients anyway.

The area of the second floor was exactly the same as that of the first floor. If larger windows were fitted to allow in more light, he could easily transform the second floor into another restaurant or cafe.

Mag only took a few glances at the room before closing the door. He could hear that the sounds of renovation downstairs were slowly dying down, so he decided to have a look.

The system’s voice sounded just as Mag came down the stairs. “Ding! The ice cream shop has been renovated. Please examine the end result and give a good review if you’re satisfied.”

The ice cream shop had already been cut off from the rest of the storefront, so Mag had to enter through a door. As he pushed the door open, his eyes immediately lit up.

A blue and white ice cream shop with a snow and ice queen them was revealed to him. There were six-cornered snowflakes falling between two layers of floor-to-ceiling gla.s.s, as well as an ice and snow queen wearing a blue and silver dress and a crown on her head standing in the center of the shop. Snowflakes were swirling around her, and it was as if the entire ice cream shop was situated in a palace on a snowy mountain. It was grand yet intricate, and presented a sense of mystique that drew one in.

However, the ice cream shop had most likely been obscured from view by the system. Otherwise, all of the pa.s.sersby on the street would have been stunned by the fact that an entire ice cream shop had been conjured up in a matter of minutes.

“Hmm, no bad.” Mag nodded with a pleased expression. It was a bargain that he had gotten such a good renovation job for just 100,000 copper coins!

Of course, he wasn’t going to praise the system.

“There are a few freezers upstairs for you. You can disa.s.semble them into sc.r.a.p metal and sell them, but you have to clean up the storage room. It has to be spotlessly clean and completely rid of that horrible smell.” Mag had a look around the ice cream shop to verify that the two ice cream machines were present and that premium wood had been used to create the tables and chairs. After making sure of those details, he nodded with a satisfied look and left.


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