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Chapter 1899: Has To Undergo Treatment Immediately

Perhaps it was because she had not interacted with strangers for a very long time.

Perhaps it was because Harrison’s question tugged at her heartstrings.

At any rate, when Georgina spouted her reply, she actually realized that she was striking up a casual conversation with a stranger, and on top of that, he was a stranger whom she had just met.

After realizing that, Georgina blushed. She subconsciously s.h.i.+fted her gaze away from Harrison, but her ego did not allow her to shrink back into her turtle sh.e.l.l. She had to at least hear Harrison’s reply.

Harrison thought that Georgina would ignore him, but when he heard her question, his eyes lit up, and he nodded with a smile as he said, “Yes. From when they first opened to now, Mamy Restaurant has only existed for five months. At the very start, they only had the Yangzhou fried rice on their menu.

“However, the owner of this restaurant is a superb chef. He would launch a new dish almost once every few days. On top of that, the dishes are all delicacies that could conquer everyone’s taste buds. Through word of mouth, Mamy Restaurant quickly became known.

“You need to know that before this, there was no restaurant in Chaos City that would require their customers to come beforehand to line up for food in such an orderly and harmonious atmosphere too.”

Upon hearing that, Georgina turned back to look at the line that continued until a distance away.

In the line, there were many customers dressed in lavish clothing. Although the line was long, no one appeared to be annoyed or impatient. Some of them would occasionally exchange conversations, and the atmosphere was amicable and harmonious, as though everyone was old friends.

Upon listening carefully to their conversations, one would realize that they were mostly talking about food, and many were discussing Mamy Restaurant’s food as well as delicacies elsewhere.

Such a wonderful atmosphere reminded her of the past, when she would look for good food around the streets and alleys while holding her father’s hand.

Kenneth’s eyes lit up. He seemed to have seen hope.

Harrison looked at Georgina with a smile, and when she looked back, he continued, “This restaurant is really marvelous. On top of that, it would often bring you surprises. I believe you would be able to find the delicacy you would want to taste here.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to eat anything.” Georgina rejected Harrison’s suggestion coldly, and went back into hiding behind Kenneth as she lowered her head.

Kenneth’s expression froze. After a while, he nodded at Harrison apologetically, and sighed inside.

Harrison frowned slightly. It was not due to Georgina’s actions, but because he was worried about this lady’s health condition.

This lady was obviously not looking good, yet she refused to eat. On top of that, she seemed very resistant to that thought. This was terrible.

However, as long as you enter Mamy Restaurant, I don’t think anyone would not want to eat, right? Harrison thought to himself as he stroked his chin.

Not long later, the restaurant’s doors opened, and Mag walked out with a smile to welcome the customers.

What a young owner. Georgina was stunned when she saw Mag, who was standing at the door. After that, she was shocked by the beauty of the service staff. They were all so beautiful and elegant with fabulous figures and looks. That made her feel inferior in comparison.

“Let’s go in too.” Kenneth held Georgina’s hand and led her in.

When Kenneth entered, the restaurant was almost filled.

Mag, who was just about to enter the kitchen to start work, swept a glance at the young lady who had wrapped herself up tightly in black from top to toe.

“Georgina, female, 19 years old, human. Suffering from very serious Anorexia Nervosa. Severe malnutrition. Severely depressed, moderate organ failure.” Georgina’s information came through the omniscient door at that time.

“This condition is a little serious. She has to undergo treatment immediately.” Mag frowned slightly. He had already become a doctor as he started calculating in his mind how he should start.

This young lady’s condition seemed rather complicated, but after organizing the information a little, Mag reckoned that she had to have gotten her anorexia due to depression, which led to her severe malnutrition, and her malnutrition resulted in organ failure.

Depression was a very complicated illness, and Mag did not dare to make any professional judgments on it.

However, the most important thing right now was for her to start taking in food and nutrients to better her physical condition so that she could at least have a healthy body.

However, for people with serious anorexia, being able to step into a restaurant was already praiseworthy. To make her want to eat would not be that easy.

He was very confident in his culinary skills, but he was not very confident in her.

“Boss Mag, what is the best thing to order for someone who doesn’t want to eat?” Harrison went up to Mag, and asked softly, “Will roasted duck and pork belly work?”

Mag glanced at Harrison. Based on his understanding of Harrison, he would definitely not have an issue of not wanting to eat. If his stomach could be filled, he would fill it with anything.

Therefore, he most probably was not asking for himself.

“Her?” Mag glanced over at the father-and-daughter who took the last table which was by the window.

“Mm-hm.” Harrison nodded. However, he quickly smiled shyly.

Mag understood immediately. This fellow was probably being lecher— had fallen in love. However, Harrison was a good person, whether in terms of family conditions or moral values.

Although Mag was not very confident that he could open up the windows to that lady’s heart, if he were to personally go over as a restaurant owner to tell her what was not suitable for her to eat, or even bring her unwanted attention, things would take a turn for the worse instead.

There was still one seat left at the table, and Harrison would definitely go over. It was the best choice to let Harrison guide her in ordering food.

But, what was with roasted duck and pork belly?

For someone who had not eaten in a long time, seeing two such greasy dishes on the table would probably make her leave straight away.

“Definitely not the roasted duck or pork belly! Not food with extreme tastes like the spicy grilled fish or spicy grilled fish. You should never recommend those to her,” Mag said seriously.

“You can recommend a serving of savory tofu pudding as an appetizer and a serving of braised chicken and rice or Yangzhou fried rice as the main course. If you order the braised chicken and rice, you can also order the Mapo Tofu as a side dish. This meal has to be simple yet give her a lasting impression.”

“Thank you, Boss Mag.” Harrison quickly nodded. Thankfully, he asked Boss Mag, or else he would step on a landmine. He turned and quickly walked towards the last seat.

Georgina sat beside Kenneth, and was looking around curiously under her hat.

This restaurant was not small, but was a lot smaller than large-scale restaurants like Ducas Restaurant. On top of that, it only had a dining hall and no private rooms. Moreover, there was even a rule saying that customers had to accept table-sharing.

A young woman was already seated in front of Kenneth, and the seat in front of her was still empty.

After that, a large silhouette walked over, casting a large shadow.

“Hi, there’s only one seat left here. Can I take a seat?”


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