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Chapter 1886: The Giant Stone Gate In The Cave

The canoe went into the cave along with the flow of the river.

They entered through the cave’s opening, which was extremely narrow.

Darkness descended immediately. The light that shone in through the cave’s opening soon disappeared, and everywhere was pitch dark. The canoe was das.h.i.+ng forward at an extremely fast speed towards the unknown front, and occasionally changing directions when it b.u.mped into the cliff walls.

There was complete silence; only the sounds of rus.h.i.+ng waters and the canoe hitting the walls could be heard. It made them a little fearful.

After moving forward for a while, the water slowed down, and the gus.h.i.+ng sounds became softer. The canoe slowed down too.

Meanwhile, there were flickers of light floating around on the water surface in the distance.

Amy suddenly pointed upwards with surprise, and said, “Look, it’s stars!”

Everyone looked up, and their eyes lit up.

The flickering dots of lights made them feel as if they were underneath the starry sky. The further in they went, the denser the dots of light were. Together with the lights’ reflection in the water, they looked like the dazzling night sky.

The beautiful scene now made them feel that the earlier darkness that they had experienced was all worth it.

And just because of the previous silent and dark journey, it inspired their gratified emotions when they saw the flickering lights.

“It’s so beautiful…” Amy was dazed by it.

Annie also had a surprised smile. She lifted her hand, and a firefly landed on her palm, flickering away. It made her smile even brighter.

Ugly Duckling reached out to touch a slow-flying firefly in front of it gently.

Mag looked at the cave that was lit up by the fireflies’ light. The stalact.i.tes hanging down had a faint yellow glow on them. This dreamy scene made him marvel at nature’s wonders.

Who could have imagined that the rapids would become so gentle after entering the cave. They also couldn’t have imagined that such a beautiful scene was hidden in this pitch-dark cave.

After a brief hesitation, he took out a photostone to record this beautiful scene. It was a precious material for the DVD.

The fireflies also discovered the canoe, but they weren’t frightened by it. Instead, they gathered around it, as if a ring of fireflies’ lamps were lit around the canoe.

With the fireflies’ light, they could see the smooth and damp walls on the two sides. Water flowed down the cliff walls gently, making it smooth and polished.

“There are two routes ahead. Which one do we take?” Amy asked, pointing at the diverging paths ahead.

The waterway suddenly split into two, and the one on the left was slightly smaller.

What was even more amazing was how the fireflies continued ahead along the right waterway, while the left waterway remained pitch dark. There wasn’t a single firefly in it.

“Hmm? Why is there another route?” Irina exclaimed. The canoe stopped at the fork.

“It wasn’t here previously?” Mag asked.

“Not the waterway on the left when I came here previously.” Irina shook her head. She looked at that pitch-dark waterway on the left with a frown.

Right then, Annie, who had been playing with the fireflies calmly, suddenly struggled to stand up. She pointed at the left waterway with an anxious and terrified expression.

Mag and Irina quickly noticed Annie’s change, and their hearts sank. They also began to have an alert expression.

Irina held Annie’s hand, and asked, “What is it, Annie? Do you sense something?”

Annie calmed down a little, and then began to gesticulate.

“She said there is something terrifying in that cave. It scares her,” Mag translated with an increasingly severe expression.

Irina pursed her lips, and asked Annie, “Is it the devil?”

Annie pondered for a moment, and then nodded.

Mag and Irina looked at each other, and they both saw a tinge of uneasiness in each other’s eyes.

One could say that Annie was a part of the Great Old Ones, or she was another kind of Great Old Ones. Her telepathy with the Great Old Ones was believable.

“Take the right,” Mag said without any hesitation.

“Alright.” Irina nodded. The canoe went into the right waterway, and continued ahead, moving away from the other waterway.

“Father, is the devil hiding in the other waterway? Why don’t we eliminate it?” Amy asked curiously.

“That’s a very dangerous devil, even your mother and I are not confident that we can eliminate it. We also can’t ensure Annie’s and your safety, either.” Mag shook his head.

Amy tilted her head and pondered. “Then… let’s wait till I am older and stronger before we return to destroy it.”

“Alright. Let’s wait for Amy to grow up before we come back to deal with this powerful devil,” Mag said smilingly.

The canoe continued ahead. Their path was still lit up by the fireflies, but they no longer had the mood to appreciate it.

After drifting ahead for another 10-odd minutes, the fireflies slowly disappeared. A light spot appeared in the distance, and it gradually got bigger.

The canoe exited the cave along with the water flow. The sunlight fell on them, and made them close their eyes instinctively.

The river was no longer fast flowing. The wide and smooth river slowly stretched afar.


Ah Zi dashed down, and glided along the water’s surface next to the canoe.

Mag unbuckled Amy’s and Annie’s safety belt, and put them on Ah Zi’s back before instructing Ah Zi, “Ah Zi, bring Amy and Annie for a ride. Come back to pick us up one hour later.”

Amy hugged Ugly Duckling as she asked Mag, “Father, why are you two not coming with us?”

“We are going back there to take a look. We’ll be back soon,” Mag said with a smile, and gave Ah Zi a look.

Ah Zi spread its wings, and brought Amy and Annie away.

“Could it be the lower half of that octopus monster’s body?” Irina asked Mag, who had already taken out his Tian Du sword.

Mag looked up, and saw all the giant hovering islands in the sky. “Looking up from here, that should be Golden Dragon Island. Louis and his people had discovered the same wall mural in the grounds of Golden Dragon Island, but they didn’t find any sealed Great Old Ones. It’s possible that it was sealed under Dragon Island.

“Who cares what it is. We’ll know after we go and take a look.” Irina waved her hand, and the canoe turned around to move upstream. It returned to the divergent point.

“Let’s go and see what’s hidden in there that even the fireflies are afraid of.” Mag put a giant searchlight in front of the canoe to light up their way.

Irina controlled the canoe, and made it go into the left waterway. It slowly moved forward along with the flow of water.

The tunnel of this waterway was about five meters wide and dozens of meters tall. There were no stalact.i.tes at the top, and it looked unusually smooth, as if it was dug out and then polished.

Mag and Irina remained silent, and sized up their surroundings warily.

The canoe went forward quietly for over 10 minutes. After making a big turn, a giant 100-meter-tall stone gate appeared in their vision.


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