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Chapter 1387: You Are Indeed A Princess Collector

Michael and Rolan were waiting in the Gray Temple’s secret chamber. Michael stood up when he saw Mag walk in, and said, “Boss Mag, the world has gone into a chaos while you were out searching for your ingredients and inspirations.”

“Mm?” Mag’s gaze flickered as he looked at the smiling Michael and Rolan who was still expressionless. Maybe they really knew something? However, he still calmly smiled, and asked, “Did something happen in the past few days?”

He’s quite a good actor. Michael’s lips twitched a little. This husband-and-wife duo had created such a big hoo-ha, and yet they could still maintain such a high level of acting when they were back. Alex had indeed changed. He was no longer that honest young man then.

Rolan retrieved his gaze from Mag. Judging from Mag’s expression earlier, he was already sure that he was trying to conceal his emotions.

Don’t ask him how he knew that. If he couldn’t see that, he would’ve never become the lord of the Gray Temple.

Michael didn’t go straight to the point. He gestured for Mag to take a seat before continuing, “Oh, you’ve just come back. I forgot that you are still not aware of the situation. In the days that you were out, a few big events happened on the Demon Islands. The Demon Allied Forces, which have the strongest intention for war, are a total shambles now.

“Irina and Alex have acted. They killed Bas.h.i.+r, and the fear demons were plunged into a short period of chaos. Furthermore, they were most probably the ones who stirred up the war between the abyss demons and the flaming demons; an internal conflict arose in the Vampire Tribe due to the change of the Vampire Ancestor, and an irreparable crack has appeared in between the Bartoli Family and the royals; because of all this, there were also frictions and altercations between the other demon tribes. The war alliance that was formed only exists in name now.”

“I didn’t expect the demons that we were worried about would be taken care of so easily. Alex and Princess Irina are really two great people,” Mag said with shock and wonder, but there was a hint of suspicion in his eyes. How did Michael and Rolan know that it was Irina and he who’d triggered the war between the abyss demons and the flaming demons?”

Hear, hear. How could he have said that? Would anyone praise themselves like this? Michael pursed his lips for a moment, but he still continued to smile. “Oh, yes. They have really contributed a lot to this world’s peace. We’re also preparing to meet up with them formally, so we planned to invite Mr. Mag to meet them together with us.”

Mag c.o.c.ked his eyebrows. Let him meet himself???

Is this a test? Mag began to look at Michael with increased suspicion in his eyes. Although he was sure that he could trust Chaos City and Michael, and they were all on the same side, he believed all he had done before had been perfectly planned, so he still felt rather indignant if they managed to see through it.

“It would naturally be my honor if I could meet them.” Mag nodded with a smile.

Ha. Alex won’t meet you all silly mortals anyway.

“Oh, yes. If the war between the abyss demons and the flaming demons was caused by Irina and Alex, would it bring trouble to Chaos City?” Mag asked in a low voice.

“We have created an alibi for Irina and Alex for the night of Simmons and Alfred’s duel. As for the war in between the abyss demons and flaming demons, apart from us, n.o.body would suspect Irina and Alex,” Rex explained.

“Oh, I see.” Mag began to unfurrow his eyebrows slowly. He didn’t expect he actually had such outstanding wingmen. With Chaos City cleaning up their mess behind them, they didn’t have to worry they would get themselves into trouble if their plans missed out something.

Because they were not powerful enough and their status was a little special, Chaos City had built the biggest and most powerful intelligence network. Judging from all the cla.s.sified information that they had collected, their intelligence network had infiltrated deep into all the species and power structures.

This special intelligence network was born in this environment where all species got along harmoniously. No single species could replicate it.

However, this also made Mag guess that Michael and Rolan had already found out about his ident.i.ty. At least, they had suspicions about him.

However, since they didn’t say it out loud, and still helped to tie up the loose ends, Mag naturally wouldn’t readily admit it himself.

However, this feeling was quite good too. Everyone knew what was going on without saying things out loud, and they could still chat as they liked and share any information through normal channels without affecting their normal lives.

“These are the information that the Gray Temple received about all the species in the past few days and some of the cla.s.sified files that weren’t open to you earlier. You may bring it back to read.” Rolan took out a black wooden box from underneath the table, and gently pushed it to Mag.

“I am very interested.” Mag reached out to accept the box with bright eyes. The latest firsthand information was indeed what he needed right now. Furthermore, he was a little surprised that Michael and Rolan elevated his permission, and pa.s.sed him the cla.s.sified files too.

“After experiencing this series of trouble, the demons shouldn’t be able to form a united voice in this peace negotiation. The threat of war is temporarily neutralized.” Michael smiled at Mag. “Mr. Mag, which species’ problem do you think we should be handling next?”

After pondering for a while, Mag replied to Michael, “I think it should be the orcs. The Aug Tribe helped Gary to rebel against and gain control of the Falk Tribe. That turned the orcs into a powerful species that is completely pro-war. However, the internal suppression of the Falk Tribe isn’t completely done, and Gary doesn’t have a firm control of the tribe as the princess of the Falk Tribe is still in exile. This may be a breaching point for us to disintegrate the orcs’ pro-war faction.”

“This is indeed an excellent breaching point. However, we’re still unable to find Princess Connie of the Falk Tribe, and Gary has basically completed his b.l.o.o.d.y suppression. He has eradicated many orcs who were loyal to the former chief, and is slowly gaining control of the Falk Tribe,” Rolan said with furrowed brows.

“As a kingslayer, Gary is unjustified and undeserving. Even if he could suppress and control the Falk Tribe violently for the time being, this method would only result in a greater upheaval later.” Mag shook his head with a smile. “Furthermore, I know where Princess Connie is.”


Michael and Rolan revealed a hint of surprise on their faces at the same. This had indeed exceeded their expectations.

Mag shrugged, and explained, “I had saved an orc maiden who was being in a deadly pursuit earlier. I only found out she was Princess Connie later. She is now working as a delivery courier at my restaurant and studying under the Deputy Warden of Bastie Prison, the Hairless Monk. She is now trying very hard to be an a.s.sa.s.sin without a sense of direction.”

Michael’s lips twitched, and he said with a weird expression, “You are indeed a princess collector, Boss Mag.”


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