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Chapter 1266: Mobile Restaurant

The griffin had already left the underground cavern far behind them. Mag lay onto the back of the griffin, and heaved a long sigh of relief. His whole body was tired and aching. He couldn’t even bother to move his fingers.

Being a real man for 15 minutes really had its consequences.

However, apart from the tiredness, he didn’t feel any other side effects. This could be considered as the System’s unique characteristic.

He let Ah Zi bring him back to the ninth peak where he’d split up with Gina and the rest. He instructed it to go back to fetch Irina and the rest before finding a place to change his clothes back again. He found that white-head eagle, which was s.h.i.+vering on the ground, and lay on its warm back for a rest.

The Night Elves’s siege was resolved perfectly, and it even went much smoother than he had expected.

However, before he killed Borg, he had sensed an unusual aura and power from his body, and could feel the suppression effect that Irina’s Holy Light obviously had on that aura. That was why he could kill that Skeletal-Wing Tiger so easily.

“System, what did Borg have on his body? Why did you want me to strike him down?” Mag asked in his heart. This was the first time that the System issued a mission to kill, and the other party didn’t seem to have any connection with cooking.

“The existence of this person had affected the quality of the rice in the cultivation area of the Wind Forest seriously, and could also potentially affect the yield of the s.h.i.+take mushrooms. He could contaminate the fertile areas in the Wind Forest. Although this System has already implemented systematic governance, this person had to be removed completely as a contamination source.”

“Contamination source?” Mag frowned, still confused about the System’s words.

“That was a black fog that doesn’t belong to this world, and is extremely corrosive to any living being. According to this System’s detection, this h.o.m.ologous black fog has already appeared in multiple locations on this continent, and is expanding rapidly. It is threatening the many products of this System’s numerous farms.

“Even though this System had done multiple rounds of cleaning, this black fog is still very stubborn, and signs of drug resistance have appeared. To protect farms and pastures, the Host must go to clear the black fog. At the same time, the mission of travelling around the continent is initiated.”

“Aren’t you hopeless? As a System, you can’t even protect your own farms and pastures.” Mag pursed his lips, but he was wary of that black fog that appeared suddenly. Stuff that made the system helpless had to be difficult to eradicate.

The situation was tense earlier, so Mag hadn’t looked at the rewards in detail. SInce he was resting now, he clicked open the reward that wasn’t announced completely then.

“Mobile Restaurant—restaurant upgrade. Flight thrusters are added, and the restaurant can move by flight. In flight, the maximum speed of Mach 5 can be reached…”


The underground cavern.

The elves had retreated, and the merfolk of Lantisde had also stepped down from their battle mode. They had regrouped, and were waiting for their air transport home.

“Thanks, old fellows. Your drinks will be on me next time,” Irina said to Kra.s.su and Urien on the dragon’s back. She was grateful and touched.

“I will definitely order a lot of drinks. However, this boy Alex is rather rude. He simply went off without saying goodbye.” Kra.s.su chuckled.

“Do you think everyone is as shameless as you?” Urien sneered in a hoa.r.s.e voice, but he was looking at Irina with a gentle gaze and a smile on his cold face.

“Huh. Looks like you are looking for a fight with me?” Kra.s.su said with an unfriendly look.

“Do I need to choose a date to squash you?” Urien smirked and asked instead.

“Misters… can we go back now?” the red dragon said, feeling an urge to cry. It was afraid that the two big bosses would start fighting on his back; he would really not survive.

The two of them lowered their heads and glanced at the red dragon at the same time.

The red dragon hushed up instantly. Aggrievement flashed in its eyes as it said, “Do as you please. There’s no need to pay any attention to me.”

“Icy old man, you’d better ask Irina if she still needs those fellows that you froze. They will really be dead shortly,” Kra.s.su said as he glanced at those elves who were frozen, pursing his lips.

“They are not dead?” Happiness flashed through Irina’s eyes.

“About 1000 elves. They’re still breathing.” Urien nodded.

“Then, please thaw them,” Irina quickly said.

“But, Princess, they had come to attack us. Isn’t it bad for us to release them?” Firis asked Irina, feeling a little confused.

The other Night Elves were perplexed too. Hundreds of their companions’ lives were lost before they won this battle, but now they were going to revive these enemies.

“What is the belief of us, the Night Elves? It is to unite all forces to overthrow the rule of the exploiting cla.s.s and build a new free kingdom,” Irina said to all the Night Elves. “And all these are the elven soldiers at the base. Most of them are slaves that were caught by the demons and sent back to the forest. In this war, they, too, are victims like us. Meanwhile, those exploiters are still watching this war from above, and not caring how many lowly elves would die in this war.

“What the Night Elves need to do is not ma.s.sacring the Wind Forest. Instead, our motive should be to overthrow the cla.s.s rulers. We will only resort to violence against the oppressors to gain the support of the lowly elves.

“If we ma.s.sacred these soldiers today, then would any soldiers join us willingly in the future? Would any elf trust us again?”

The Night Elves fell into a silence as they pondered Irina’s words thoughtfully.

Many of them were caught by the demons, and went through all kinds of torture. They weren’t picked to join the army only because they were old. They became slaves instead, so they knew about the difficulty of the lowly elves’ survival.

“The princess is right. The young elves are the future of the Wind Forest. If these young elves join us willingly, then our revolutionary numbers will get bigger, and we will have more hope to overthrow the Wind Forest’s rule,” a Night Elf who lost an arm said loudly.

The other Night Elves nodded. The Night Elves had lost many in this siege. If new blood could be injected, it would be a good thing for the Night Elves.

Urien waved his wand after seeing that they had reached a consensus. Those human-form ice sculptures crumbled instantly, and those elves who were pale from the cold fell to the ground one by one, panting with fear.

The elites of the Wind Forest were all mobilized, yet they were defeated. Furthermore, it was a defeat that they had fled disorderly and left them behind.

And those elves who were knocked unconscious by the Lantisdeans were also awakened by throwing ice water over them. They looked at those scary men in black and the Night Elves surrounding them, and swiftly understood what happened. Their faces were equally pale.

“You guys don’t have to panic, I won’t kill you.” Irina stood at the edge of the peak, and said to the elves, “The Wind Forest has abandoned you. To them, you all are already dead. Now, you people have two choices: first, join us, the Night Elves, and overthrow the rule of the Wind Forest together with us. We will fight for the rest of our lives in order to build a free kingdom. Second, leave on your own. Right now, Chaos City is open to all elves and providing asylum and protection. You will have a peaceful and stable life there.”


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