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Chapter 1140: Boss Mag Opened The Lid!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

There was something special about watching a chef cook—when the lid opened, the aroma would satisfy everyone’s imagination, and although they had not tasted the food, they somehow would be very certain that it would definitely be very enticing and delicious.

At this moment, that was what the crowd and the five judges felt. The milky white freshwater seafood soup was wafting with the fresh scent of seafood mixed with the secret recipe soup base, making one feel satisfied just by smelling it.

The crisp sound of the bell attracted everyone’s attention to Mag, who was walking out of the restaurant. Because Mag left for dinner halfway through, people almost forgot that it was a duel.

“It seems like Boss Sith’s freshwater seafood soup is completed.” Mag glanced at the huge bowl of freshwater seafood soup in front of the judges, and then at the expressions of the crowd. It seemed as though many were unhappy about him leaving halfway for dinner.

“This owner is so rude.”

“Exactly, first he talked back to the judge, then he left halfway during the duel. Now Boss Sith’s freshwater seafood soup is already in front of the judges. What is he going to compete with?”

“Yeah. This freshwater seafood soup smells too good. It’s pure wild freshwater seafood. Everyone can tell how fresh the ingredients are. I’m definitely going to Sith Restaurant to try this freshwater seafood soup.”

The crowd mumbled amongst themselves. They basically did not think that Mag would win.

“Boss Mag, this is for you.” Sith brought a bowl of seafood soup over for Mag.

Mag glanced at Sith. Seems like he is really very confident about his freshwater seafood soup. Is he trying to make me convinced about my loss?

In that case, wouldn’t he have to also give him a bowl of his soup?

Wouldn’t that be too cruel?

Mag was hesitant.

“I think that no matter what the result is, we should obtain each other’s acknowledgment,” Sith said with a smile.

Mag reached over to receive the bowl of soup and nodded with a smile as he said, “You’re right, but my soup is almost ready too. Let’s have it together.” As he said that, Mag placed the bowl of soup carefully on the table at the side.

Candice lowered her head and smelled the soup before praising, “This freshwater seafood soup is milky white, thick but not creamy. It perfectly brought out the freshness of the seafood, and blended them very well into a bowl of soup. It is a really good soup.” She picked up her spoon and scooped a spoonful of soup, putting it to her lips to blow on it softly before taking a sip.

The warm freshwater seafood soup was mild and smooth. Although this was not the first time Candice tried this soup, she still could not help but praise, “The freshness of the freshwater fish, tenderness of the river clams, and sweetness of the river shrimps are all perfectly blended within this spoonful of soup, yet its unique flavor teases the taste buds and is such a surprise. This is indeed delicious.”

“Wow, the legendary icy Queen of the Culinary actually gave such a high praise. It looks like Boss Sith is really going to win this time!” someone exclaimed softly.

Febid picked up a spoon and drank a spoonful. He let the taste linger in his mouth for a while, and then nodded slightly, and said, “Mm, this soup is a little light, it’s still lacking a little in seasoning, but it did very well in bringing out the flavors of the ingredients. I don’t think anyone would be able to match up to this standard with freshwater seafood as the ingredients. This is a good soup.”

“Febid, the food critic with a wicked tongue, actually praised Boss Sith so highly. It looks like his vote is secured too!” the bald man mumbled excitedly, looking as though victory was already in his hands.

“Boss Sith’s culinary skills are still as stable as before. One will never tire of this bowl of freshwater seafood soup. Although the seafood in winter isn’t as plump as in fall, the texture is better, and it has a delectable taste to it. This is a good soup.” Robert also praised it with a nod after taking a few sips.

Old Master Avis took a few sips, and looked at Sith with a smile as he said, “The best freshwater seafood soup in Rodu is from Roth Restaurant. It once was t.i.tled the best dish at the Roth Empire’s imperial banquet. Chef Sith is already 80% there with this freshwater seafood soup. If improvements are made to the seasoning and the other side ingredients, it is possible for this to surpa.s.s Roth Restaurant’s freshwater seafood soup one day.”

“The president and Old Master Avis gave him really good comments too. The four judges had already recognized his skills. Is the result of this duel already out?” Everyone looked at Randy. What would be the comment of this young food critic?

“Oh no, these judges seemed to be very satisfied with this freshwater seafood soup. Is Boss Mag really going to lose?” The regulars of Mamy Restaurant were all very nervous. Although they were very confident in Boss Mag’s culinary skills, it seemed like this opponent was no small fry as well.

“Boss… will win, right?” Miya clenched her fists nervously. Although Mag had never lost, this situation was too nerve-racking.

“Don’t worry. Father is really good. He will definitely win,” Amy said confidently as she watched Mag lower the flame on the stove.

“Yeah, Uncle Mag is the best chef.” Anna also nodded her little head as she looked at Mag with admiration.

“I’m going to become complacent if you praise me like that,” Mag said with a smile as he turned back to look at the two girls. He was in a very good mood.

Mag put on his gloves to get ready to open the lid. On the other side, Randy picked up his chopsticks with a smile, and said, “The seniors all commented on the soup. As a meatatarian, I will try the seafood in the soup first.”

After he said that, he picked a small fish up. Although it had been cooking in the soup for a very long time, the meat of the fish did not fall off, and remained as it was.

He put the small fish in a small bowl, and picked up a piece of meat to eat.

“Because it was cooked for the soup, this fish is very bland, and since it was cooked for a very long time, the meat is also a little dry.”

Following that, he scooped up some soup and ate it with the fish.

“Mm, this is way better. The soup is very rich, and it makes up for the bland meat. Also, this soup is richer and more flavorful than I thought it would be. It would be the best soup I’ve had in Chaos City if we were only talking about the soup.

“Next, let’s try the river shrimp. My favorite dish is stir-fried shrimps. I wonder what the shrimp would taste like in this soup. Let’s remove the head first, then squeeze out the insides, peel off its soft-sh.e.l.l, and now—”

“Boss Mag opened the lid!”

Just then, someone exclaimed loudly.

A rich fragrance wafted all over the place like cras.h.i.+ng waves. The crowd that was absorbed in Randy’s comments all turned over to look.


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