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Chapter 1134: What Drug This Restaurant Is Selling

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Wow! Boss Mag had accepted the challenge! Looks like I have to ask my boss for time off tonight to watch this duel.”

“I always come here to line up at this time. Seems like there will be a free show later.”

“Anybody wanna bet? I bet Boss Mag is going to win!”

“n.o.body will be idiotic enough to set up a bet when there is no doubt about the outcome.”

The customers were getting excited after watching Mag accept the letter of challenge.

“10,000 copper coins?”

Sith was stunned. He thought Mag was going to add a huge wager. The boss of Ricky’s Rotisserie had lost his entire shop to Boss Mag when he challenged him in the past. He didn’t expect Mag to only add on 10,000 copper coins.

“Ah. Seems like this chap is really afraid.” The bald guy at the side looked at Mag with disdain. His gaze began to get heated.

As an old employee of Sith Restaurant, he was waiting for the freshwater seafood soup to get the number one spot so he could encourage his boss to open a second restaurant. Then, he would be the new manager of the new shop, and the boss would teach him the freshwater seafood soup recipe that he had guarded so closely.

“Yes. 10,000 copper coins.” Mag nodded.

“Alright, I agree.” Sith nodded after a while.

“I have accepted your letter of challenge. You can go now, Boss Sith. I have to start my service now.” Mag kept the letter of challenge, and then opened the door wide. He stepped aside with a smile, and said, “Welcome to Mamy Restaurant.”

“Do you need my help, Boss Mag?” Kra.s.su asked when he reached the entrance and glanced at Sith.

“I can help too.” Amy came forward eagerly.

“There’s no need to,” Mag quickly replied. He was slightly afraid that Kra.s.su and Amy would euthanize the two of them with a fireball. That would be too cruel.

“Go for it, Mr. Mag.” Gloria stopped at the entrance and encouraged Mag with a smile and a clenched fist.

This chap! What has he done to deserve a smile from my adorable Miss Gloria! Camilla stared at Mag aggrievedly from a corner. “There’s no true love between opposite s.e.x!” she said through clenched teeth.

“Thank you.” Mag nodded with a smile as he felt an inexplicable chill up his back.

Mag greeted his regular customers warmly and ignored Sith.

The bald guy was annoyed, and wanted to argue. “This rude fellow—”

“That’s enough. He’s already very gracious and magnanimous. I don’t think I could do what he did if I were in his position,” Sith interrupted the bald guy’s words, and took a good look at Mag. Although this man was young, his calmness unsettled him. “We have to visit the Food a.s.sociation and a few culinary experts.”

“Alright.” The bald guy retrieved his gaze grudgingly and quickly caught up with Sith.

“Boss Mag, do you have news about Miss s.h.i.+rley? Or, did she write to you?” Constantine asked Mag expectantly when he reached him.

Mag got a shock when he saw Constantine. This famous swinging bachelor had always been particular about his image, but now he looked emaciated with dark eye circles, bloodshot eyes, and messy hair and beard. He resembled a homeless man.

“She didn’t write to us.” Mag shook his head. However, he couldn’t bear to see Constantine like this. Why was he having this one-sided love? After all, hers could be bigger than Constantine’s if she took it out.

“There is still no news…” Constantine seemed to have lost all his energy instantly. He swayed, and only managed to stable himself by grasping onto the door.

“I am so regretful. I regret that I didn’t have the courage to profess my feelings for her. I only realized her importance after I lost her…” Constantine started sobbing with tears flowing all over his face.

“What a pa.s.sionate man.”

“Indeed. There are not many men like him nowadays.”

Many regulars knew about Constantine. He had been coming frequently to ask about s.h.i.+rley recently. The customers naturally still remembered the beautiful but quiet server, so they couldn’t help but lament when they saw Constantine like this.

“Constantine, Male, 33 years old. Due to love sickness causing severe insomnia, lack of appet.i.te, a sharp decline in body functions, and poor immunity, his life could be in peril.”

Is this guy Romeo? He actually got lovesick! Mag raised his eyes when he saw the Omniscient door’s test result. It seemed like s.h.i.+rley’s departure had dealt Constantine a big blow. He pondered for a while, and then said to the devastated Constantine, “Mr. Constantine, s.h.i.+rley said she would come back, but it would be a few years later.”

“S-she really will come back again?” Constantine jerked his head up to look at Mag as if he was holding onto a lifeline.

Smiling, Mag nodded. “However, looking at an elf’s lifespan, no matter how many years later it is, s.h.i.+rley’s appearance won’t change much, and if you continue to live like this, Mr. Constantine, I am afraid it will be your funeral when you meet again.”

Constantine stared at his thin and pale hands, and was stunned momentarily. He was so consumed by his sadness and pining that he had neglected his body. He didn’t realize that he was already so weakened.

No! I have to remain healthy before Miss s.h.i.+rley’s return. I want to delay my process of aging. I don’t want to age so fast, otherwise Miss s.h.i.+rley won’t be able to recognize me when she’s back. Constantine quickly made up his mind, and said to Mag, “Thank you, Mr. Mag. I will live my life properly so I can see Miss s.h.i.+rley again, and tell her personally all the words that I didn’t say to her before.”

After speaking, he strode into the restaurant and sat down at his usual seat.

I hope you can continue to live with fort.i.tude when your confession fails. Mag shrugged and continued to welcome his next customer with a smile.

The men’s charging station, Mamy Restaurant, here I come again. A man who was fumbling walked toward Mamy Restaurant with a blazing look in his eyes.

A newly wed lady has a voracious s.e.xual appet.i.te. Vicennio had already experienced this saying. What he didn’t expect was the honeymoon period would last so long. The shrew at home was getting increasingly hungry. She was draining him dry every day on the bed.

If it weren’t for Mamy Restaurant providing him with the energy of two roujiamos, he would have already died on the bed.

I have to add another roujiamo today to compensate for what I have lost, Vicennio vowed in his heart and quickened his steps.

A horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of the restaurant. An exquisite face was revealed behind the curtain, and the seductive eyes were following Vicennio. She laughed flirtatiously, and whispered to herself, “Huh, so this is where he sneaks out to every day. I want to see what drug this restaurant is selling that makes him stronger and stronger every day.”


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