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Chapter 1101 Madam Countess, Do You Want To

“Father, what is that you’re cooking in the pot? Is it a new dish?”Amy came back from school in the afternoon, and stood at the kitchen door, looking at the huge pot with a lid on it.

Firis and Anna were also watching Mag curiously. Mag had been cooking something in that pot with the lid on all morning. They had not even seen him open the lid.

“This is a pot of thick soup. It’s used as the soup base for our new dish. As for the new dish, we will only be able to try it at night,” Mag said with a smile.

‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ was a dish that involved complicated steps. Not one of the steps could be done haphazardly in order to make an authentic and delicious ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’.

In addition, this was the system’s improved recipe, and with the help of cutting-edge kitchenware technology, he was able to make the ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ in a day. If it was under normal circ.u.mstances, he would never be able to make it without a few days of work.

“Is it made with the shark’s fins you brought back yesterday?” Amy asked.

“Yes, but that’s just one of the ingredients.” Mag nodded. He looked at his watch, and turned the fire off. He opened the lid to take a look. The soup base was ready.

He took out the shark’s lips and shark’s lips that he roasted dry overnight, and put them in the steamer.

The ingredients had to be prepared individually.

After he was done with the ingredients, Mag turned back with a smile to ask Amy, “Did you learn any interesting spells from your teacher today?”

“Yes, yes, Master Urien taught me teleportation today.” Amy nodded. She pulled her wand out and with a swing, it became a magic staff. After that, she drew a circle on the floor, and as an icy blue glow rose, a chilling sensation spread. The glow flashed, and Amy had already disappeared.

“Where did Amy go?” Anna blinked and looked at the remains of some ice shavings on the floor.

The icy blue light glowed on the same spot once again. When the light disappeared, Amy was standing in the same place with a music box in her hand. Smiling, she said, “Look, this way, I don’t have to climb the stairs to go upstairs anymore.”

“That’s great.”

The corner of Mag’s lips twitched. He wondered: if Urien knew that she used the teleportation magic that he taught her just to go upstairs, what expression would he have?

“Amy is so impressive!” Anna exclaimed as she clapped.

“Miss Anna, let’s learn how to dance. I saw a very interesting dance yesterday. Many hands can appear out of one person. It’s really entertaining,” Amy told Anna as she shook the music box in her hand.

“Really? I want to watch it too.” Anna’s eyes lit up. She dashed out of the kitchen, following behind Amy excitedly.

Miya and the rest did not have much to do currently, so they went over as well.

Amy’s music box had already become an important source of entertainment for everyone. The beautiful elf in the crystal ball seemed as though it would never tire as she danced to the beautiful singing.

Besides, what they cared about more was that Amy said that in another half a month, the restaurant would be celebrating an important festival named “New Year”. According to customs, there would be some performances, so everyone would naturally have to learn and practice.

“Thousand Hands Guanyin by a single person?” Mag glanced at the little elf that was performing. He raised his brow. This is only possible in the fantastical world. However, not everyone is capable of performing it too.

“Father, the soybean milk and youtiao this morning is very delicious. Amy wants more.” After playing for a while more, Amy rushed to the kitchen door and looked expectantly at Mag.

“If Amy wants more, I can make more for you tomorrow morning. You won’t be able to have it this afternoon, because there’s a lot of preparation to do,” Mag said with a smile.

“Alright, then Amy will wait till tomorrow morning.” Amy nodded. She pinched the chubby cheeks of Ugly Duckling, which also poked its head into the kitchen, and said, “Enough looking. You definitely have nothing to eat if I don’t have anything to eat.”

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling meowed pitifully and shrank its head back.

“Alright. Let’s eat,” Mag said to the group of women who were gathered around the music box, watching the little person dancing as he brought out the last dish from the kitchen.

“Go wash your hands first,” Mag told Amy, who was about to sit on her chair.

“Okay~” Amy responded obediently. She brought her little stool from the side into the kitchen, and stepped on it so that she could reach the sink. She turned the tap on and started to wash her hands.

After everyone was seated, they started eating.

Amy looked at Mag just after she sat down at the table, and asked, “Father, I heard that the little friends I played with in the square have all moved. Can we go visit them to play?”

“Of course we can, but Amy has to learn magic in the morning, and Father has to cook in the restaurant at night, so we cannot make time to go. Why don’t we go over on our day off?” Mag thought for a while. It seemed like the foundation had acted fast. If the children were to be left outside in the cold winter, they might not be able to survive past the winter.

“Mm-hm. Okay.” Amy nodded. She picked up her chopsticks and put a piece of chicken in Mag’s bowl. “Father, thanks for your hard work. Have more chicken.”

“Amy also has to eat more fish. Fish will make you smart,” Mag said with a smile as he put a piece of spicy grilled fish in Amy’s bowl.

“That’s not true. The fishes that got caught are all stupid.” Amy looked at the grilled fish and shook her head seriously.

“???” Mag.

Amy picked up the fish and put it in her mouth. After she swallowed it, she smiled, and said, “But the stupid fish tastes good.”

“Then have more of it.” Mag put another big piece of fish in her bowl. He had no idea what he should say.

After lunch, the restaurant began its busy afternoon operation hours.

Because Firis might leave soon, Mag was also preparing to hire someone who was prepared to take up the heavy responsibility of preparing the ingredients.

Although Yabemiya’s knife skills were not bad, she was already very busy working at the restaurant and the ice cream shop, so he really could not bear to let her take up the role of preparing the ingredients.

As for the rest… he didn’t think they were suitable as of now.

After the busy afternoon hours, Mag s.h.i.+fted his lounge chair to the empty s.p.a.ce at the restaurant’s door. He was preparing to take a nap under this winter sun.

However, just as he closed his eyes, a shadow loomed over him.

“Hm?” Mag opened his eyes and saw a round and huge headlight.

Hey? This looks a little familiar? Mag was stunned. He s.h.i.+fted his gaze up and saw Countess Camilla looking down at him with a smirk.

“Does it look good?”

“This sun is really round…” Mag replied casually.

“Hmph, then you’d better take another look, for you might not be able to see tomorrow’s sun,” Camilla said as she squinted her seductive eyes a little, and leaned closer to Mag as though she was going to pin him down on the lounge chair.

“How could that be? The sun rises every day. It just might not be as round as today’s,” Mag replied with a smile. He could sense what this countess came here for.

“Aren’t you afraid of death?”

“Death? Of course I am afraid of death, but do you dare to kill in broad daylight?” Mag pulled out a blue gemstone from his pocket with a smile. “I’ve retained whatever happened the other day in this gemstone as a memento. Would the countess like to take a look at it with me?”


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