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Chapter 936: So troublesome, isn’t it easier to just kill everyone?

Translator: G.o.dBrandyEditor: Kurisu

“Thank you, Benefactor Song. In addition, I’ll also have to trouble you to look for a place to drop me off.” The Western monk cautiously stored the living spring water away.

His teacher, Wu Yinzi, received a severe injury when he was young, and even his foundation was compromised. For this reason, in this life, there was no longer hope for him to advance in realm. He didn’t have much lifespan left at this moment. The living spring water could increase his lifespan by another 50 years, and it could be considered a small token of kindness from the Western monk’s side.

Although the Western monk felt that Wu Yinzi was a rather chatty fellow that wanted to destroy his dream of becoming a senior monk, he really cared about him deep down in his heart. Wu Yinzi had been protecting him all along, and even if the Western monk insisted on wearing a kasaya while being part of a daoist sect, Wu Yinzi still endured it.

Therefore, the respect and love the Western monk had for Wu Yinzi had increased even further.

Daoist Priest Wu Yinzi had originally given the Western monk two months to return to the sect and light his life lamp, but now that he had obtained the living spring water, the Western monk wished to immediately head back and give the spring water to his teacher.

“In that case, we’ll drop you off on the roof of that large building ahead, alright?” Song Shuhang said.

“Thank you, Benefactor Song,” the Western monk said with a grin. Then, he seemingly thought of another matter, and asked, “Right. Fellow Daoist Song, do you still have that daoist robe I traded with you the last time? Can you lend it to me so that I can put it on before returning to the sect?”

The last time, he had happily traded his daoist robe for Song Shuhang’s emerald-green kasaya, which was the kasaya he was wearing at this moment. He was very happy with this trade.

In fact, the emerald-green kasaya was the magical clothing he liked the most.

However, when he recalled that he would soon return to his sect to see his teacher Wu Yinzi, he felt somewhat scared of going there while wearing this emerald-green kasaya.

At that time, his teacher Wu Yinzi would surely ask him, “Where is the daoist robe I gave you?”

How was he supposed to reply to his question?

If he replied with, “Teacher, as you can see, I already traded it for this cool emerald-green kasaya!”

…His teacher would definitely go crazy, and there was a chance he might directly take out his flying sword and chop him to pieces for the shame he had brought to the sect.

“The daoist robe?” Song Shuhang shook his head, and sighed. “That daoist robe got destroyed.”

Song Shuhang didn’t even have the time to enjoy that valuable daoist robe that its chest area was burst open when he was fighting against that black metallic man that had appeared in the underground area of the 250th branch of the [All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family] organization. He had no idea if the robe could be fixed.

After recalling this matter, Song Shuhang’s heart was filled with pain.

That daoist robe was very cool, and he liked it a lot. Song Shuhang was planning to wear it until the Fourth Stage and change it only afterward.

After hearing these words, the body of the Western monk stiffened.

It got destroyed… destroyed…

“This is life!” After a short moment, the Western monk heaved a deep sigh.

He had no other choice. At this point, he could only brace himself and meet his teacher while wearing this emerald-green kasaya. In the worst case, he could buy an external layer of ‘daoist robe’ and attach it to his emerald-green kasaya. He had already done something of the sort in the past.

Ye Si’s life-bound golden book dropped the Western monk off on the roof of that large building ahead, and continued toward the Chu Family.

Song Shuhang sat cross-legged, and opened the original copy of ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯, letting the monster bird Little Cai take a look.

“Teacher, is this a soul ferrying technique?” Little Cai asked in puzzlement.

Song Shuhang shook his head, and said to Little Cai, “This is only part of a soul ferrying technique. You have to memorize ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯ and engrave it in your mind. After that, you’ll take a look at the ❮Diary of the Ascetic Senior Monk❯. The soul ferrying technique is in the diary.”

After receiving this disciple, Song Shuhang decided to earnestly help her learn soul ferrying techniques. If possible, he also wanted to teach her everything he knew about saber techniques so that Little Cai could truly become the ‘Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman’.

After hearing these words, Little Cai obediently started to memorize ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯.

Afterward, Song Shuhang gave a call to his roommates, telling them that he would not be back this evening. In addition, he informed them that he had something to take care of during the weekend and that they didn’t need to worry.

After concluding the call, Song Shuhang discovered that Venerable White was resting his chin in his hand, and was seemingly thinking about something.

“Senior White, is something the matter?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

“It’s nothing. How far are we from the Chu Family?” Venerable White said. He felt that their flying speed was too low.

“Given the flying speed of Ye Si’s golden book, we will get there only in the evening.” Song Shuhang then suggested, “Senior White, can you directly use the power of s.p.a.ce to bring us to the Chu Family?”

Venerable White said, “Sure, but what is the exact position of the Chu Family? I can’t remember too clearly. Tell me where it is on the map.”

After hearing these words, the disciple of the Chu Family was instantly shocked.

The power of s.p.a.ce! Even though he was just the disciple of a small family, he was aware that only experts of the Tribulation Transcender rank could use the power of s.p.a.ce. Was it possible that this Senior White was a Tribulation Transcender?

The disciple of the Chu Family quickly took out his mobile phone, and opened the map app, saying to Venerable White, “Senior, take a look here. This is the approximate position of the Chu Family, and this is our current position.”

“Oooh, I understand now. Wait for me to open a s.p.a.ce gate, and we can set out!” Venerable White stretched out his finger, and slashed in the air, creating a s.p.a.ce crack.

Ye Si’s life-bound golden book quickly drilled into the s.p.a.ce crack.

When the golden book came out of the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, they were already in the airs.p.a.ce of the Chu Family.

“We have arrived!” the disciple of the Chu Family blurted out. Heavens, he had just traveled through s.p.a.ce and instantly crossed most of China, arriving directly at the Chu Family!

Everything felt like a dream!

Venerable White stood up while on the golden book, overlooking the land of the Chu Family.

“Hmm, the members of the Chu Family were all captured… those guys loitering outside and searching everywhere must be the attackers…” Venerable White said.

“Senior White, please save our Chu Family,” the disciple of the Chu Family begged.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me. I’ll first kill all the attackers,” Venerable White said.

After saying this much, he made a hand seal, and a big, big, big, big formation appeared in the sky.

This formation had a diameter of 5000 meters, and it covered the whole land of the Chu Family.

Song Shuhang:

Senior White was truly domineering today. If this huge formation launched an attack, it would be enough to flatten the entire land of the Chu Family!

The prestige of the formation was too great, and all the attackers below couldn’t help but raise their heads and look upward.

In the next moment, they felt their legs becoming soft as they saw that huge formation.

“F*ck, what’s that?”

“That’s an offensive formation! Someone wants to attack the land of the Chu Family! Dammit, we have to escape!”

“But we have nowhere to escape! The range is too big!”

“Who can give me a hand, my legs are all soft!”

Just as the attackers on the ground were panicking, countless swords appeared in the formation in the sky.

Each sword was made of highly condensed sword qi. Due to the quality of the sword qi being too high, it condensed into swords that seemed real, sharp, and cold.

“Descend!” Venerable White gently waved his hand while standing in the sky.

“Whizz, whizz, whizz~”

Thousands of swords rained down.

Song Shuhang said anxiously, “Senior White, an AOE attack like this will injure the disciples of the Chu Family as well.”

“Don’t worry, each and every one of those swords is under my control. As long as someone possesses the bloodline of the Chu Family, they won’t get injured,” Venerable White comforted him.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

The loud sound of explosions echoed nonstop in the land of the Chu Family.

“Right, do you want to completely wipe out those guys?”Venerable White suddenly turned his head around and looked at Song Shuhang.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Why are you asking me?

Actually, if someone barged into his house and tied up Mama Song and Papa Song, he would definitely want to chop that person to pieces.

However, what the opposite party had raided this time was the Chu Family…

“Senior White, perhaps you can subdue the attackers and make it so that they can’t oppose any resistance, letting the people of the Chu Family deal with them,” Song Shuhang replied.

As for how the Chu Family wanted to deal with these attackers, it was none of his business.

“That’s too troublesome. It’s easier to just kill everyone,” Venerable White said.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Anyway, said and done. Venerable White gently raised his finger and greatly decreased the strength of the swords.

“Aaaaaah~” The cries of the cultivators below echoed nonstop.

Those swords that were originally strong enough to instantly kill them only destroyed their original Sea of Qi Dantian, burst open their meridians, or robbed them of their motor skills upon stabbing their bodies—in short, none died.

For the time being, they had managed to keep their poor lives.

“Done.” Venerable White clapped his hands. The huge formation in the sky disappeared, and the sword qi below transformed into spiritual energy that fused with heaven and earth.

Along with that sword qi transforming into spiritual energy and dispersing, the level of the spiritual energy in the land of the Chu Family increased by two notches.

They had profited from this misfortune.

“Let’s go down.” Venerable White grabbed Song Shuhang, and caught that disciple of the Chu Family with the other hand. Then, he leapt down from an alt.i.tude of several kilometers.

“Aaaaaah~” the disciple of the Chu Family screamed in fear.

“…” Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, can’t we land like normal people?”

After jumping from an alt.i.tude of several kilometers, his acrophobia might get worse. What to do if it became incurable and he ended up becoming unable to ride a flying sword?

“Don’t worry. With me here, nothing will happen to you,” Venerable White rea.s.sured him.

In Song Shuhang’s body, Ye Si smiled, and took back her life-bound golden book. The monster bird Little Cai flapped her wings and grabbed ❮Ksitigarbha’s Soul Ferrying Scripture❯, slowly descending.

After successfully landing in the territory of the Chu Family…

That disciple of the Chu Family softly lay on the ground, unable to get up.

Song Shuhang looked at that disciple with a gaze full of compa.s.sion. This fellow daoist also seemed to have joined the ‘acrophobia club’. If this guy managed to advance to the Fourth Stage in the future, his ‘flying sword guardrail shop’ would have an additional client.

“Senior White, let’s go look for those imprisoned members of the Chu Family and see if that old family leader of the Spiritual Emperor rank is still here,” Song Shuhang said.

“There is no need to look. I can’t feel the aura of any Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor in the entire land of the Chu Family. They probably carried off the old family leader as they headed to the forbidden area,” Venerable White said with a smile. “When the time comes, all those that dared to s.n.a.t.c.h out forbidden area will die!”


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