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Chapter 391: It’s time to leave

Translator: G.o.dBrandy Editor: Kurisu

In the end, Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly brightly smiled at Song Shuhang and said, “I pampered Soft Feather since she was little, and she can be capricious sometimes. Therefore, I hope you’ll look after her and be friends with her!”

“Senior, don’t worry. I’m already Soft Feather’s good friend.” Song Shuhang felt a bit embarra.s.sed after being praised. Then, he added, “Moreover, it was Soft Feather who took care of me up until now.”

“Little friend Shuhang is really polite.” Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly faintly smiled. Then, he gently knocked on Soft Feather’s helmet. “Soft Feather, you met a real friend.”

From start to end, Soft Feather’s expression was: ?

As expected, father must have been high on something before leaving home!

After praising Song Shuhang and Soft Feather, Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly took out his mobile phone and dialed Liu Jianyi’s phone number!

That sluggard wasn’t even on the scene while Soft Feather was fighting against that sea urchin warrior of the Fourth Stage.

Where did he run off to take a nap? As expected, I shouldn’t have left the duty to guard Soft Feather to that lazybones!

Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly’s expression was cold. If Liu Jianyi couldn’t give him a proper explanation, he could forget about slacking off for the next hundred years. Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly would make him so busy that he wouldn’t even have the time to close eye.

After three rings, Liu Jianyi picked the phone up.

“h.e.l.lo, Teacher. How are you?” Liu Jianyi’s voice was transmitted from the other end. The sound of swords clas.h.i.+ng could be heard in the background… was he fighting?

“Where are you now?” Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly asked.

“I’m dealing with some guys of the Fourth Stage that have needles all over their bodies. These guys were hiding in the surroundings of the Chu Family. There are quite a lot of them, and they could have posed some threat to Junior Sister Soft Feather.” After saying this much, he also added, “Teacher, did you call because you wanted to know about Junior Sister Soft Feather’s current situation? She barged into the Chu Family together with little friend Song Shuhang. I’ve already inspected the place, and there was only a spiky fellow of the Fourth Stage as well as other five guys of the Third Stage. They cannot pose any danger to Junior Sister Soft Feather. As soon as I’m done dealing with these guys of the Fourth Stage, I’ll rush in her direction! You don’t have to worry. With me here, no one will be able to harm her!”

After hearing this much, Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly nodded and said, “Quickly dispose of them and head toward Soft Feather’s position.”

“I have to quickly dispose of them? Oh, sure. I’ll immediately get rid of them in that case,” Liu Jianyi said as he hung up his phone.

After hanging up the phone, Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly rubbed his temples. He understood this disciple of his too well—that sluggard was surely slacking off. Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly already knew that Liu Jianyi had advanced to the Fifth Stage. Therefore, how was it possible for him to take so long to deal with a bunch of sea urchins of the Fourth Stage?


At this time, close to the Chu Family, Liu Jianyi was lying on a large bed, floating in the air. This was Liu Jianyi’s second flying sword which had been modified into a large bed.

Below, four swords of qi were happily dancing in the air, battling against the four sea urchin warriors of the Fourth Stage.

“It seems I have no choice. And here I thought I could slack off a bit and have some fun with these guys. Anyway, those guys inside the Chu Family aren’t really a threat to Junior Sister Soft Feather… but I didn’t think that teacher would suddenly give me a call.” Liu Jianyi yawned.

Afterward, he snapped his fingers, and the four swords of qi dancing in the air transformed. Their true qi unexpectedly changed into spiritual energy!

“A Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor!” the four sea urchin warriors of the Fourth Stage called out in alarm.

Just from the fact that he had been lying on that flying bed and taunting them like a monkey all along, the four sea urchins could tell that he was much stronger than them.

But they hadn’t expected that he was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

“Farewell.” Liu Jianyi faintly smiled, and the four sword lights immediately killed the four sea urchin warriors.

The fresh blood of the sea urchin warriors soaked the sword light.

At the same time… Liu Jianyi, who was connected to the swords, furrowed his brows.

He also received the mark of the ‘Sea Urchin Slayer’.

“Is this some sort of mark?” Liu Jianyi’s mouth twitched at the corners. These things were rather troublesome to deal with!

His teacher should have a magical treasure to erase the mark… but given his disposition, he would have him complete several difficult tasks before lending it to him…

Dammit, can’t I even slack off a bit?

Liu Jianyi clenched his teeth and put away his bed-shaped flying sword. Then, he wielded his life-bound flying sword and suppressed his strength once more, lowering it to the Fourth Stage.

Afterward, he a.s.sumed the look of someone worn out after a great battle and rushed toward Soft Feather’s position.


After flying to Soft Feather’s position, Liu Jianyi’s face stiffened.

“Teacher, how come you personally came here…” Liu Jianyi hurriedly greeted his teacher and forced a smile.

Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly gazed at him and snapped his fingers.

A flying sword descended from the sky and arrived in front of Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly.

On the sword light was lying a man dressed up as a fortune teller; he was currently unconscious.

It was the same Immortal Fortune Teller Iron Trigram who was. .h.i.t by a nuclear explosion earlier.

Iron Trigram was fortunate enough to dodge the calamity thanks to Venerable White’s disposable flying sword, but the power of the nuclear explosion was too great and ended up affecting him anyway.

On his way here, the seriously injured Iron Trigram lost consciousness.

Luckily, he met Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly who was likewise flying in the sky.

Although Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly didn’t know Iron Trigram, he deduced that he was a fellow daoist from the Nine Provinces Number One Group since he had also changed into a meteor and was riding one of Senior White’s disposable flying swords.

Thereupon, he decided to save Iron Trigram and give him some emergency treatment.

“Here is a mission for you,” Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly said. “Deliver this fellow daoist to the camp of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and find out whose junior he is. While you’re at it, treat his wounds as well. Once you’re done delivering him, immediately return here. I have another task for you.”

If he wanted to punish this sluggard, he couldn’t tell him to ‘face the wall and contemplate his wrongdoings’, because that wouldn’t be a punishment at all! This guy wouldn’t mind facing the wall for a decade or two.

Thereupon, the best way to punish him was to continuously give him tasks to complete without letting him catch his breath.

After hearing this much, Liu Jianyi immediately became happy; he really liked these tasks where he had to deliver people. While delivering Iron Trigram to that place, he would have the time to slack off on his bed-shaped flying sword! He would even be able to bathe in the sun, such a good feeling.

But right at this time, Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly added, “You have three minutes, hurry up.”

Liu Jianyi felt like crying.


After sending off Jianyi, Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly looked at Soft Feather. “Is this matter related to the Chu Family over? If it’s over, shall we go meet the other fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group?”

“Father, it’s not over yet!” Soft Feather pointed at the ancestral temple. “There should be a secret room in there. The sea urchins just now were only guarding the entrance; they should still have other companions inside!”

Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly furrowed his brows.

“Fine. Let’s take a look then,” Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly said. He wasn’t too interested in this matter. After all, the secret room of such a small family was unlikely to contain something that could interest him.

But after seeing Soft Feather’s beaming face… he decided to head toward the secret room immediately!


In the periphery of the Chu Family.

After hearing Song Shuhang’s roar, the clansmen of the Chu Family rushed toward the core area, but that strange fog was too hard to deal with.

Inhaling a small bit of the fog was enough to make them lose consciousness.

“What about gas masks? Let’s give it a try,” someone shouted.

Soon after, some of the clansmen rushed into the strange fog while wearing gas masks, quickly heading toward the core area.


In the secret room of the Chu Family.

“Mister, Senior Sister Chu Chu is heading over here with some other people! What should we do?” the two traitorous disciples of the Chu Family said anxiously. They discovered through the security cameras that the sea urchin warriors positioned at the entrance had been eliminated.

They also saw that Soft Feather, Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly, and Song Shuhang were currently heading toward the secret room.

Next to them, the four servants that carried scrolls on their backs were quickly drawing on the scrolls that were now spread onto the ground, forming what resembled a formation.

When the two traitorous disciples called out in alarm, the four servants finished drawing the huge formation and started to link it together.

After that, they stood up and moved to a side, while the mister moved toward the center of the scroll formation.

“You don’t need to worry,” the mister said with a faint smile while holding a picture scroll of the Chu Family’s mysterious ‘sword technique’ in his hands. “I’ll be done before they come here. Don’t worry, we will have left this place by that time.”

After hearing this much, the two disciples heaved a sigh of relief.

But just as the two of them heaved a sigh of relief… two long swords pierced their bodies, making them feel chilled to the bone. At the same time, they felt that their blood was continuously sucked out of their bodies.

The ones that attacked them were two of the four servants.

“Mis… ter?” The two disciples of the Chu Family opened their eyes wide.

“You don’t need to be afraid, I just need a little bit of your fresh blood. Moreover, my servants are very skilled, you won’t feel any pain before dying!” The mister gently smiled.

The two traitorous disciples of the Chu Family opened their eyes wide and finally fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, the other two servants received the two long swords from their companions.

These two swords were empty inside, and the hilt was shaped like that of a syringe. The blood of the traitorous disciples of the Chu Family was stored inside the swords.

“Our guests are almost here. It’s time for us to leave as well.”


Song Shuhang, Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly, and Soft Feather entered the secret room.

After a glance, they saw the corpses of Chu Family clansmen and the mister standing in the middle of the formation with his four servants.

“h.e.l.lo, ladies and gentlemen.” The mister heartily laughed and waved at the three newly arrived guests, saying, “Well then, farewell.”

“Farewell?” Venerable Spirit b.u.t.terfly said, “You are leaving already?”

“It seems like we can’t leave… huh?” The mister grinned, revealing a strange smile. “In that case, should I change my statement? How about ‘let’s part forever’?”

“Rip, rip, rip, rip!”

The four servants stretched their hands out and ruthlessly pierced their own chests, committing suicide…

Next, the mister used his hand as a blade and gently cut his neck as well, fresh blood gushed out!


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