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Chapter 226 Level Up!

Yi Tianyun took a look at the invitation from the Netherworld Empire, he frowned as he noticed that the invitation wasn’t officially for Heaven’s Top Mansion.

The invitation was only showing the location of the meeting and the Netherworld Empire’s stamp on it.

However, Yi Tianyun couldn’t do anything about this now. He still didn’t have the necessary skill to make a move against an empire just yet!

“I think they invite us to this meeting of theirs to see what we are capable of. They already realized that a fair amount of Shadow Guard has been killed here, I am sure of it!” Yi Tianyun said to the Great Elder.

Yi Tianyun originally would be attending this meeting as one of Stars Pavilion’s Guest Elder, now he would be going as representative of Heaven’s Top Mansion. he knew that things wouldn’t be quite as peaceful as he originally thought.

“There is not much time now, we should prepare for the departure immediately.” Yi Tianyun said to the Great Elder as he showed that the invitation indicated the meeting was due in 2 weeks.

The Great Elder nodded his head to Yi Tianyun and walked away to prepare their arrival at the Gathering Dragon City, the place of the meeting.

As Yi Tianyun walked inside to relax, Great Elder came once again to inform that they could go as Yi Tianyun was ready to leave.

“You should go first and wait for me there. I still need to do something in the meantime.” Yi Tianyun said politely.

“As you wish, Mansion Lord. I will wait in the Heavenly Clouds Inn in Gathering Dragon City. You will easily find it as it is famous in the city.” The Great Elder said politely.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and went back to his room as the Great Elder immediately departed towards the Gathering Dragon City.

After a while, Yi Tianyun quickly went back to the Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond inside the Stars Pavilion using the secret pa.s.sage that he found back then.

As soon as he arrived inside the coffin room, he immediately activated all of the Divine Art used to enhance his Exp Gain.

“Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art, activate! Absorbing Stars Great Technique, activate! Dark North Divine Art, activate!” Yi Tianyun shouted.

He immediately took a meditating position, and immediately the Spirit Power inside the room whirled towards Yi Tianyun like a whirlpool.

After quite some time, the amount of spirit power inside the room began to falter, the Jade Spirit Stones scattered inside the room gradually became transparent.

Yi Tianyun’s action was noticed almost immediately, Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond owned by the Stars Pavilion had a visitor who expressed his disappointment.

“Hey, there is too little Spirit Power inside the pond! Are you trying to rob me? Return my Soul Tool! This is unacceptable!” The visitor snarled.

“Impossible! Last time, the pond had quite a high concentration of Spirit Power! How can it be gone overnight?” Elder Yun said, clearly surprised to hear the visitor’s complaint.

Elder Yun quickly went inside the pond to check the truth about the visitor’s testimony, and he found that the visitor wasn’t lying at all!

The Spiritual Power inside the pond was indeed fleeting!

“You believe me now?” The visitor said to Elder Yun in sarcasm.

“This is very embarra.s.sing. I am very sorry for what happened here. We will return your Soul Tool immediately.” Elder Yun said, politely dismissing the visitor.

“Such a waste of time!” the visitor grumbled as he left the Star Pavilion.

“Investigate this matter immediately! This isn’t normal at all!” Elder Yun said to the guards around him.

Elder Yun panicked a little bit, how could he explain this phenomenon to the Pavilion Lord Li when he came back!

A group of guards began to investigate the Heavenly Spiritual Jade Pond to see if there was any leakage or some sort.

In the inner layer of the pond, Yi Tianyun still meditated, completely oblivious to the chaos he caused in the Star Pavilion.


‘Congratulation, host successfully leveled up to Ninth Level Spirit Core Stage!’

Even after the notification disappeared, Yi Tianyun still absorbed the Spiritual Power inside the pond like a mad man! He was not satisfied just getting a level in here. He still couldn’t fight an empire with this level!


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