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Chapter 479: 479

“Rule Breaker?” Xue Wei frowned as he looked at Lan . He felt as if something important was about to be unveiled for him, and he could not help but feel excited .

“Yes,” Lan nodded his head and looked at Xue Wei with complex eyes .

“A world does not appear out of nowhere,” he began . “A world is created by a deity who has reached a certain level of strength . When the world is created, the deity sets down various rules and regulations that the world will follow .

“These rules can control anything, from how you cultivate, to which lifeforms have intelligence . It controls how many suns and moons are in the solar system, the color of the clouds, and even where the dead will go after death .

“Each world has an owner, but these owners sometimes die, or they find other worlds that they wish to own, as you can only connect with one world at a time, and as such, many worlds get abandoned throughout the pa.s.sing of time .

“This world was one of those . I do not know how or why it was abandoned, but when I arrived, there was no owner .

“I never planned on staying for long, but I did not wish to leave again after meeting Li Zhiqing . However, it never reached my thoughts to actually take over the world and change it’s laws .

“It was not before she had died, and I realized that the dead in this world do not go to the Ten Courts of h.e.l.l . Instead, they end up in the Ghost Realm .

“These two places are fundamentally different . Those who end in Ten Courts of h.e.l.l are still connected to each other, and their newborns are actually reincarnated .

“Those who end in the Ghost Realm are never able to reincarnate . The Ghost Realm is much like any other realm . When you die, you become a soul, and you enter the ghost realm, where you will wander till the end of time .

“Ghosts are cannibalistic and consume soul power to grow their strength . Only by consuming other ghosts is it possible to become stronger . But no matter how strong you become, you cannot leave after you have entered the Ghost Realm .

“When Li Zhiqing died, I thought she would end up in the Ten Courts of h.e.l.l, but she did not . She ended up in the Ghost Realm, and I have no power to enter it .

“No matter how strong you are, the Ghost Realm does not open its doors to others other than the dead, with one exception . The Rulebreaker can open the gates, but the cost is unimaginable . ”

“You see, these are the rules that have been made by the owner of the realm, and they are not made to be broken, but sometimes, something will happen that might cause them not to work, such as your birth .

“Your mother was the Holy Daughter of the Sovereign Beasts . She was a young woman who never did things as others told her to do them; she only followed her own ideas .

“One day, she had run away from home to see the outside world, and she encountered your father .

“It was love at first sight, but at that time, the rules of the world had been changed . I had changed them in order to ensure that another Li Zhiqing did not appear, and no one would approve of your mother being with a human .

“Your uncle helped her elope, but he made your father make one promise . No matter what, he was not allowed to make your mother pregnant .

“Your Uncle was not dumb . He knew that if your mother became pregnant, she would never let go of her child, and she would even risk her own life to sustain yours .

“This was precisely what happened . She fed you with her own life force . The mixed child should never have been able to exist, but she gave you all her lifeforce and ensured that you grew stronger and stronger by the day, but she gave up her own life in the process .

“Your father was not a dumb person, he was aware that your mother was a Sovereign Beast, but he still made her pregnant, knowing full well that it would kill her .

“As for what motives he had, you will have to figure those out yourself . But because of your mother, you became the Rulebreaker . And I have been searching for someone like you for many thousands of years .

“I could easily change the rules again, but then a Rule Breaker would never have been born . Now that you exist, I finally found hope again .

“I am aware that the hope is small, but it still exists . If another ghost has absorbed Li Zhiqing in the Ghost Realm, I am not sure what to do, but I cannot give up until I have been there and searched for her .

“At first, I thought it would be enough if I could use you to achieve my goals, but now I feel that you are a person who deserves respect . I will not force you to help me, even though I could force you to help me, but I can promise to take you with me, and we can also look for your mother, if that is what you wish

“But be aware . When someone enters the Ghost Realm, they do not retain any of their memories . Even if we do find my Li Zhiqing and your mother, they will not be able to remember us . ”

Xue Wei was shocked when hearing all the words that Lan had said . To think that a Rulebreaker was able to enter the Ghost Realm .

“The Rulebreaker is much more than just this,” Lan continued but sighed deeply . “But you will have to figure out the final things by yourself . Being a Rulebreaker is the same as changing the whole world, and it brings with it the air of change . “


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