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The Fear that Starts to Move (4)

Where the heavy tremors shook the ground there rose an enormous hand that tore the earth. From below the forest covered in ash fleshy arms appeared as if they were new trees.

“Oh my? The kitten narrowly escapes death.” (Crow) (TL: There have been some comments about it, but you know, for being supposed bringers of balance and change the Avatars are surprisingly antagonistic/villain-esque)

As her interest in the sleeping Harumi vanished, the silver-haired beauty swept out a dagger from her shadow.

“So soft, I wonder if this will be enough?” (Crow) (「柔らかそうですし、コレで十分かしら?」)

One of the arms reached out to grab Irori…when suddenly it stopped and fell to the ground. The beauty had cut the arm where it had thrust out from the ground, and the cut off arm sprayed fresh purple blood. However, in the fraction of a second the meat where the arm was sliced wriggled and regenerated to how it was originally. Moreover, the woman’s dagger melted with a *busubusu* (sfx for smoldering).

“Oh my? Even though this is a weapon of legendary cla.s.s?!” (Crow)

“I can’t just watch the fight.” (Irori)

In order to partic.i.p.ate in the battle, Irori had gently removed herself from her kneeling position near the sleeping Harumi. Opening her iron fan weapon, Irori began to start using magic, but a threat is issued from the beauty that she thought was focusing intensely on the battle.

“Miss, if you interfere, I’ll erase you?” (Crow)

“—tsu!?” (Irori)

The instant Irori tried to act, the large arm began to move. As if it didn’t care to have been cut by the woman, the arms wriggled and distorted. In the palm of the monster’s hands there emerged human-like faces that expressed its grudge and began to moan.

*oooooaaaarrrr* (おx12 sfx for ominous presence or atmosphere of anger)


“Oh my? Multifaceted Hekatonkheires finally became serious?” (Crow)

Irori overreacts to the beauty’s murmur.

“Multifaceted Hekatonkheires!” (Irori)

The monstrosity known as the Maou (TL: or devil king, but Maou is so much more succinct) of the North that was thought to be a legend, has now been resurrected. Irori couldn’t believe it, but understood it was the real thing.

The beauty didn’t know its level, but felt that the S ranked Irori couldn’t win. In addition, even her attacks might not be enough against the large arms. Irori somehow felt relieved. If the battle between the beauty and Maou cause it to become exhausted, then Irori might be able to defeat the Hekatonkheires. Though there wasn’t anything she could do under the current circ.u.mstances, Irori watched the fight anyway.

And above anything else…was the presence of Harumi. Even more than what she felt from the beauty fighting the Hekatonkheires, the feeling from the sleeping Harumi was more terrifying.



The battle between the beauty and Multifaceted Hekatonkheires began.

The monster’s large arms and faces all turned simultaneously towards the beauty. Lots of the arms attack the woman and try to crush her, as its mouth fired monster breath. But the beauty continued to attack, dancing past the giant. Flying through the air, her form was that of a dancer. Her weapons pulled from the shadows slashed at the big arms as she avoided its attacks. The weapons she used to slash at the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires dissolved and became unusable. As for the beauty, she seemed to completely not care as she took weapons from the shadows one after another. While striking, she effectively dodged the seeking arms from the Hekatonkheires.

“Well then, here goes!” (Crow)

The weapon she next removed from the shadows was one that could shatter the land. With the giant arms of Hekatonkheires growing out of the ground like trees, it can be thought that the rest is certainly underground. Thinking the body was underground, the beauty thought it better to go on the offensive. She fended off the attacks with the hammer as she fully swung it towards the ground. When the hammer crashed to the ground, it raised a deafening roar, and the land cracked and collapsed.

The ma.s.s of big arms were wounded from the attack and began to squirm in turn.

“I see a weakness.” (Crow)

The beauty repeatedly swung the hammer on the ground without missing. After striking several times, the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires fought back more earnestly. Once the vibration transmitted deep underground, the full body suddenly made its appearance, incomparable to when the large arms first appeared.

“Oh my? This is a little unsettling.” (Crow)

It was the face of the hero who had sealed the Multifaceted Hekatonkhieres in the past. j.a.panese traits can be seen in the nose and black eyes. (日本人の高くない鼻に黒目が良く分かる。) But its size is larger than a mountain, and its arms grew hair in large quant.i.ties. When the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires revived from the past hero’s seal through human sacrifice, it had taken on a variation of his form.



“What a ma.s.sive grudge.” (Crow)

The continuing struggle between the beautiful Avatar of Crow and the Maou Hekatonkheires of the North—

—didn’t start. In addition to the impacts from the hammer striking the ground, the Multifaceted Hekatonkheires full form had appeared, causing the tremors to reach Irori and…the sleeping spot of Harumi.

『Sleep disturbance factor verified. Skill [Nightmare Eater] triggered for removal 』




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