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Chapter 926: The Seal Undone

A vast pressure suddenly appeared. Someone had begun to charge up their Tian Level Saint Technique, while his three opponents were kept busy by his companions. This created precious time for his saint technique.

The saint technique completed its initial charge up very quickly and rapidly locked onto the three people. Afterward, it directly turned the three people into dust as it was released with a devastating pressure, causing blood to rain.

Deaths rapidly increased in the intense slaughter. Tian Level Saint Techniques were cast again and again, quickly leading to the deaths of over thirty experts, together with the dispersion of their souls. There were even more people injured.

“The ruler of the Turtle clan and Thysnich are too powerful. They’re the hardest to deal with. Let’s all work together to attack them. We need to eliminate them,” Immediately, many people directed their focus to Jian Chen and Thysnich.

“You’re right. We need to eliminate them first or the Octoterra Emperor’s legacy will end up with one of them.”

“For the legacy, we will eliminate the ruler of the Turtle clan and eliminate Thysnich.”

More and more people began to chant. No one was stupid; they knew that if they wanted to obtain the legacy successfully, they needed to eliminate these two strongest opponents.

Immediately, over forty experts charged toward Jian Chen and Thysnich as killing intent flowed from them. Four others stayed away from the fight and charged up their saint techniques, also targeting Jian Chen and Thysnich.

“You’re all looking to die! Mo Ji, you four go deal with those people casting Tian Level Saint Techniques. Keep them busy!” Nubis called out as killing intent swelled in his eyes. He spat out a mouthful of venomous gas, enveloping around a radius of a hundred meters around Jian Chen. The gas was extremely corrosive, affecting everyone in the region. They all needed to devote a portion of their strength to resist the gas, so it affected the total amount of power they could use.

On the other hand, Jian Chen possessed the Ten Thousand Immunity, which was especially effective against the venom of Silver Striped Golden Snakes. As a result, he was fine and completely unaffected despite being in the center of the region.

Mo Ji and the three others did not interfere. They were in a rather poor condition from battles earlier, so they currently gathered in a place afar as they watched everything unfold. They did not listen to Nubis and go deal with the four people casting saint techniques.

Jian Chen’s eyes became icy as the dark light from the King Armament illuminated the surroundings. With a devastating power, he finished off the three people right before him then he turned into a blur and charged into the group. He used the Illusory Flash to quickly make way toward the location where the saint techniques were charging up.

At the same time, Thysnich also rushed out from his encirclement, quickly shooting toward two of the four people.

Tian Level Saint Techniques were a great threat, whether it was Jian Chen or Thysnich. They needed to prevent it as soon as possible.

Two people targeted Jian Chen, while the other two targeted Thysnich. This was why the division of labor between Jian Chen and Thysnich was extremely clear-cut. They only needed to eliminate the people threatening them.

The expressions of the four people changed slightly when they saw Jian Chen and Thysnich rus.h.i.+ng at them. Saint King’s power immediately surged from their bodies and condensed into a suit of armor as they shot back. They wanted to increase their distance from Jian Chen and Thysnich.

“You sure are sick of living if you dare to cast saint techniques at me.” Thysnich had already approached his two targets as the two blades in his hands transformed into streaks of magnificent light that chopped toward the two people.

At the same time, Jian Chen had also approached his targets. His King Armament turned into streaks of black light as he stabbed at the foreheads of the two people.

Thysnich’s blades landed on both people. One of them was knocked backward and his saint technique was forcefully disrupted, while the other person was chopped in half. However, he did not bleed and his severed body quickly turned into stone.

“It’s actually the Stone Puppet technique of the Rock Python clan,” growled Thysnich. He looked forward and saw that the person he had supposedly cut in half appear in perfect shape over a thousand meters away. The person did not stop the casting of his Tian Level Saint Technique either, reaching the end of the process. A vast pressure immediately descended from the sky, locking tightly onto Thysnich.

On the other side, Jian Chen’s King Armament stabbed toward the foreheads of the other two people. His attacks were akin to those from a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King so they directly shattered the condensed armors. Without even giving them the time to react, he stabbed out two more times with lightning speed, piercing their foreheads and wiping out their souls.

Jian Chen took their s.p.a.ce Rings from their fingers and put them away without even looking at the contents. He then looked toward the hexagram for the Emperor Armament and found that forty of the forty-nine inscriptions were now gone. All he needed to do was to kill another nine people and the seal would be released.

Jian Chen did not hurry off to do just that and instead turned to Thysnich. Now that the saint technique had been completely charged up, he wanted to see just how Thysnich was going to endure it. Jian Chen had witnessed exactly how powerful a Tian Level Saint Technique was from a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler long ago. It was powerful enough to even heavily injure a Second Heavenly Layer Saint King or even kill them off.

“Even if Thysnich survives this time, he’ll be heavily injured. He won’t be able to pose any threat to us anymore. We’ll work together and finish him off after he gets injured. With one less powerful opponent, there’ll be a great decrease in the pressure when we fight over the legacy later on.” This was what many people thought. Their gazes toward Thysnich indicated that they took pleasure in his demise.

Thysnich’s eyes were cold as he stared emotionlessly at the Tian Level Saint Technique. Right now, he was no longer able to cast his own Tian Level Saint Technique in resistance. He sneered, “Did you really think that a Tian Level Saint Technique can kill me? You underestimate me too much. I’ll show you how I break your saint technique.” Surging Saint King’s power flowed from his body; it was so great that its appearance immediately filled the entire hall with a terrifying pressure. It was suffocating by its energy alone.

“This is a power deposited into Thysnich’s body by a hall elder. Thysnich actually still hides such a powerful energy…”

“How is that possible? Thysnich actually hides such a powerful energy…”

“So Thysnich was always hiding his strength. This is probably his greatest trump card…”

Discussions broke out among the people. They all stared at Thysnich sternly. He had plenty of cards to play with thanks to the power from a hall elder. If they did not exhaust this power of his, no one could threaten him.

“This is at least from a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King. I just wonder how much of it he has.” Jian Chen became uneasy as he stared at Thysnich.

A great and pure power permeated Thysnich’s surroundings. Using his mind, he quickly condensed a meter-wide ball of energy before him. He then shot it toward the person with the Tian Level Saint Technique.

At the same time, the person cast his saint technique. A huge halberd appeared, shooting toward Thysnich with lightning speed and a destructive aura.


The Saint King’s power collided with the Tian Level Saint Technique, immediately producing an intense boom. The violent energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, knocking both of them backward.

A suit of armor had already materialized on Thysnich. He was already completely out of ordinary Saint King’s power, so the armor had been condensed from the Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King’s power. He used the armor to resist the violent ripples of energy. At the same time, he pointed out with a finger and a streak of Saint King’s power shot out and headed directly for the person who had attacked him.

The other person had been knocked backward by the energy ripples and was still unable to stabilize himself. His armor was condensed from an ordinary Saint King’s power and had already dulled. It was now almost completely consumed. He did not have the ability to resist the stronger power from Thysnich at all.

Shwt! His forehead was impaled and the power entered his mind, before erupting. It blasted his head into pieces and directly dispersed his soul.

One more of the remaining nine inscriptions disappeared from the hexagram. There was only eight remaining now.

A vicious sliver of light flashed across Thysnich’s eyes. He paid no heed to the corpse’s s.p.a.ce Ring and slowly turned to the group afar. His face was filled with great levels of killing intent as he called out, “Since you want to kill me, I will definitely not let you go.” Thysnich turned into a flash, charging toward the group with lightning speed. He actually planned to take on so many people all by himself.

However, he had the protection from the power of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King. Attacks from ordinary experts could do nothing to him.

In the blink of an eye, another eight people died in Thysnich’s hands. All eight inscriptions in the hexagram disappeared as well.


Suddenly, an extremely tremendous sword Qi appeared. It bodly filled up the entire region, even causing the entire palace to shake.

This sudden change disrupted Thysnich’s slaughter. In that moment, everyone looked toward the origin of the sound; they all saw the Emperor Armament slowly rising from the well, levitating in mid-air as it radiated with a condescending aura as if it was the supreme ruler.

“The seal on the Emperor Armament has been released…”

“Go take the weapon quickly…”

Everyone called out in excitement. Ignoring any battles, they all moved as fast as they could toward the Emperor Armament. Their eyes were feverish from the temptation. They knew too little about Emperor Armaments and believed that they could be obtained in the same way as Ruler Armaments. They thought that it would belong to whoever’s hands it fell into.


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