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Chapter 83: Desert Mercenary Group

Upon hearing Gan Hou’s words, Jian Chen’s originally nonchalant face turned into one full of killing intent. Although Jian Chen was currently rather weak, that did not mean he was easily intimidated.

Gingerly putting down his chopsticks, Jian Chen’s lips moved slowly as he spoke, “With your paltry numbers, you don’t have the right to make me move from this table.”

Gan Hou looked stunned at this answer for a moment before sneering at Jian Chen coldly. There was a hint of undisguised killing intent within his eyes; it appeared that Jian Chen didn’t know what mercy was when it was given to him, Gan Hou wouldn’t mind teaching him a lesson. To Gan Hou, Jian Chen’s weak appearance along with his young age made him look like someone who wasn’t an expert.

“Kid, you really don’t know kindness when it’s handed to you, so why don’t you let brother Gan Hou teach you a lesson! Be sure to remember it!” He immediately swung out with his palm towards Jian Chen’s face. His palm was traveling so fast, that before it had even reached its destination, a fierce palm wind blew across Jian Chen’s hair. This signified that Gan Hou’s hand was not lacking in strength at all.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously as his right hand grabbed onto the chopsticks and stabbed into Gan Hou’s outstretched palm.

Jian Chen’s right hand moved so fast that no one could see his movements. Before Gan Hou could even react, Jian Chen’s right hand had already made contact with Gan Hou’s palm. All people could see was Jian Chen’s chopstick stabbing deeply through Gan Hou’s palm, piercing through it as easily as if it were a hot metal knife cutting through b.u.t.ter.

“Ah!” The intense pain from his palm caused Gan Hou to cry miserably as he held his injured hand. His screams echoed throughout the restaurant, causing everyone to hear him clearly.

Immediately afterwards, the restaurant was filled with gasps of shock. What happened was very different from what they were expecting, causing everyone to look at Jian Chen in surprise. However, those who were slightly more discerning saw Jian Chen use a single chopstick to stab through Gan Hou’s hand, their faces became heavy and hardened. The following looks towards Jian Chen also slightly changed; quite a number of them carried deep shock.

To use a flimsy wooden chopstick to stab someone’s hand, just how strong did someone have to be to do that? At the very least, no one in the restaurant would be able to perform such a feat.

Immediately after stabbing Gan Hou, Jian Chen’s right leg lashed out and connected with Gan Hou’s chest. The kick had sent Gan Hou’s weak body flying back three meters before he crashed into a table and pitifully fell to the ground.

The mercenaries who had been sitting at that table quickly left the area to avoid getting involved. Although Jian Chen did not seem old, the strength he demonstrated, as well as the vicious way he had dealt with things, intimidated many people in the restaurant. After this display, the few mercenaries who were eating at that table naturally didn’t dare to offend Jian Chen over such a small matter.

Seeing Gan Hou’s end, the four other mercenaries that came with Gan Hou immediately looked on with disbelief. Although their expressions recovered afterwards, they looked at Jian Chen with eyes full of cold murderous intent.

“To think you’re picking a fight with the Desert Mercenaries, you must be tired of living.” One of the youths shouted angrily. A giant sword appeared in his hand, and he immediately shot towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen gave a hidden smile then snorted quietly. In an instant, the silver white sword with the words “Light Wind” engraved on it appeared in his own hands.

The Light Wind Sword was Jian Chen’s sword in his previous life. During his time as a wanderer, his sword had gained a fearsome reputation that every martial artist knew of. And within this new world, he was still using an identical Light Wind Sword; Jia Chen’s feelings towards his sword were very deep.

The moment the Light Wind Sword appeared in Jian Chen’s hands, it immediately transformed into a streak of silver lightning under Jian Chen’s control, and flew at the other man at an inconceivable speed. Before the youth’s sword could even get halfway towards Jian Chen’s sword, it had already stabbed towards the youth’s throat with a demon-like speed. The point of the sword halted right at the moment of contact on the outermost layer of thin skin at the throat, causing some blood to slowly drip down his throat for everyone to see clearly.

Feeling a tinge of pain from his throat, the youth’s expression became deathly pale in an instant, completely drained of blood. Sweat began to gather, covering his whole forehead in the blink of eye. He made a great effort to keep the greatsword in his hand frozen in midair. His body was locked into a firm posture, as he didn’t dare to move even a single inch. The youth’s appearance looked as if a mysterious force was keeping him locked in place.

Seeing how n.o.body knew when the silver sword had appeared at the youth’s throat, the clamor around them had descended into a strange silence. Everyone’s eyes went wide as they looked at Jian Chen wield his Light Wind Sword; no one could believe what had just happened.

In regards to how the sword arrived at the youth’s throat, only two or three people in the restaurant had caught a glimpse of the sword traveling through the air. Most of the people there weren’t even able to see the flash of silver, and only saw the point of the blade appear before the youth’s throat.

It was as if time had stood still as everyone held their breaths. After a while, the sounds of everyone inhaling cold breaths could be heard breaking the silence of the restaurant. At that moment, everyone was looking at Jian Chen with expressions of surprise.

As for the youth who was being held at swordpoint, he didn’t dare move. His fear was that if he were to move, the sword would pierce into his throat.

“My fellow brother, please stay your hand. We are part of the Desert Mercenaries, and this was our fault. I hope that you’ll let our companion go.” A middle aged man spoke with some moderation and showed a face full of sincerity.

Hearing this, Jian Chen’s gaze s.h.i.+fted towards the middle age man who spoke. After a brief moment of hesitation, he slowly lowered the Light Wind Sword in his hand and said to the youth, “Scram!”

Hearing Jian Chen, the youth that was held at swordpoint glared at him with an indignant expression for a brief second. But owing to the fact that he just escaped a disaster, he didn’t dare to say a single word.

The Light Wind Sword disappeared from Jian Chen’s hands as his gaze coldly swept across them. He then pulled out a single gold coin and placed it at the table. “Waiter, this is for the meal!” He stated flatly before exiting from the restaurant.

After such an event, Jian Chen didn’t wish to stay there any longer. Since he had already eaten and drank, he was content.

Afterwards, the youth that was released by Jian Chen, he glared at Jian Chen with murderous intent. Glancing at his three other companions with a knowing look, they all nodded at the same time. Following this, the four of them acted in unison, as if they had long since prepared for this to happen. They all summoned their Saint Weapons and immediately charged at Jian Chen from different positions, aiming towards several vital parts on Jian Chen’s body at the same time.

Hearing the sounds of activity happening behind him, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as he started to leak an intense killing intent from within his eyes. Swaying slightly, his body had already flashed forwards two meters with an extreme speed just as the weapons slashed at where his back was just moments ago, causing them to just narrowly miss him. Using sheer skill, he had managed to escape the encirclement. At that moment, Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword materialized in his right hand once more as Jian Chen immediately turned around to face the four men. With just a single step he closed the gap between himself, and the four people. His right arm abruptly shook, and his Light Wind Sword stabbed at the closest middle aged man with an insane speed.

Just like a silver streak of lightning, the Light Wind Sword had already closed in on the middle aged man, stabbing towards his throat.

The middle aged man wasn’t weak at all and was much stronger than the first youth. The moment he saw Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword stabbing towards him, the middle aged man’s face immediately hardened, before bringing back his sword that he already slashed outwards to replace it protectively across his neck.


Just as the middle aged man finished this movement, the Light Wind Sword’s tip pierced the flat side of his sword, causing a metallic sound to ring out. A small, shallow mark appeared on the flat side of his blade.

Seeing how his sword was blocked, Jian Chen sneered, and his eyes flashed once more. The next moment, the Light Wind Sword had a hazy glow burst out from the blade. It did not look very strong, but it was actually concealing its sharpness. No one from the restaurant could detect that hidden power however, and when Jian Chen stamped forward, he simultaneously twisted his body in midair to form a horizontal rotating line. His Light Wind Sword began to rotate at high speeds as well, before flying forward with Sword Qi adding to its power.


An unpleasant sound echoed throughout the restaurant as the Light Wind Sword began to rotate at a lightning quick speed. That violently strong penetrating power bore a two finger wide hole through the man’s sword like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter, leaving behind a deep cavity through the sword. Entering through the cavity and under the disbelieving gaze of the middle aged man, Jian Chen’s sword pierced deeply into his throat.

Jian Chen landed gracefully on his toes as he pulled out his sword from the throat of the middle aged man. Without stopping, he moved towards the other three before they could react, and with another silver flash of his sword, he stabbed at the youth who had originally attacked him.


Against the extremely fast movements of Jian Chen’s sword, the first youth was far too weak to do anything to resist. Before he could even react, the Light Wind Sword had already pierced through his neck, spilling blood everywhere.

Before anyone could even take a breath, Jian Chen had already killed two people with extreme haste. This type of speed was absolutely unimaginable to everyone watching.

Even after killing two people, Jian Chen showed no change in emotions. Instead, he stared at the remaining two people and his sword abruptly shook again. But as he was about to set forward to kill the two, unimaginably, they immediately recalled their Saint Weapons. They began to kowtow onto the ground while crying out loudly, “Spare our lives oh, great, swordsman. Spare our lives! We beg of you to spare us, we will never bare our weapons towards you ever again!”


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