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Chapter 249: Radiant Saint Master Cla.s.s

Some time after, Jian Chen had finally woke up. Realizing that he was sleeping in a soft bed, he surveyed the area around him only to discover that he was in a grandly decorated room. A young teenage woman sat sleepily on a stool.

Taking a moment to inspect his wounds, Jian Chen realized that his inner body was in serious condition. There was a walnut sized hole from when the Bladed Crocodile stabbed through his chest with its bladed spine, and the bones in his chest had almost been reduced to powder thanks to the Green Scaled Ape. Even his inner organs were severely affected as some of them were starting to tear.

Jian Chen slowly took a deep breath. With such serious wounds, it would take several dozen days to heal himself even with the highest quality medicine. Right now, he didn’t wish to divulge the fact that he could control the Radiant Saint Force. That meant that there was nothing he could do.

“Ah! You’ve…awakened!” The sleepy looking girl suddenly realized Jian Chen had woken and cried out in happiness. Immediately before Jian Chen could say anything, she continued to say, “My lord, please wait while I inform the master!” With that, the weariness on her face instantly disappeared as she ran out the door.

Quickly, the sound of footsteps could be heard as Yun Li and commander Duo Li immediately came pacing in.

“Haha, brother Jian Chen, you’ve woken up quite fast! This was far beyond my expectation; both of the senior envoys told me that you would wake up in two or three days but it hasn’t even been half a day since that!” Yun Li laughed.

Seeing Yun Li enter, Jian Chen realized that he had to be in the lord’s mansion.

“Brother Jian Chen, this time we were able to defend Wake City from the magical beast wave all thanks to you.” Yun Li spoke emotionally.

Seeing Yun Li and commander Duo Li’s relaxed faces, Jian Chen couldn’t but ask, “Lord Yun Li, what is the situation looking like in Wake City?”

“Haha, brother Jian Chen, after the three Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts were ultimately killed, the other magical beasts all lost their will to fight and ran straight back to the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Wake City is safe now.” Yun Li boomed with laughter as a cheerful smile appeared on his face.

Hearing that, Jian Chen immediately let out a sigh in relief, this type of result was the best type.

“Even though three Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts had appeared, the amount of casualties this time around is at the lowest it has ever been since the foundation of Wake City.” Yun Li reported.

“Brother Jian Chen, right now you should just rest up in bed. We’ve already hired a few Saint Masters from the other cities to help heal you and the two senior envoys, so there is no need to rush.”

Jian Chen nodded his head without saying a word. With a Radiant Saint Master here to heal his wounds, his injuries would definitely be healed faster than he thought.

Yun Li didn’t say anything more than that and immediately left the room. Right now since Wake City had just gone through a big battle, there were still things that must be done.

On the second day, Yun Li had brought a white robed man into the room where Jian Chen was.

“Brother Jian Chen, the Radiant Saint Master has arrived, please let him heal your wounds. This way, your wounds will heal at the fastest rate possible.” Yun Li spoke.

The recuperating Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes to inspect the Radiant Saint Master. The person looked to be thirty years old and wore a white robe that covered his rather frail frame. Behind him were two st.u.r.dy looking men that appeared to have the strength of Great Saint Masters. The way they stood behind the Radiant Saint Master made it seem as if they were his bodyguards.

“Honored Radiant Saint Master, this man here is brother Jian Chen.” Yun Li spoke courteously toward the Radiant Saint Master. A Radiant Saint Master had the ability to wield a unique energy that in turn made their position within the Tian Yuan Continent rather majestic. Even a lower leveled Radiant Saint Master had the same ranking as an Earth Saint Master.

The white robed Radiant Saint Master looked at Jian Chen with a small smile, “So you’re sire Jian Chen.”

“That is me, honored Radiant Saint Master.” Following Yun Li’s example, Jian Chen spoke to the Radiant Saint Master with a respectful tone.

“I’ve heard rumors that sire Jian Chen killed three Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts. With sire Jian Chen’s age being this young while having such strength, this is truly quite a shocking achievement.” The Radiant Saint Master smiled.

“Honored Radiant Saint Master, I can only a.s.sume you’ve heard half of the rumors. Could it be that you didn’t hear about the two envoys of the Earth Saint Master level?” Jian Chen spoke softly.

The Radiant Saint Master could only smile without a single word. Both of the healer’s hands slowly closed in between his eyes before a brilliant glow appeared from within his hands finally revealing a milky white colored ball.

With the milky color growing to such a rich glow, the Radiant Saint Master slowly pressed it into Jian Chen’s chest. Immediately the ball of Radiant Saint Force disappeared into his chest and quickly began to heal his wounds.

Slowly furrowing his eyebrows, Jian Chen could sense that the Radiant Saint Master’s control over the Radiant Saint Force was not as fine as his. When Jian Chen controlled it, he did so at a faster speed and his ball of Saint Force was even richer in concentration. His would definitely not look as simple and weak looking as this Radiant Saint Master’s did, and he would probably require only six hours to heal by himself. By having the Radiant Saint Master heal him, it would take at least fourteen hours.

“Could this Radiant Saint Master be deliberately trying to slow the process? Or is his ability quite limited?” Jian Chen muttered to himself in secret. At this moment, he couldn’t help but wonder, could his ability to control the Radiant Saint Force be higher than that of this Radiant Saint Master.

An hour later, the light on Jian Chen’s chest began to slowly dissipate. Exhausted, the Radiant Saint Master withdrew his hands, and spoke, “Sire Jian Chen, your internal injuries are quite serious. At the moment I can’t completely treat you in a single treatment. I will require more time.” With that, the Radiant Saint Master sat down in a cross-legged position some distance away and began to recover his used up spirit. The other two men then silently stood by him in order to protect him.

“It would seem this Radiant Saint Master’s ability is not on the same level as mine. After just an hour, he wasn’t able to persevere anymore.” Jian Chen muttered.

In a flash, two days had pa.s.sed with Jian Chen being slowly healed by the milky white glow of the Radiant Saint Force. The Radiant Saint Master held his hands over Jian Chen’s chest with exhaustion.

“Alright, sire Jian Chen, your internal injuries are all healed up now.” The Radiant Saint Master smiled.

Immediately rising from the bed, Jian Chen began to stretch his limbs, “Honored Radiant Saint Master, your ability is really too profound. What would have taken me many days to recover from has only taken two days. This was all because of your treatment.”

Hearing that, the Radiant Saint Master had a proud look on his face before speaking modestly, “Unfortunately, my ability is still quite lacking. If it were a high leveled Radiant Saint Master, then this type of injury would have taken just half a day to heal.”

Jian Chen’s heart pounded as he heard that, “Honored Radiant Saint Master—are even Radiant Saint Masters ranked?”

“Naturally!” The Radiant Saint Master nodded. “Like the fighters, even Radiant Saint Masters are ranked. A low leveled Radiant Saint Master is only able to heal small injuries and not major ones. A high leveled Radiant Saint Master can regrow limbs, and some can even bring someone back from the brink of death or even past!”

“Then do these Radiant Saint Masters have categories of strength?” Jian Chen continued to ask, intrigued.

The healer laughed, “Radiant Saint Masters are categorized into nine different layers like the fighting Saints but there isn’t such a naming convention like yours. The lowest rank is the First Cla.s.s Radiant Saint Master and the highest rank is the Ninth Cla.s.s Radiant Saint Master. Because a Radiant Saint Master relies on their spirit force, it becomes harder to improve the further one goes. As far as I know, the highest leveled Radiant Saint Master within the Tian Yuan Continent is only at the Sixth Cla.s.s. Anyone beyond that level has only been spoken of in legends.”

“Then honored Radiant Saint Master is at which level?”

“A Radiant Saint Master’s cultivation is much more difficult than the fighting cla.s.s Saints. You are able to use monster cores to improve yourself, but us Radiant Saint Masters can only rely on ourselves to improve our spirit to strengthen our bodies. So currently even though I have been cultivating for thirty years, I am only at the Third Cla.s.s Radiant Saint Master level.”

With that explanation, Jian Chen had a much more detailed understanding of how the Radiant Saint Masters operated. Judging from the man’s strength, Jian Chen could only guess that his own ability had to be that of the Fourth Cla.s.s or higher.

The man didn’t stay in the room for too long after that. Quickly, he had gone to prepare himself to heal the two envoys. After his full recovery, Jian Chen decided to leave the mansion despite Yun Li’s cordial wishes.

On the streets, many of the mercenaries were walking with an excited look on their faces while talking about the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts. This time, there had been three of them unexpectedly, so that bit of information had garnered plenty of interest.

“I’ve heard that two envoys with the power of an Earth Saint Master cla.s.s came to our Wake City. Those two envoys definitely killed the three Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts…”

“That can’t be for certain. I saw three people fighting the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts. One of them was even a youth around the age of twenty. Those three Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts were killed by this youth alone. I definitely saw this with my own eyes…”

“Bull! Your eyes must have grown old. How could a youth kill three Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts? That is unbelievable. You all must not believe that. I dare say that those three Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts were killed by the two envoys. Aside from an envoy, our Wake City has no one that could possibly face off against a Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast…”

“What utter c.r.a.p. I personally saw a youth soar up against the Green Scaled Ape before using his sword to stab into its head…”

The cacophony on the streets grew louder and louder as everyone continued to talk about the topic of the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts.

Upon hearing this chat, Jian Chen couldn’t help but laugh as he walked toward the Kai clan’s compound.


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