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Chapter 217: Destruction of the Zhou Clan

Jian Chen’s foot stomped across the ground and flew off to his side two meters with an unG.o.dly speed; dodging the blows of the men waiting for him.

These dozen men were fast in their own right. After missing, their hands didn’t stop and immediately chased after Jian Chen. Zhou Yun’s spear brought about a large amount of Saint Force that turned it into a white spear of lightning that flew toward Jian Chen’s heart. It was a blow that Zhou Yun had put all his strength into.

“Hmph!” Jian Chen’s mouth curled into a disdainful sneer. Although these dozen men looked to be incomparably ferocious, they were nothing more to Jian Chen than a small amount of pressure that wouldn’t even amount to making Jian Chen take them seriously.

His hand shook abruptly as the Light Wind Sword stabbed forward with a large amount of Sword Qi sharpening the sword. In a split second, the Light Wind Sword had lashed out ten times and bashed against the Saint Weapons that were coming at him still.

Despite the Light Wind Sword looking like a stick in comparison to the dozen Saint Weapons, the tiny sword that belonged to Jian Chen contained an extraordinarily strong amount of power that the Zhou clan members could not compare to. As soon as the weapons made contact with each other, the Zhou clan member’s Saint Weapons were forced away.

The faces of the Zhou clan members suddenly went slack as they looked at the Light Wind Sword in surprise. They hadn’t thought that such a small sword would be able to contain so much power. The very moment both sides made contact, their Saint Weapons had actually transmitted enough force from the blow to paralyze their arms momentarily.

Even as the men were in their shocked states, a white glow surrounded the Light Wind Sword as it flew at an unbelievably fast speed before streaking across the necks of the Zhou clan members before they could even react.

The dozen Zhou clan members immediately went rigid as their necks suddenly sprayed blood from their wounds. The amount of blood that poured out of their necks had then become a fountain that took away the very life that sustained their bodies.

Among the group, aside from the Great Saint Master Zhou Yun who had narrowly escaped death, the other dozen members had their throats slashed apart by Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword.

A single strike had killed a dozen men. Jian Chen didn’t cease his actions there; with another flicker of his body, he immediately leaped at Zhou Yun to strike.

Seeing Jian Chen come rus.h.i.+ng at him, Zhou Yun immediately went pale with fright. After exchanging blows with Jian Chen once, he already understood that he wasn’t an opponent that could fight Jian Chen and would be unable to survive against him for long.

Zhou Yun simply wasn’t a match for Jian Chen alone and so he immediately exploded backward in an attempt to retreat.

“Brat, I, Zhou Butong will definitely make sure you won’t leave here alive!” Another shout exploded toward Jian Chen as the wrathful Zhou Butong immediately flew in from the side in order to protect the escaping Zhou Yun.

Right now, Zhou Butong’s eyes were crimson with anger. The previous dozen Zhou clan members who had died were important members of the Zhou clan and served as the backbone of it. To the Zhou clan, they were what supported the clan and each one had the strength of a Saint Master at the least. Each one of them had a mind full of business and practically controlled the Zhou clan in its financial affairs. Now that the pillars of the Zhou clan had been killed, this was a disastrous loss for the Zhou clan.

Jian Chen snorted. “Your Zhou clan had the chance to not get involved, but you insisted so much on being a part of this. The Zhou clan are all but gone now, if you wish to kill me, you simply have no chance now.” With that, Jian Chen didn’t wait a second longer and immediately brought down the Light Wind Sword to strike at Zhou Butong.

At that moment, a group of heavily armored men suddenly burst into the Zhou clan courtyards. This group of people had only twenty people around. Each member seemed to be disciplined as if they were born to serve the military. Even as they rushed toward Jian Chen, each step they made had been unanimous.

“Clan leader, the King Tiger Squad has arrived!” A middle aged man cried out to Zhou Butong from the back of the group.

Hearing that, Zhou Butong’s eyes shook as he fiercely stabbed at Jian Chen once more with his great sword before looking at the group of twenty, “King Tiger Squad, hear me! I want you to kill this brat immediately!”

The King Tiger Squad was the result of thirty years worth of training and expenses from the Zhou clan. From a total amount of three hundred people, each one of them had been embroiled in a series of close combat examinations before leaving behind only twenty men. These twnety men were the King Tiger Squad and had the strongest of the Zhou clan in it.


The twenty members of the King Tiger Squad instantly cried out an answer and charged straight at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons at a blinding speed.

Sensing the strong amount of Qi radiating from the King Tiger Squad, Jian Chen felt a little bit of shock in his heart. Each and every single one of these twenty members were at the very least as strong as a Saint Master.

“This must be the Zhou clan’s trump card.” Jian Chen thought to himself. Just as he thought about that, the King Tiger Squad had already reached a hundred meters within range of Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons outstretched. At the same time, Zhou Butong and Zhou Yun both flew at Jian Chen to strike simultaneously.

Jian Chen moved back a few steps in order to avoid Zhou Butong and Zhou Yun’s strike. The Light Wind Sword disappeared in a silver blur as it slid by the Saint Weapons of the King Tiger Squad and flew at the throats of a few of their members.

Following the traces of the Light Wind Sword, it flew toward the King Tiger Squad in a silver blur and slid across their throats, taking away their lives.

In a flash, the twenty men from the King Tiger Squad had been completely wiped out by Jian Chen.

Seeing how quickly the King Tiger Squad was killed, Zhou Butong began to tremble furiously as his wrath grew to unprecedented levels. The King Tiger Squad was an especially precious treasure to him and were the elite task force that he had poured countless hours of training into.

As Zhou Butong continued to think about this newest development, the sound of Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword emitted a bright glow of light that screeched at him as it stabbed toward his throat.

Zhou Butong immediately lifted his sword to block the thrust of the Light Wind Sword, but as the two made contact, the force from the Light Wind Sword caused him to move a few steps back.

Jian Chen didn’t give Zhou Butong any time to relax and immediately drew closer to him. His sword moved inexplicably fast as it lashed out once more.

After that, the third and fourth strike had struck out simultaneously with a speed that rivaled the first two strikes.

The fifth strike…

The Light Wind Sword disappeared within a blur of light as the phantom traces of the blade overlapped with it’s real body. This one strike was unbelievably fast, giving Zhou Butong no time to react.


Zhou Butong’s eyes could only widen as the Light Wind Sword surpa.s.sed what he could react against and pierced through his throat.


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