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Chapter 2104: Colossal Eruptions

Among all these groups of G.o.dkings, there were over a dozen that were the most powerful. Many powerful late G.o.dkings would be turned away immediately when they wanted to join these groups, believed to have no right to join.

The group led by Jia Na was the most powerful group out of all of them. Not only were there various supreme G.o.dkings from the G.o.dkings’ Throne gathered there, but there were even many people with G.o.d artifacts.

Currently, two people sat in the air as they rested with their eyes closed in the group led by Jia Na. They seem to be ignoring everything going on around them.

The two of them were Gong Zheng and Bai Yi, who had attacked Jian Chen together.

Now, Gong Zheng and Bai Yi had removed their disguises, exposing themselves before everyone. They did not care about getting recognised and subsequently being reported to Ming Dong for a great reward.

“Gong Zheng, Bai Yi, how are your wounds?” A burly middle-aged man walked over as he glanced past Gong Zheng and Bai Yi.

The middle-aged man was Jia Na.

Perhaps there were not a lot of people who would recognise Jia Na from his appearance in the Neptunean Divine Palace, but over ninety percent of all the people in there would be familiar with his name.

This was because Jia Na was an extremely powerful supreme G.o.dking on the G.o.dkings’ Throne. He ranked within the top hundred as the ninety-ninth most powerful G.o.dking.

It was truly a high ranking.

Gong Zheng and Bai Yi opened their eyes and looked at Jia Na together. They became stern.

“With brother Jia Na’s Great Soul Extension Pill, we’ve basically recovered from our injured souls. Although it’ll still take a very long time before we make a complete recovery, it won’t affect our strength too much. I, Gong Zheng, will never forget brother Jia Na’s a.s.sistance today. If I get the opportunity in the future, I will definitely return the favour,” Gong Zheng stood up and clasped his hands at Jia Na.

Bai Yi stood up as well and clasped his fist towards Jia Na, saying similar things to him. If it were not for the G.o.d Tier Great Soul Extension Pill that specialised in healing souls from Jia Na, they would not have been able to recover to their current level.

Jia Na laughed aloud, “Our sect has close ties with your Solitary Sword lineage, so a mere matter like this is not worth mentioning. Prepare yourselves, as we’re about to start. I hope that everyone can pour their strength together and completely unleash the defensive power of the Radiant Bead of the Rising Sun. That way, we can last even longer in the lava, so it’ll be more likely for us to find the girl.”

Very soon, Jia Na gathered everyone and took out his G.o.d artifact, the Radiant Bead of the Rising Sun. He was prepared to utilise the G.o.d artifact with everyone’s strength and dive into the lava.

At the same time, many other groups began to move as well. Each group had a single defensive G.o.d artifact at the very least. They would use various methods to combine the powers of many people so that they could unleash the full power of the G.o.d artifact, which would protect them when they dove into the lava.

However, at this moment, a powerful ripple of energy appeared in the distance. An azure figure appeared there, seemingly transformed into an azure peng. He moved extremely quickly as he fled desperately.

There were six other figures that shone with the glow of laws behind him, pursuing him closely as they launched powerful attacks towards the fleeing person mercilessly.

“He’s Ming Dong, and the person being pursued is a supreme G.o.dking.”

“I think I remember the fleeing person as one of the people who took part in the encirclement against Jian Chen. I never thought he would be reduced to such a shape by Ming Dong.”

“That’s the Azure Peng’s Movement Technique. Anyone who can use it definitely belongs to the Azure Peng King. I really wonder what Ming Dong’s origins are, where he doesn’t even fear the Azure Peng King. The Azure Peng King is renowned for his sensitivity.”

The eyes of a few G.o.dkings in the distance narrowed at the sight of this as they sighed in amazement.


At this moment, a heavy sound suddenly rang out as over a dozen volcanoes in the surroundings erupted together. Terrifying lava formed over a dozen pillars of fire that plunged into the sky before falling down like rain. It engulfed the entire region, creating a storm of lava.

The eighth floor was never stable. The battles between regular G.o.dkings was already enough to cause volcanoes to erupt, so all the G.o.dkings gathered in the area had to conceal their presences carefully. Ming Dong had now come pursuing Cang Ying furiously with the divine generals, and he struck out recklessly. He unleashed his power that was on par with supreme G.o.dkings as destructive power formed ripples of energy. This immediately disrupted the peace there, causing the volcanoes in the surroundings to erupt.

“Oh no. Dodge!”

The expressions of all the G.o.dkings around changed when they saw the raining lava. They scattered in the surroundings as quickly as they could. Even the supreme G.o.dkings on the G.o.dkings’ Throne could not help but become frantic as they tried to avoid the lava to the best of their ability.

Even a droplet of lava would be far more than a supreme G.o.dking could endure, as it would be thousands of times hotter than the centre of the sun.

Now, Ming Dong had already caught up with Cang Ying. His eyes were cold as he radiated with killing intent. He swung his sword towards Cang Ying with the powers of destruction, causing Cang Ying to spurt blood constantly. The Azure Peng Scales that protected him dimmed in colour.

Ming Dong’s strike possessed extravagant power. Terrifying ripples of energy swept out like storms, causing even more volcanoes to erupt instantaneously.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

Immediately, the sounds rang out without any signs of stopping. All the volcanoes within hundreds of thousands of kilometres of Ming Dong emerged from dormancy and erupted one after another. Pillars of lava shot into the sky consecutively like roaring, furious dragons, turning into a rain of lava. It fell with many fire divine crystals and terrifying heat.

The entire eighth floor shook violently as the fire-attributed energy in the surroundings became extremely violent. Even the sea of lava below everyone tossed and turned.


In that instance, miserable cries rang out in the surroundings. Under the torrential lava rain, many G.o.dkings failed to dodge in time and were struck by the lava. Not only did they catch on fire, but holes were melted through their bodies as well.

“Oh no, there are too many people gathered here. Even with your presence suppressed, it forms a pressure that affects this place. It’s silently destroyed the stability of the volcanoes, causing them to erupt with an intensity that has never before seen.”

“Quick! Stop! Stop fighting!”


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