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Chapter 180: Here is My Offer

At this moment, an elderly man wearing an expensive red robe examined the crowd of people around him before letting out a smile. “How lively this area is, to have so many influential people in the vicinity. How rare, how rare indeed. Truly, this is a seldom seen view. This old man hasn’t seen such a sight in many years.”

“Hmph, old man Yu Ping, you should had stayed behind with your Cheng clan, there was no need for you to come visit Phoenix City.” Another black haired elder stood on top of one of the rooftops.

The elder named Yu Ping laughed coldly as he stared at the other crane hairstyled elder and said, “Huang Pingshu, for you to come to Phoenix City, could it be you wanted to block me from doing as I please?”

“Hmph, old devil Ping Yu, I have not forgotten about that time 5 years ago. With this opportunity, why don’t we end this once in for all.” Huang Pingshu stared at the elder Ping Yu and spoke in a cold tone that clearly expressed his killing intent.

“That’s right, it’s about time I repay the debt from 5 years ago.” The red robed elder spoke. A large amount of Saint Force gathered in his hand, quickly condensing into curved blade 2.33 meters long.

By this point, both elders’ att.i.tudes had become serious. The middle aged man by the red robed elder walked to him and said, “Honored Yu Ping, now is not the time to settle your grudges. It would be best to finish what is in front of us first before resolving the grievances between you two.”

The red robed elder nodded his head, “Whatever. Huang Pingshu, with this current situation, now isn’t the time. Let us wait for this matter in front of us to be done first before we resolve our grievances.”

The other elder looked at Jian Chen briefly, knowing that now was the opportunity for something else before snorting, “Then I’ll let you off for now.”

At this moment, a group of people was traveling on the two sides of the streets. From their fast speed but relative pacing, anyone that saw them could see that they were a part of the same group.

As that group grew closer, those men who were standing by the sides of the houses they walked past, quickly let them pa.s.s.

The men stopped at the side of a house with an even stare at Jian Chen, who was in the middle of the besiegement of men. “This must be the honorable Wu Yun.”

Jian Chen turned his head to see a white robed, middle aged man with only an inch of hair on his head and a scar on his face.

Jian Chen said, “Correct, I am Wu Yun. What made everyone here gather so many people to stop me? I don’t know the reason.”

“Haha, honorable Wu Yun, this old man wants to ask: The two Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast bodies, were they not produced by you?” The red robed elder questioned.

Jian Chen couldn’t help but laugh faintly, “I didn’t think that a nameless person like me would garner the attention of so many influential people. However, your investigations are correct; the person who brought those two Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts to the auction house was me.”

Despite having many people of power surrounding him, Jian Chen didn’t have a single shred of fear on his face. In front of this hundred people encirclement, he was laughing as if nothing had happened.

“Honorable Wu Yun, this one here is the vice leader of the Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion–Zhou Tong. Since you had the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast bodies, then it can be a.s.sumed that you also have the Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores. Our Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion is willing to offer a price of your satisfaction and buy this monster core, would the honorable Wu Yun agree?”

“Of course, if the honorable Wu Yun were to sell a Cla.s.s 5 Monster Core, then our Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion will become your friend. If you were to come across any problems, then our Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion will definitely help you resolve it. Will the honorable Wu Yun agree?” Zhou Tong stood on the rooftops with a faint smile.

After Zhou Tong had spoken, another dark-skinned and st.u.r.dy person spoke out, “Honorable Wu Yun, I am from the Yang Sect. I do not like coddling around, so I will speak bluntly; of the two Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores in your hands, the Yang Sect is willing to buy one of them. The price we offer will be to your satisfaction, but will the honorable Wu Yun agree to sell one?”

Seeing these two major powers ask for the Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores, the other influential powers didn’t wish to lag behind.

“Sire Wu Yun, we are from the Youlan clan. Although we are not considered as anything major on the Tian Yuan Continent, there isn’t a single person that would not try to please our Youlan clan in Fire Cloud City. As long as the honorable Wu Yun sells us a Cla.s.s 5 Monster Core, then the Youlan clan can guarantee a comfortable stay within Fire Cloud City without anyone trying to cause trouble.” A man in an expensive robe spoke out.

“Sire Wu Yun, I am from the Mutian clan…”

“Sire Wu Yun, we are from the Kadeer clan…”

Every single person there began to open their mouths to buy a Cla.s.s 5 Monster Core from Jian Chen.

Seeing at least 10 sides of powers cry out, Jian Chen bitterly smiled, “I am afraid to disappoint everyone, but I do not have any Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores. Although it was indeed I who brought these two Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts to be sold, they were not killed by me; I merely found their bodies.”

“Haha, the honorable Wu Yun doesn’t need to try to cover it up anymore. The body of a Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast is valuable enough that even a Heaven Saint Master wouldn’t leave it behind. Moreover, we’ve already inspected the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast bodies only to find that these two magical beasts had fought each other to death, and were then later found by a person. From the wounds, it was easy to tell that a man-made wound was done by a weaker person, who then tried to extract the monster core. This means that it is indeed the honored Wu Yun, without a doubt.” An elder laughed, almost as if he was discussing the weather with some friends.

“That’s right, sire Wu Yun, we only wish to buy the Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores from you, not steal them. Even if you sell them to us, you won’t lose out. These Cla.s.s 5 Monster Cores aren’t safe with you, and keeping them on you would surely bring about disaster. If you were to sell them to us, then you couldearn a great sum of money to the point of not needing to worry about clothes or food anymore. Even then, you would be able to buy many monster cores to cultivate your own strength. Some day in the future, you could break through to become a Great Saint master, or even an Earth Saint Master. What have you to lose?” Zhou Tong of the Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion spoke out.


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