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As the sword Qi from the tip of Jian Chen’s fingers collided with Wayner Yan’s fist, a deafening boom rang out.

However, Wayner Yan’s fist was extremely tough. A powerful layer of laws surrounded it, and he directly used the toughness of his body to take on Jian Chen’s sword Qi.

Jian Chen’s sword Qi immediately shattered after striking Wayner Yan’s fist. It shot into the surroundings as countless tiny strands. Wayner Yan shuddered, and he took a few steps back uncontrollably. A mark had appeared on his fist and blood flowed from there.

At the same time, defensive formations immediately appeared in the discussion hall to stop the shockwaves from the conflict.

However, Mo Ling and Ando Fu had cast down all of these formations, so their power was limited. They were more than enough to stop the attacks of G.o.ds, but they were extremely fragile before the shockwaves from the attacks of OverG.o.ds.

As soon as the formations appeared, the shockwaves from Jian Chen and Wayner Yan’s clash shattered them to pieces. As the shockwaves expanded, all the G.o.ds in the hall suffered as a result. Many of their expressions changed, and they staggered backwards from the powerful shockwaves. Blood dripped from the corner of a few people’s mouths as they paled, clearly slightly injured now. Only the three late G.o.ds were able to remain where they were with their powerful cultivation, but it had forced them to use everything they possessed.

The discussion hall shook violently. Even though the discussion hall had been constructed from very tough material, it was unable to stand up to the shockwaves from OverG.o.ds without the protection of powerful formations. With a deep rumble, the grand hall directly collapsed, reduced to ruins. Dust was kicked into the air.

Jian Chen remained before the patriarch’s throne. At that moment, only the part of the structure behind the throne remained fine while Shangguan Mu’er who he guarded was naturally fine as well.

However, the faces of both Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er had become extremely sunken now.

Today was the day when the Tian Yuan clan was holding their founding ceremony. It was a sacred and solemn day, yet the OverG.o.d from the Wayner clan actually wanted to start fighting without taking the surroundings into account, destroying the discussion hall of the Tian Yuan clan.

His actions were basically a slap to the Tian Yuan clan’s face.

The G.o.ds all looked at the ruins of the building and could not help but glance at each other. On such an important day, someone had actually taken apart the discussion hall of the Tian Yuan clan. They all realised that the Tian Yuan clan and Wayner clan had probably fallen out.

“Mu’er, leave first. Be careful,” Jian Chen said to Shangguan Mu’er gently. However, his face was extremely sunken, and his gaze was as sharp as swords as a powerful killing intent flashed through his eyes. He stared at the fearless Wayner Yan.

“Be careful too,” Shangguan Mu’er said gently from behind Jian Chen before leaving slowly. She knew that Jian Chen had become angered.

Wayner Yan gradually became stern. He had been expecting this before, so he did not take everything to heart. Even though Jian Chen was also an OverG.o.d, he treated him like nothing because he was a protector of the Earth Spirit sect. Let alone Xuan Dou, even if the divine king wanted to touch him, he would have to consider the consequences properly.

As a result, he did not need to fear the Tian Yuan clan at all thanks to the great background he possessed.

However, his heart suddenly jumped when he saw the patriarch’s sharp glare that was filled with killing intent. He sensed an ill omen and immediately raised his guard secretly.

Suddenly, Jian Chen surged into the sky. Powerful and sharp sword Qi permeated his surroundings, s.h.i.+ning with bright, white light. He seemed to have become a huge sword as he shot away from the city.

“Wayner Yan, I will be waiting for you outside the city. Show me just what a protector of the Earth Spirit sect has to be able to act so recklessly in my Tian Yuan clan,” Jian Chen’s voice rang out far and wide. It was audible across the entire city.

Wayner Yan could hear the disdain and provocation in Jian Chen’s voice. He immediately frowned, and with a cold snort, he followed Jian Chen.

A million kilometers away from the provincial city, Jian Chen hovered at an alt.i.tude of ten thousand kilometers with a sunken face. His white clothes and long hair fluttered in the wind as he stared at Wayner Yan sharply.

The presence he gave off was like a sharp sword. It directly plunged into the sky, stirring up the surrounding wind and clouds.

“Wayner Yan, I will make you understand that my Tian Yuan clan is not a place where anyone can act however they like. Even if you’re a protector of the Earth Spirit sect, the provincial city is not a place where you can act as you please,” Jian Chen said coldly.

Wayner Yan hovered in the sky before Jian Chen with his arms crossed. He was fearless as he said coldly, “The Dong’an province belongs to my Wayner clan, so it’s not up to you to tell me what I can and cannot do in the provincial city. Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, come at me. Let me see just what you’re capable of. Don’t make me disappointed.”

A cold light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. He took a step in the air, and he covered a thousand meters just like that. He appeared before Wayner Yan as if he had teleported, extending a finger towards Wayner Yan’s forehead.

As he extended his finger, an extremely bright streak of light condensed instantly. It radiated with sword Qi.

The strand of sword Qi was clearly much more powerful than the one he had used back in the discussion hall.

Jian Chen had only struck out casually to nullify Wayner Yan’s attack back in the discussion hall. Only now did he use his true power!

“Hmph, you want to kill me right from the start. I’m not that easy to kill,” Wayner Yan said coldly. His arms swelled up rapidly as his muscles bulged. They became extremely tough. His hands had become extremely thick and large as well. His fingers were like metal, filled with power as they flickered with a bronze light. He directly slapped at Jian Chen’s sword Qi.

Seeing Wayner Yan’s response, Jian Chen twisted his wrist, and the sword Qi that shot towards Wayner Yan’s forehead immediately stabbed towards his palm.


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