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Chapter 161: Battling the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast

Seeing how Jian Chen continued to get closer, the two tired Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts grew even more frantic. If they were at their peak conditions, then they naturally wouldn’t put a Peak Saint Master within their notice, but at this moment they were at anything but their peak condition. After such a furious battle, the two were clearly very injured and could do nothing. Even their inner energy had been completely used up. In such a state, a Saint Master, or even a Great Saint would be able to come up to them and kill them.

The two magical beasts struggled for a moment, seemingly trying to stand. However, despite their efforts, they weren’t able to do even accomplish this extremely simple task.

With this pitiful display, the heart that was struggling to leap out of Jian Chen’s throat finally began to calm down a little. However, he still continued to maintain a great amount of vigilance just in case something else happened.

Continuing to walk closer and closer to the magical beasts, Jian Chen had quickly gotten within 30 meters of the two. Now that he was even closer, the amount of vigilance Jian Chen had increased greatly.

“Hou!” At this moment, the snowy white colored dog like magical beast began to snarl once more. A large amount of energy gathered within its mouth before compressing to form a sphere of energy as the magical beast warned Jian Chen with its eyes.

The other cow like magical beast stared firmly at Jian Chen as the wings on its back began to shake with a fierce amount of energy emanating from it.

Jian Chen’s forward advancement began to falter as he sized up the two injured magical beasts with a critical eye. Seeing how the two were gathering energy, it felt as if they were ready to take action if he got any closer.

Jian Chen had started to hesitate, despite seeing how injured these two magical beasts were, they were still emitting a strong amount of pressure at him. Just faintly, Jian Chen could detect an extremely dangerous amount of Qi radiating from the two Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts.

The two magical beasts and Jian Chen stared nervously at each other for a moment before Jian Chen’s body suddenly swayed a moment and disappeared into a blur. He had quickly charged toward the snowy white dog like magical beast with a large amount of Saint Force bursting out from within as he pushed his speed to its limits.

The short 30 meters dividing him and the magical beasts had quickly become non existent as Jian Chen flew over in a split second. Just as Jian Chen approached the dog like magical beast, his right arm shook in a smooth movement as the Light Wind Sword stabbed straight down at its belly with a sharp amount of Sword Qi enforcing the blow.

“Hou!” The Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast wasn’t slower than Jian Chen, and the moment he had reached it, the sphere of energy gathered within the magical beast’s mouth was spat out at tremendous speeds toward Jian Chen’s chest.

At that moment, Jian Chen took back his sword and immediately dodged to the side with a tremendous amount of effort, causing the sphere of energy to fly towards the side of him.

It was a shame that this sphere of energy was traveling far too fast. Despite Jian Chen’s effort to dodge the sphere, he wasn’t able to completely avoid taking damage. Originally the sphere had tried to slam against Jian Chen’s chest, but since Jian Chen had moved his body, it had struck firmly against his left shoulder.


The sphere of energy was only the size of a small fist, but the amount of energy it contained was terrifying. As a result of the sphere smas.h.i.+ng against Jian Chen’s left shoulder, his entire body was sent flying backward.

After flying 10 meters into the air, Jian Chen crashed down onto the ground and rolled away painfully before slowly reaching a painful stop. His face began to shake and started to drain of blood as a fierce amount of pain could be felt coming from his left shoulder.

Jian Chen’s clothes around his shoulder had been completely shredded because of that sphere of energy. At the same time, the entire top part of his body was in agony as his left shoulder had become mutilated to the point where the bones could be seen and blood continued to flow from his wound freely.

Jian Chen tried to resist the intense amount of pain from his left shoulder as even moving it had tormented him. Standing up painfully, Jian Chen’s eyes swung toward that dog like magical beast.

After that magical beast had attacked, the expression it had wilted as its eyes dimmed in l.u.s.ter. It appeared that the attack it used had used up the last of its energy so in its current condition, it was even more tired than before.

Despite the attack having caused a serious amount of damage to Jian Chen, it had not impacted his movements all that much. With a small blur, Jian Chen had already moved toward the magical beast once more with the Light Wind Sword out and ready to strike with its Sword Qi.


Just as the Light Wind Sword lashed out, a white colored blur slammed firmly against the blade of the Light Wind Sword and caused it to divert from its original trajectory and stab into nothing but air. Immediately, Jian Chen looked at the blur but he wasn’t able to figure out what exactly had block his sword before feeling another source of pain on his chest.

“Deng deng deng…”

The fierce amount of attacks on Jian Chen caused him to stumble a few steps back as he felt a scorching pain on his chest. Tilting his head down, he saw that his chest had turned a very deep red and blood had started to leak from it.

Forcibly swallowing the blood in his throat, Jian Chen looked at the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast on the ground only to see the long tail of it swaying feebly behind it. It was this tail that had just attacked Jian Chen.

“Hmph, I didn’t think I’d come across such a strong resistance against these Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beasts, but today I will definitely take your monster core.” Jian Chen bit his lip before letting his Light Wind Sword separate itself from his hand and fly toward the magical beast.

Against such a swift Sword Qi, the Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast was powerless to dodge and could only try and endure the incoming strike.

The Sword Qi accurately shot through one of the wounds of the magical beast, causing the entire body of the beast to tremble. There was no hesitation in Jian Chen’s movements, moving forward with his Light Wind Sword, his weapon struck the beast in the throat.


This time the dog like magical beast had already used up all of its energy to the point where even its tail wasn’t able to be moved.

The Light Wind Sword met no obstruction as it stabbed deeply into the magical beast’s throat. Then, the sword slid straight through the neck and then into the ground beneath it.


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