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Chapter 1614: Ice and Fire

Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

“Fiery lotus roots keep growing every day in this magma lake. Therefore, its quant.i.ty is rising. If you need it, as long as you input sufficient aura value and moral value, I could increase the number of fiery lotus roots by two times within a short period. Even now the number of fiery lotus roots have already surpa.s.sed your absorptive capacity as a shadow knight!”

“You mean I couldn’t eat all of them?”

“Of course, fiery lotus root is the most powerful medicine to a certain degree. n.o.body could eat them limitlessly. Due to the difference in physical condition, cultivation method, spiritual energy and level, knights would see different capacities in absorbing fiery lotus roots!”

Zhang Tie nodded as he said, “I see. How do I eat them? Soak them in liquor like seeds of the fiery lotus?”

“No!” h.e.l.ler shook his head as he explained, “If you insist on taking them in that way, you could absorb them well for real; in fact, if you want fiery lotus roots to play its effect to the utmost, you have to take them in a special environment!”

“A special environment?”

“Yup, you should freeze and soften these fiery lotus roots in an environment under minus 100 degrees Celcius before consuming them!”

“Under minus 100 degrees Celcius?”

“You bet. In natural environments such as underground world or where fiery lotus grows, when these fiery lotus roots are picked, they always carry the best effect. However, you couldn’t eat them right away when they’re so hot; whereas, you couldn’t find such a cold environment to take them so as to absorb their effect to the utmost. After being picked, if these fiery lotus roots could enter a super low temperature within a short period, their essence would not escape and one could absorb them easily and gain a great effect! To be honest, Castle Lord’s master might have taken some fiery lotus roots somewhere; however, the environment where he took them was not perfect. As a result, a greater part of the effect of those fiery lotus roots that he had taken was wasted…”

“Don’t I worry about this issue?”

“Sure thing. Castle of Black Iron could provide the best environment for Castle Lord. Therefore, Castle Lord could play the effect of fiery lotus roots to the utmost and absorb them well. As to how many could you take, it depends on you.” h.e.l.ler said confidently.

Zhang Tie didn’t worry about it for real because he had long got a super large freezer for storing food in Castle of Black Iron. He even froze the flesh of the huge deep sea monster there. The temperature in that freezer was fully under h.e.l.ler’s control. He could have h.e.l.ler adjust its temperature for free. What was more, the freezer was right above this karst cave. It was just a few minutes’ walk from here. If he ran or move using his ability as a divine dominator, Zhang Tie could move faster.

Zhang Tie sighed, and said, “I’ve not imagined that a fiery lotus root would play its utmost effect at such a low temperature!”

“Fiery lotus grows in such a high temperature; especially its root which is soaked in the high-temperature lava all day long. If you want to fully absorb its effect, you need an utterly different environment. It’s like how water and fire, yin and yang mend up each other!”

“After hearing your words, I couldn’t wait for it!” Zhang Tie said as he rubbed his hands, watching the fiery lotus over the lake with gleaming eyes.

“Castle Lord, you don’t need to wait anymore!” h.e.l.ler said with a smile as he pointed at the lava lake full of fiery lotus, continuing, “Castle Lord, you could use your ability as a divine dominator to cut off those fiery lotus roots and take them out of the lake. After that, you could take them to the freezer above us and enjoy their unusual effect!”

“How long do I have to wait to consume them after moving them to the freezer?”

“About 30 minutes. When these roots gradually lose their glow and start to freeze, you could take them one after another. Since eath fiery lotus root starts to freeze, Castle Lord had better take them within 1 hour. If it’s too long, their effect might decline. Castle Lord, you could cut off one section of root and take it to the freezer first. After eating it, you could come back for the second section. That would preserve its effect…”


After figuring out its usage, Zhang Tie couldn’t wait to move his index finger. Soon after h.e.l.ler’s words, Zhang Tie had fixated onto a fiery lotus not far from him. Under his lotus flower eyes, the high-temperature magma under it instantly became as transparent as water that Zhang Tie could clearly see each root under fiery lotus.

The roots, being golden all over, were giving out the glow, like gold growing in the magma, large or small, long or short, thick or thin. Those fiery lotus roots were as same as ordinary lotus roots in shape and size.

The entire magma lake had been covered with fiery lotus roots under its surface, which couldn’t even be carried away by trucks.

“Split…” Zhang Tie murmured as strong spiritual energy penetrated through the magma and reached over 10 m deep. After cutting off a section of golden fiery lotus root as thick and long as a kid’s arm, Zhang Tie had it fly out of the lake and float in the air while giving out a brilliant glow.

After making a hand gesture to h.e.l.ler, Zhang Tie instantly caught that section of golden fiery lotus root and flew towards the freezer above.

The fiery lotus root was as hot as the magma like a piece of hot iron sheet. Commoners would be scorched for real. However, as a powerful knight, Zhang Tie only released some protective battle qi before taking it easily by hand.

Strangely, previously Zhang Tie thought this section of fiery lotus root would be very heavy, after taking it, he felt that it was just as heavy as ordinary lotus roots. What an amazing creation!


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