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Each Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit was a wholly new life experience for Zhang Tie. In the ten days after burying Glaze, he had eaten another three of them, which helped him to improve three more times. Now, Zhang Tie had the full strength of four wild wolves. With the fruits, his strength, endurance, and explosiveness all had reached an amazing level.

Zhang Tie made tested himself. He found that his running ability had increased to an unbelievable level. After eating the first Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit, he, who had learned how to run in the state of exerting all of his force, could keep running for more than an hour at a cruising speed of 15 km/h while keeping his effective fighting force.

Now, after eating three more Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits, Zhang Tie found that he could keep running for two hours at a cruising speed a bit higher than 15 km/h while still remaining full of energy. If he ran at his greatest speed like in a 100 m sprint—although Zhang Tie hadn’t calculated his maximum speed—he knew that he could continue at it for roughly 30 minutes.

Zhang Tie remembered that Glaze’s endurance was 13 at school, which indicated that he would still have more than half of his fighting force after marching rapidly for 13 km with standard military equipment. At that time, based on Glaze’s physical data, half of his fighting force meant thrusting out an armor-breaking spear 69 times or punching with above 255 kg’s force behind it…

Now—although Zhang Tie had not made concrete tests on himself—he felt that his endurance might have surpa.s.sed 20. He remembered that his endurance value at school was only 4, which was why he had admired Glaze with his 13. At that time, he thought that the disparity between the two of them was really huge. Unexpectedly, within two months, his own force had experienced an earthshaking change.

Of course, he had benefited from igniting his burning points which could improve his physique. But the most direct effect was from Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits. They could update and reinforce the human body in an all round manner. With each Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit, Zhang Tie ‘s Strength of Qi, Strength of Blood, Strength of Vein, Strength of Channel, Strength of Bone, Strength of Marrow, and Strength of Spirit would increase accordingly.

The increased data could not be precisely calculated or expressed. However, given his endurance value, Zhang Tie estimated that a Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit might be able to add 2 points to his endurance value. Therefore, four Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits would at least increase 8 points, bringing him an obvious advantage in endurance over Glaze who was LV 2 at school, and even when he turned LV 3 here.

Besides Wild Wolf Seventh-Strength Fruits, Zhang Tie had a new Seven-Strength Fruit on the small tree after killing two huge wolves. The Strength of Qi had already formed in this Huge Wolf Seventh-Strength Fruit.

Zhang Tie estimated that the number of Seven-Strength Fruits of a certain living being on this small tree should be limited. The fruit was based on a certain spare “number” law, and there could not be endless spares as they had to be restricted by a certain “number” law. This was the rule of the universe and mother nature—everything should proceed within a balanced framework.

If not, the fruit’s strengths would be ferociously “grabbed” instead of being spares. If Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit could really keep growing endlessly, Zhang Tie estimated that after killing the tens of thousands, maybe even the hundreds of thousands of wild wolves on the Crescent Prairie and eating all the Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits, he would be the No. 1 fighter in the world. However, the rule of the universe and mother nature would not allow for such a brutal event that felt off to happen.

Therefore, after eating three Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits, Zhang Tie became worried, not knowing how many more could be produced by the small tree.

Although the appearance of the Huge Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit brought Zhang Tie a surprise, he knew that LV 1 living beings like huge wolves were not as populous as wild wolves even in the Crescent Prairie. Huge wolves were as rarely seen as golden wolves. The scene where Bonder’s group was attacked by six huge wolves was pretty rarely seen. Unless being very unlucky—or lucky—people could rarely see huge wolves or golden wolves move in packs.

After mutating and evolving, these living beings’ habits changed from those of common wild wolves. This also agreed with the law of mother nature: the more powerful the species was, the less populous it would be. So even knowing that killing huge wolves could bring him Huge Wolf Seventh-Strength Fruits, Zhang Tie mainly paid his attention to the wild wolves in the past couple days.

He told himself that he should eat one bite after another, and walk one step after another. As the wild wolves were numerous in the Crescent Prairie and could be easily dealt with, he should focus on them instead of wasting time dreaming of hunting huge wolves. Most likely the time it took him to find a huge wolf would be enough for him to kill dozens of wild wolves.

Additionally, he also wanted to see the maximum amount of Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits that could be produced on the small tree if he kept hunting the wild wolves. If he could eat 99 of those fruits, he would greatly improve himself. Though, it would also be okay to enjoy 49 Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits.

He was already in the Crescent Prairie. The huge opening of the Wild Wolf Valley was more than 10 km away from this place.

Several wild wolves which were caught by Zhang Tie and tied onto a crown-like trunk that had been struck by a lightning bolt encircled a hill. Their mouths covered, the wild wolves could only yelp pitifully.

With several bamboo tubes on his body, Zhang Tie pinched his nose and carefully sprayed a smelly liquid over the gra.s.sland under the small hill as if he was spraying water. After ten more minutes, when Zhang Tie had sprayed all the liquid from the bamboo tubes onto the surrounding gra.s.sland, a strong smelly odor permeated the air.

The hot sun at noon accelerate the volatile speed of the liquid and made it more stimulative.

After spraying the strange liquid, Zhang Tie threw off all the bamboo tubes. He didn’t dare to freely breathe until he ran onto the top of the hill where there was ventilation.

“d.a.m.n! That was too f*cking smelly!”

Even though Zhang Tie had kind of gotten used to this in the past couple of days, the smelly odor still had forced him to pour out his last dinner.

After heavily breathing in the fresh air, Zhang Tie smelt his hands as he had gotten used to doing these days. When he sprayed the liquid just now, he noticed that some of it had splashed onto his hands. After smelling them, a disgusting odor rushed directly into his head. So Zhang Tie hurriedly ran to a nearby pond and washed his hands before returning.

The liquid that Zhang Tie had sprayed the gra.s.sland with was the wild wolves’ urine, more accurately, female wild wolves’ urine. During the mating season, adult female wolves’ urine could drive all the wild wolves mad.

This was a trick that Zhang Tie had thought up when he saw a pioneer using some strange smelly liquid to trap golden wolves. At the sight of it, Zhang Tie had patted his forehead.

‘How could I forget this? After the full moons would be the wolves’ mating season.’

So Zhang Tie started his plan by catching several live female wild wolves in a short period of time and collecting their urine.

It was very filthy when he collected it. If Alice’s group was with him, Zhang Tie would have never done this. However, now that n.o.body could see it, he didn’t mind doing this filthy thing several more times.

Whether it was waiting under a tree for prey to come close, or running around to hunt one down, no approach could match this method. This was the simplest way that Zhang Tie had discovered to hunt wild wolves.

The sun was hanging high in the sky at noon. After a short while, the female wolves’ urine that Zhang Tie had sprayed had become even more smelly under the scorching sun. Added with the heavy wind in the Crescent Prairie, the strange smell was blown everywhere.

According to Zhang Tie’s experience, the smell of female wolves’ urine could remain for at least more than half a day. Perhaps to male wolves it smelled good, but humans really couldn’t stand it.

Zhang Tie put a triangular face-cloth on his face, which was tailored from the s.h.i.+rt stained by wolf blood. After covering his mouth and nose, he inserted his lances on the ground under the tree. After that, he leisurely and casually did some warm-up movements like twisting his waist, stretching his hands, and kicking his legs.

At this moment, Zhang Tie felt that he was a fisherman who had flung his fis.h.i.+ng net into the water.

Five minutes later, two wild wolves with red eyes arrived. They noticed Zhang Tie and the female wolves.

‘He dared to take five beauties,’ the wolves must’ve been thinking, judging from their animosity.

The two wild wolves then rushed towards Zhang Tie. At the same time, Zhang Tie also ended his warm-up movements and dashed forward. He didn’t use any weapons like a sword or a dagger because they would cause bleeding. Wild wolves had a sensitive nose and high intelligence. After smelling the blood of their companions, they would not be easily fooled.

The first wild wolf wanted to bite Zhang Tie’s s.h.i.+n. However, it was. .h.i.t by the Spade-Kick, one of the skills from Iron-Blood Fist. Closely after that, the wild wolf’s s.h.i.+n cracked, and it was sent flying for over 10 m in the air. It fell to the ground, never to climb up again.

The second wild wolf charged at Zhang Tie’s neck. Seeing that, Zhang Tie stretched his hand and easily broke its neck using the Wrestling Hand move.

The battle soon came to an end without any blood being spilled.

Some vultures were swirling in the sky, somehow feeling the approaching death and knowing that they will enjoy a grand lunch after a while.

The wind above the Crescent Prairie blew away the dandelions on the hill into the air, and they flew off like white clouds. Among the cute dandelions, Zhang Tie saw the vultures in the sky. Although other people didn’t like them, he burst out laughing at the sight of them since he had predicted that he would achieve a lot today…

However, Zhang Tie didn’t know that what would happen today would change the destiny of a lot of people in the Andaman Alliance…


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