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The arrival of Burwick startled all the members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood. However, his goal for coming here made them even more surprised as was here to invite all the guys of Hit-Plane Brotherhood to join the “Male Lion a.s.sociation”, including Zhang Tie.

When Zhang Tie arrived, Burwick, with sun-like brilliant blonde hair, was bragging about the bright future of the Male Lion a.s.sociation to the members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood.

“We, the Male Lion a.s.sociation, have almost 200 people now and are already the biggest team in this survival training. The achievements of Male Lion a.s.sociation can also be seen by all of you. This time, I’m here with sincerity, hoping that you will join us. You might not know that Glaze’s fighting force has improved very quickly. Someone noticed him killing three huge wolves at once. He might have already gone to the marginal region between the Wild Wolf Valley and the Crescent Prairie to continue his survival training…”

“Isn’t Samira gone? Doesn’t Glaze know that?” Doug curiously asked.

Burwick replied with a brilliant smile, “Thankfully, Zhang Tie has exposed that guy’s true status, causing him to leave. That guy was both cunning and mean, even we, the Male Lion a.s.sociation, were almost set up by him. However, although Samira is gone, the demands for golden wolf marrow and Goose-neck Gra.s.s in Blackhot City will never change. After all, these are necessities for Master Abyan to refine recovery medicament which is urgently needed in Blackhot City. Therefore, Glaze will stick to hunting golden wolves and picking Goose-neck Gra.s.s. Maybe in a few days, new missions and rewards will be delivered from Blackhot City. As long as the city will be willing to raise its rewards for the missions a bit, many people will try the Crescent Prairie. We, the Male Lion a.s.sociation, are also preparing for that moment!”

“Haven’t you prepared well last time? Why do you want to prepare for it again?” Leit, who was tricky, asked.

“What happened to Samira greatly influenced our morality. As you know, morality is very important in battle. These couple of days, we were waiting for the news from Blackhot City. Once the new missions and rewards are delivered, we will set off again! Even if Glaze dares to set off with his lackeys, we, the Male Lion a.s.sociation, have no reason to be timid. I heard there was a resentment between you and Glaze. There is also a resentment between Glaze and us. This is the right moment for us to unite to fight against Glaze and press him down. He’s narrow-minded and won’t let anyone get away even for a hostile look. If he gains the chance to be recommended in this survival training, we might have to be very meticulous from then on for a long while to escape his revenge…” Burwick righteously said. “However, if we can unite, we will be able to fight him!”

“We will never join the Male Lion a.s.sociation!” Zhang Tie exclaimed, reaching them from the path before Barley and the other guys could even open their mouths.

“Zhang Tie!”

Many guys turned back and greeted him, even Alice and Beverly immediately rushed over without caring about the gossip that it might cause. They hugged Zhang Tie’s arms on both sides, letting him enjoy the feeling again. Seeing this, Pandora made a cold harrumph and turned her head.

Discovering that Zhang Tie had already returned, Burwick kept the smile on his face, but the corners of his eyes twisted slightly. Before the arrival of Zhang Tie, he felt that he was the center of attention. However, after Zhang Tie arrived, he found that everyone’s focus had immediately transferred to him, causing Burwick to feel like he was being poked inwardly.

“How about you, the Male Lion a.s.sociation, joining our Hit-Plane Brotherhood? We feel that the structure of Male Lion a.s.sociation is too loose, far less cohesive than our Hit-Plane Brotherhood’s. Like what you said, if we want to fight Glaze, we have to unite to raise our fighting force. How about that? Think about it…”

Zhang Tie strode towards him.

Taking off the lances from his back, he threw them to Doug. Afterwards, Zhang Tie threw himself onto a tree stump beside Burwick, accompanied by two girls on his sides. Hearing what Zhang Tie had said, the other guys in the Brotherhood all smirked.

“You’re a bit hilarious, I have intended to have you in the Male Lion a.s.sociation and let you be our vice head!” Burwick replied with gleaming eyes and a smile, still acting like a gentleman.

With surprise on his face, Zhang Tie pointed at his own nose. “Once our brotherhood joins your Male Lion a.s.sociation, you will let me be the vice head of your Male Lion a.s.sociation?”

“Of course, I mean it!” Burwick said with a sincere expression.

“Have you considered the outcome?” Zhang Tie looked solemn and seriously stared at Burwick.

“I feel the other members of Male Lion a.s.sociation will agree to be led by one more able person!”

Burwick thought that Zhang Tie was a bit moved. At the same time, he glanced over to notice the disappearing smiles on the other members of the Brotherhood headed by Barley. He felt that he had already reached his target.

“I don’t mean this…” Zhang Tie smiled as widely as Burwick had. “I mean, you come to the tree base of our Brotherhood, wanting to devour us and let us be your stepping stone so as to maintain your authority in the Male Lion a.s.sociation. After realizing that we don’t agree with you, you keep using your tricks in front of us to destroy the affinity between us brothers, aiming to isolate me from them. I mean, have you considered the outcome of setting me up in front of everyone? Have you considered the outcome of treating me as a dead person, as well as an idiot?”

“I… I don’t know what you mean!” Burwick, who always had a wide smile, started to be a bit anxious.

Just now, when the other guys heard that Burwick would like to provide Zhang Tie with the position of vice head of Male Lion a.s.sociation, their faces had all turned blue, and they started to feel uncomfortable, which caused the smiles on their faces to disappear. However, after Zhang Tie’s explanation, everybody suddenly realized that Burwick had isolated Zhang Tie from the other members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood just by using that one sentence. As a result, they all cast their glares towards Burwick.

Still smiling, Zhang Tie, who had not made any prior moves, directly jumped up from the tree stump and punched Burwick in the face. As a result, Burwick’s nose immediately started bleeding, and he fell backwards. Zhang Tie then quickly charged at him like a cheetah, without saying any words. Before Burwick could respond due to his dizziness, Zhang Tie fiercely kicked his stomach, which rolled him two meters away like a football ball. Curling up on the ground like a shrimp, Burwick could not even pick himself up from the ground.

Zhang Tie didn’t stop there, instead, he surged forward. Lifting his big foot, he ferociously stamped onto Burwick for quite a while.

At the beginning, Burwick could hold it back using his hands or rolling himself to avoid Zhang Tie’s attacks, however, in 30 seconds, he had completely lost all his ability to resist. He then gritted his teeth and gave a choked cry. Later on, he simply shrieked miserably. Finally, he rolled here and there on the ground like a mouse being toyed with by a cat.

Before the ignition of the second burning point, Zhang Tie and Burwick were both LV 1 warriors, being close to each other in aspects like actual strength and physical qualities. Even if Zhang Tie had greatly improved his fighting skills in recent days, he would not be that advantageous against Burwick in a real fight. What caught Burwick unprepared though was that Zhang Tie dared to a.s.sault him in front of so many people without even a warning. With that fist, Zhang Tie did a preemptive move. With that kick, he made Burwick temporarily lose all his fighting force.

One lay on the ground, the other stood and kept ferociously kicking his opponent. The result was evident.

During those two minutes from when Zhang Tie had jumped up from the stump to make Burwick roll here and there on the ground like a mouse being played with, not only those girls in the surroundings, but also the animals of Brotherhood had their eyes and mouths wide open, even drooling without knowing.

Zhang Tie kept stamping on Burwick, throwing him, who already looked like a broken sand bag, into convulsions as he shrieked louder and louder. Such a scene was really shocking. Could it be an illusion?

Barley shook his head and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he found that Zhang Tie was still ferociously kicking Burwick. He then realized that what was happening was not illusory, still, the roles played by the two really made it hard for him to accept it.

“In school, when you used the conflict between my brothers and Glaze to set up Glaze, I let it go since it was your true ability. You then instigated those idiots who believed you to be your stepping stone by accompanying you to Crescent Prairie, I let it go then too. This father has a.s.sumed my own responsibility and what happened to those idiots has nothing to do with me…”

Zhang Tie kept ferociously kicking Burwick as he cursed, “You think I don’t know you sold me to Samira…” He stomped directly on Burwick’s face. “When the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Blackhot City arrived here, Samira poured out everything. Without your cursed instigation, Samira would have never known who I was. I let it go too since I destroyed his plan. But you dare to come here to set up my brothers and frame me in front of my women by isolating me from my brothers? You treat me as an idiot and a dead person, and still want me to ignore it? How could I do that? Aren’t you good at deceptions? I’ll let you deceive! I’ll let you deceive! I’ll let you deceive! I’ll let you deceive…”

After each “I’ll let you deceive”, Zhang Tie would ferociously kick Burwick. After each of these kicks, the guys of Hit-Plane Brotherhood all heard the sound of ribs being broken. At this moment, Burwick could not even shriek, instead, he coughed out blood…

Everybody in the Brotherhood was startled. If Bighead beat Burwick to death, that wouldn’t end well…


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