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After hearing the old man’s words, Zhang Tie realized that this was the last effort of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace after Dragon Emperor disappeared. Although Zhang Tie didn’t know about the treatment for immortal generals in other immortal palaces, he believed that the compensation of 10 element crystals monthly was “high” in Motian Realm. They paid such high compensation because they were deeply convinced that a big figure in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace would promote to a sage-level knight in 100 years. When Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was mired in dangers, they recruited a great handful of immortal generals so as to stabilize the foundation of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

Even idiots could think through it.

As all the immortal generals in the room were smart, they figured it out in the blink of an eye——There’s no free lunch for real. The high compensation provided by Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace cannot be easily earned.

“I could make a b.l.o.o.d.y pledge to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. However, I need one year’s interval for free cultivation after serving Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for a year. During the period of my private cultivation, I have the right to refuse any task dispatched by Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace!”

The arrogant earth immortal general in the room opened his mouth. After hearing such a condition, Zhang Tie smacked his lips as he thought, ‘He wants high compensation and long holiday at the same time. One day work, one day rest. If Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace agreed with him, they would fail to manage other immortal generals well. However, without such high compensation, n.o.body would join it.’

“Are you a supreme immortal general?” the woman in fiery outfit beside the old man in black robe asked him.

“I’m an earth immortal general!”

“If so, let’s talk about it when you promote to a supreme immortal general. By then, we could meet even higher requirements!” the woman said straightforwardly and aggressively as she looked up at that guy in a picky look with an embarra.s.sing smile, “Or, if you could defeat a water immortal general and bring back the head of a water demon general from the black realm, your conditions might be more convincing!”

“You…” The arrogant earth immortal general instantly sprung up as he wanted to lose his temper. However, at the sight of that woman and the old man in black robe, he replied with a cold harrumph before leaving by slamming the door behind him.

The old man in black robe didn’t stop him.

In this world, there were always conceited people who would like to enjoy the treatment of protagonists wherever they were as if they were princes or princesses. That earth immortal general might be that kind of person or he wanted to raise his value after noticing the dilemma facing Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Unimaginably, he was despised. Zhang Tie felt that these people were rather pretty funny. Seriously, these immortal generals in Motian Realm were almost like those knights in Taixia Country. People’s nature remained unchanged no matter where they were.

“After making a b.l.o.o.d.y pledge to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, could we access to the Cla.s.sics Palace and the Secret Palace of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace?” the calm man asked.

“After making a b.l.o.o.d.y pledge to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, you need to adapt to it for a decade. Ten years later, you would enjoy the corresponding resources with the earlier immortal generals according to your contribution to the immortal palace…”

‘There’s a 10-year trial period?’ Zhang Tie was amazed. However, it sounded reasonable. No matter what, as fresh members, if they shared the same treatment with elder members right now, they would dissatisfy elder members for real. As a result, internal turmoil might be aroused in the Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. It was definitely not what the powers of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace would like to see. Therefore, they set one decade’s transition so that the fresh ones could grow elder and make contributions to the immortal palace. Later on, they would gradually be accepted by the elder members and enjoy the resources inside the immortal palace.

“Ten years?” the calm man let out a long sigh as he shook his head, saying, “It’s too long. I, Jiang Zixu, only strive for each second…”

After saying such words, the calm man left the room too.

As a result, there were only 5 candidates left at that moment, respectively Zhang Tie, the two women beside him and the two brothers.

During this process, Ji Yuelan might be communicating with that woman on her side secretly using battle qi.

Not knowing why, besides the two brothers and the two women, even the old man in black robe and that woman in fiery outfit fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie at this moment. Since Zhang Tie remained silent, of course, he aroused the attention of all the others at present.

Scratching his head, Zhang Tie put straightforwardly, “As I’ve got injured, I couldn’t remember my past. I want to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Do you agree?”

“As long as you’re not a demon and you’re willing to serve, even if you got injured, you could also join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Additionally, after joining us, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace would try to cure your disease too!” the old man in black robe told Zhang Tie with a faint, gentle smile.

“Great, I’m in!” Zhang Tie replied quickly.

Zhang Tie’s quick decision slightly shocked the old man and the woman.

“Are you sure?” the old man asked Zhang Tie seriously.

“Haha, you bet. I feel your condition is very normal and reasonable. Rights and obligations should be equal. If one wants to enjoy something, he should pay for it accordingly. Your condition is fair. Therefore, I accept it!” Zhang Tie said calmly as he shrugged.

“Rights and obligations should be equal…” the old man considered this sentence with a slight frown as he nodded and said, “Not bad, it’s a nice and philosophical sentence! What’s your name…”

“I’m Zhang Tie!”

“Who else among you four would like to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace?” the old man asked the remaining four.

“We two are in!” Ji Yuelan answered as she revealed a brilliant smile at Zhang Tie. Meanwhile, the female immortal general beside her nodded.

Previously, the two brothers were a bit hesitant. However, when they saw that the two women joined in, after exchanging a glance with each other, they hurriedly expressed, “Plus we two…”

“Fine, now that you five would like to join in, you should settle down in the immortal palace first. A few days later, after this round of recruitment, you would hold a ceremony for making a b.l.o.o.d.y pledge with the other fresh immortal generals so as to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace officially. As for now, we need to confirm that you’re not demons in disguise. After that, you could go back to your residence to get some rest…”


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