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Chapter 877: Treating My Brother Like Ice Cream

“Then why did you break off the engagement?” The engagement must have been broken off in the end. Otherwise, Lu Xingzhi would not have been able to marry her. However, Jiang Yao did not know how they broke off the engagement.

“I still get angry when we speak of this!” Mrs Lu patted the table. She did not raise her voice; she only made a clicking sound. It was her occupational disease as a teacher. Whenever she was emotional, she would pat the table. “One day, we heard some sudden news. Xingzhi had been discharged from the army and had to come home to recuperate after his leg was seriously injured during a mission. Within two days, they brought him back on a stretcher. When I saw him that day, I was so scared that I almost fainted. When his sister saw him, she immediately cried. At that time, many neighbors saw him, and some even surrounded him. A doctor came back with him. When we asked the doctor about his condition, the doctor had a serious expression on his face, but he didn’t say a word.”

“He was injured so badly?”Jiang Yao frowned. “Why didn’t I hear him mention it before? If he had been so severely injured, why didn’t I see him cry out in pain? Had he been enduring it all this while?”

“Sister-in-law, look at how worried you are!” Lu Xiaoxiao burst into laughter and teased her. “Auntie, look at how worried she is when she heard that Brother was injured. Her brows are knitted into a straight line. Well, it’s easy to tell whether someone is really concerned about me or not.”

Mother Lu smiled and nodded. She could tell that Jiang Yao was anxious about Lu Xingzhi.

“Don’t worry. Just continue to listen to the story.” Mrs Lu patted the back of Jiang Yao’s hand affectionately. “When he was sent back, he was still in a coma. The doctor left without saying anything. He made us cry. At that time, Chen Lanying and her parents came to our home. They said they wanted to visit Xingzhi, but they asked whether he couldn’t stand up and had become a cripple, like the rumors they heard. Did he really retire from the army? At that time, we were all in a mess. How could we have the mood to answer their questions?”

The most important thing was that Lu Xingzhi’s parents had no idea what had happened, but the Chen family was already there. It seemed like a rumor had spread, and the Chen family had kept their eyes on the Lu family’s every move. The moment that their son was back, they knew about it, and they could not wait to visit him.

“Chen Lanying’s family didn’t find out anything from us, and they left. Then Xingzhi immediately got off his bed and jumped around; it was only then that we realized he was not injured. He had spread that rumor deliberately, and he had returned for that reason.”

Jiang Yao had guessed what happened when she heard that. “Did the Chen family propose to cancel the engagement soon after they went back?”

“Yes, they did it in two days.” Mrs Lu nodded. “Xingzhi made such a big fuss to force them to cancel the engagement. So we agreed to it when they mentioned it again. Their engagement was canceled just like that.”

“It was not only that. Chen Lanying got engaged to Lu Weihua in less than three days after they canceled the engagement. She had even chosen a wedding date.” Lu Xiaoxiao sneered, “What does she think of my brother? She was only waiting to choose between Lu Weihua and my brother. Does she think that my brother is like ice cream? That she could have a taste to choose a better one?”


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