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Chapter 864: These Clothes Aren’t Cheap

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Then, Jiang Yao pulled Jiang Jie and left.

Yang Gaoshu saw that Jiang Yao and Jiang Jie had left before she snapped back to her senses. She looked at Jiang Lei and smiled. “I know that your sister is back today, so I changed s.h.i.+fts with my colleagues. I’ve just finished dressing up and was preparing to go to the station to take a bus to your village to look for you.”

Jiang Lei did not suspect anything because that was the direction to the station. She smiled when she heard that.

“Let me see your new clothes.” When she noticed that Jiang Lei did not suspect her, Yang Gaoshu reached out to touch Jiang Lei’s clothes. She sighed. “This material feels different from the ones here. It shouldn’t be cheap.”

“It’s not cheap! This coat costs more than a hundred bucks. When Yaoyao took it out yesterday, I was shocked when I saw the logo.” Jiang Lei nodded as he took off his coat and handed it to Yang Gaoshu. “Try it on. How does it feel to wear a coat that costs more than 100 bucks! That’s one and a half months of my salary. This is like wearing one and a half months of my salary. This is not even the most expensive item that Yaoyao brought with her. I plan to keep the more expensive one for the new year.”

Jiang Lei was the type of person who, when he had you in his heart, wished that he could give you the best. It was like how he doted on his younger sister, Jiang Yao. When Jiang Yao was young, she was a greedy girl. Even though he did not like it, he would skip cla.s.ses to pick up trash that he could sell for money, and when he had enough, he would buy her some delicious food.

His cla.s.smates used to laugh at him for doting on his younger sister. They said that she would get married eventually, and by then, she would belong to another family. He would have pampered another family’s daughter-in-law for nothing.

Jiang Lei felt very proud then. His sister had managed to get into university, and she had bought him so many things when she was back for a vacation. He wished he could show off every time he saw another person.

However, he also wanted to share the happy news with his girlfriend. He wanted Yang Gaoshu to be pleased for him. He would be happier if she would praise him or his sister a little more.

Jiang Lei’s salary was not considered low when compared with the other young people in the county. However, the Jiang family was not wealthy. He had gotten used to casual clothes, food, and accommodation since he was young. After he started to earn money, he did not even know how to dress. If he needed clothes, then he would simply buy two sets. Since he could not save most of his money, he would rather spend it on his family and girlfriend.

After Jiang Lei took his coat off, Yang Gaoshu saw the brand at a glance. Her eyes jumped when she saw it. She recognized that brand; she even said that it was very familiar.

Indeed, even a s.h.i.+rt from that brand would cost at least 100 bucks. She knew that Jiang Lei’s sister was married to the wealthy Lu family in town, but she did not expect that she would be so generous to her brother even after she had climbed up the social ladder.

Yang Gaoshu recalled the news that she had heard from her friends the previous night. People said that the Jiang family’s daughter had brought two big boxes home. She had also bought many things for her sister-in-law, who was about to marry into the family. Apart from clothes and shoes, she had also bought cosmetics, perfume, and even a set of gold jewelry for w.a.n.g Xian!

Yang Gaoshu’s friend told her that w.a.n.g Xian did get a set of gold jewelry, indeed. When Yang Gaoshu heard that, she thought that it was only a rumor.

A set of gold jewelry—how much would that cost? Just because the Lu family was wealthy, would they let their daughter-in-law spend so much? She had bought expensive clothes and jewelry—did she want to move all the money from the Lu family to the Jiang family?


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