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Chapter 243: I Want to Buy It

As the two girls were walking in the buzzing campus, Wen Xuehui turned and said to Jiang Yao when she saw someone coming her way from afar, “I’ll ask my dad to book the train tickets for us for this coming weekend, I’ll tell him that I’m going for a getaway with you, is that okay?”

“I’ll ask someone to do it, don’t tell your father,” Jiang Yao replied, “Li Ronghui has been in frequent contact with your father lately. If you ask your father to buy the tickets, I’m afraid he might mention it to him about you traveling with me. If he informs him about our destination, I bet Li Ronghui would know what we want to do and why we’re there.”

“Okay.” Seeing that Jiang Yao was pretty confident about taking charge of the ticket booking, Wen Xuehui complied with her suggestion.

The train tickets at this time of the year were selling like hotcakes, but since she said she would do it, she definitely had her ways to accomplish it.

Indeed, Jiang Yao had a way, and her way was to give the task to Qi Xiang.

She sent a text message to him about the tickets, telling him not to tell others about her going away or her destination, although she guessed that he dared not say anything.

It was such a mediocre task that the Qi family was more than enough to execute it, she did not have to be too cautious about it.

It was just like how Lu Xingzhi taught her, ‘Watch out for who you can employ, when you can employ them, and where you should employ them to fully utilize their capabilities.’

With the Qi family’s network in Nanjiang, they were the most appropriate to do these small ch.o.r.es. After all, booking tickets was just an order away for them.

During lunch break, Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui, who managed to avoid Li Ronghui, returned to their dorm. Zhou Xiaoxia was in the room too, but Li Yi and Lin Qiaoyu were nowhere to be seen.

Huang Chengjing’s voice flashed across Jiang Yao’s mind. He told her that she could buy the shares from Mr. Qin and even other shareholders in two days’ time, but her first concern, for now, was money.

She still was not sure about the chamber pot’s resell value, it also was not something that could be sold immediately.

Jiang Yao pondered for a while longer before deciding to call Lu Xingzhi. She grinned a little while she was at it, thinking that it was such a wonderful thing to have a rich husband.

However, she attempted several calls that all went unanswered until one point where there was voice notification telling her that the phone was switched off.

She figured that she was probably the reason Lu Xingzhi’s phone battery was drained flat. Hence, she started typing a message, frankly telling him about the money she needed to buy shares from Mr. Qin and the small-time shareholders. He would probably call her back as soon as he saw the message.

She threw the matter out of the window after sending the message, positive that Lu Xingzhi had the money she needed based on his disdainful att.i.tude when it came to this hospital the other day.

After school in the afternoon, Jiang Yao took a cab, went back to Antique Street, and strode toward the stall that she went to yesterday. Seeing that the chamber pot was still placed pitifully in the corner of the stall, she called out to the owner and asked for the price of the pot.

The owner looked toward the direction of the voice and realized that it was the eccentric young girl from yesterday. He was taken aback when she insisted on buying the chamber pot. “Young lady, are you sure you want to buy that thing?”

“Yes, I want it! There’s this girl that I hate and I’m going to buy this thing as a present for her. Don’t you think it’s an awesome idea?” Jiang Yao puffed her cheeks like a young and menacing girl with a cunning expression.

“Uncle, please just sell me the thing! You said it yourself, it is just a worthless piece of junk, ain’t it tiring for you to move it in and out every day if you keep it in your store?”

The owner could not find any other excuse to reject her after hearing her remarks.

Not many people would fancy things like chamber pots. Could he really agree to the girl’s intention of giving it to someone she hated? It was quite an ambiguous choice of retaliation. All he could think of was how mischievous these rich rascals could be sometimes.


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