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Chapter 233: Manager Sun was Fired

“Manager Sun, are you here to get something?” Jiang Yao asked casually. She laid her eyes on the items displayed on the shelf in the store. There were a lot of things on display but the price of every item there left Jiang Yao speechless.

She then realized that she was really a ‘poor master’ once she walked into the store. No wonder ‘Master Moe’ who previously had diamonds as his toys looked down on her financial capabilities.

Manager Sun shook his head and his face became drearier instead.

“Please carry on, Miss Jiang, I will not continue to bother you.” Manager Sun knew that he had only met Jiang Yao a few times so it would be impossible for him to tell her about the difficulties that he was facing.

He noticed that Jiang Yao was looking at the promoter who was standing a few steps away from her. He could guess her confusion. Manager Sun whispered to Jiang Yao in order to clear her doubts. “There’s an unwritten rule in all the antique stores. Once a customer steps into the store, the promoters will never serve the customer automatically on their own to promote the goods unless the customer inquires first. This is because, someone who walks into the stores is most probably a connoisseur of antiques. Most of them would prefer to look around on their own instead of having a person tag along and disturbing them.”

That cleared Jiang Yao’s questions, she was amazed by Manager Sun’s outstanding ability in observing people’s facial expressions and reading their minds once again.

When she saw that Manager Sun was about to leave, Jiang Yao lost her interest to continue shopping as well since she could not afford anything. If something really did catch her interest, she would be heartbroken instead.

Both of them left the store consecutively. Manager Sun noticed that Jiang Yao followed him out of the store and he looked at Jiang Yao in surprise. However, he did not say anything and only smiled at Jiang Yao. He then stood there and looked around with a dazed look in his eyes.

That was what aroused Jiang Yao’s curiosity.

When she met Manager Sun the last time, his spirit was high and energetic. What happened after that short period of time? It was as if he was in big trouble.

Jiang Yao thought that people as intelligent as Manager Sun should not have gotten himself into any big trouble.

“Manager Sun, did something happen to you recently?” Jiang Yao asked casually.

If Jiang Yao did not ask, Manager Sun would never have spoken about it. Once Jiang Yao asked, even if he knew that Jiang Yao could not help much, he still could not resist pouring his heart out.

“I was fired.” Manager Sun sighed. “Unfortunately, my daughter was admitted into the hospital at this crucial moment and I am penniless. My family ran out of cash and I refuse to sell the house. I’m afraid that my daughter will have no place to live once she is discharged. Therefore, I’m thinking of selling the teapot that has been pa.s.sed down for generations in my family but I have no knowledge of the antique stuff. I don’t even know whether the teapot is an antique and if so, how much it is worth. That’s why I came here to check on the normal price of a teapot selling in the antique stores since I’m free.”

“You were fired?” Jiang Yao was stunned. She would believe it if Manager Sun decided to resign or job-hop because she knew well about Manager Sun’s capabilities. Which employer in this world would be blind and foolish enough to fire such an excellent employee?

“It’s all because of the Zhang…” Manager Sun accidentally blurted out a few words but kept his mouth shut immediately after that. He looked at Jiang Yao subconsciously and averted his gaze. He then shook his head and sighed, “It was just an unexpected misfortune. Moreover, it is not worth it staying in such a restaurant.”

For an unknown reason, Jiang Yao came out with a conjecture when Manager Sun glanced at her for that split second. She might be the reason why Manager Sun was fired, or perhaps she was involved at the very least.


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