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It hadn’t been long since Qiao Anhao first woke, but she soon fell asleep. Perhaps it was because she’d been unconscious for quite some time, this time, she didn’t sleep for long. When she woke up again, it was already late at night.

The entire world sounded spectacularly silent. Xu Jiamu might’ve not slept well for a few days, and so when she finally woke up, he fell deep asleep in the other bed. Her wrist was still on a drip, which looked like an IV.

This time, when she woke, her head was a lot clearer than the first time. She remembered how she b.u.mped into the Xu family’s housekeeper and fell down the stairs. They told her that she’d been unconscious for four days and four nights… four whole days and nights. Could Lu Jinnian have tried looking for her?

Before she fell unconscious, she got into an argument with him. She originally wanted to apologize to him. What if he tried to look for her these few days and she didn’t reply…

The more Qiao Anhao thought about it, the more confused her heart became. She turned her head and glanced over at Xu Jiamu, who was deep asleep. She bit her bottom lip, lifted her arm up, yanking the needle from her wrist. Then, she quietly removed her covers and climbed out of bed.

The moment her feet touched the ground, Qiao Anhao felt stars appear before her eyes. She used the bed to support her up and waited a moment to feel more comfortable. She then let go of the bed and slowly moved her feet. It didn’t feel entirely painful to walk, and so she tiptoed all the way to the door.

There were no other clothes in the hospital, and so she could only wear the hospital gown out. Just before she walked out the door, she realized that she didn’t have any money on her and so she went over to the wallet Xu Jiamu put on the table and pulled out two notes.

Luckily it was late in the night at the time, and so the nurses on the late s.h.i.+ft were spread out on their desks, dosing off. She used that chance to casually slip out.

Qiao Anhao had only reached the entrance when she felt that her body was at it’s limit. She waited by the road for a while, and raised a hand to hail a taxi.

Qiao Anhao entered the pa.s.scode and opened the door to her apartment in Ming Zhu Garden. The apartment was pitch-black, with no lights coming through whatsoever.

She turned on the lights, then changed her shoes at the entrance, went upstairs to her bedroom, and saw that everything was just as it were on the day she left. Her changing room was a complete mess. After she had tried on every outfit, she had randomly thrown all her clothes in every direction.

Qiao Anhao walked to the bedside and collapsed there. She grabbed for the home phone on her bedside table and called Lu Jinnian.

“I’m sorry, the number you dialed cannot be reached within your service area.”

Qiao Anhao furrowed her brows. Not in the service area, was the phone out of battery?

She put the phone down and nestled there in bed for a while. Only when she regained her strength a little did she sit up. Seeing that the iPad was on the coffee table, she walked over and put in her WeChat ID and pa.s.sword.

After it took a long time for it load, she finally got into her account. A ton of messages popped up one after the other. So much so that one of her group chats had almost ten million unread messages.

Qiao Anhao searched for Lu Jinnian’s name, and was disappointed to find that he hadn’t sent her a single message. Nevertheless, she still sent him one, [I’m home at Ming Zhu Garden.]

After she sent the message, Qiao Anhao scrolled through her other unread messages. The first name she clicked on was Zhao Meng. She’d sent her a ton of messages, which mostly were “You here?” or emojis.

First, Qiao Anhao replied to Zhao Meng with a “Yeah”. Just as she was about to write more, Zhao Meng suddenly replied with an exclamation mark. Then she sent her a voice note. “Qiao Qiao, you’re still alive? Do you know that Mr. Lu has been looking for you like crazy?!”


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