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Chapter 1501 – Mortar

After a flash of white light, Zhao Hai appeared on a transmission formation. This transmission formation was quite big, at about ten meters across. Zhao Hai looked around and saw that he was in a mountain valley. He couldn’t help but smile, he didn’t expect the transmission formation of Yan Planet to be in such a place.

But Just as Zhao Hai was about to proceed, his eyes revealed his amazement. The mountains on both sides of the valley were very tall and seemed unending. One couldn’t see where they ended up. This was because these mountains weren’t made of earth or stone. Instead, they were piles of metals. Entire mountains of metals!

This was a terrifying scale. A pile of materials that reached as high as a mountain. Moreover, it wasn’t just one mountain, it was an entire mountain range!

Zhao Hai’s eyes sone as he sized up his surroundings. Then all of a sudden a voice was heard, “Kid, why haven’t I been informed that you were coming? I would have been waiting.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to see an old man with white hair and beard flying from a distance. The old man wasn’t tall, but he was quite fat. Both his hair and beard were pale white and he had old age spots on his face. Despite this, the old man’s eyes were still shining, one couldn’t see his age from them at all.

Just as Zhao Hai was about to introduce himself, the old man immediately said, “Are you my replacement? Young, but not motivated, running here to do this shabby work. Tsk tsk. But this old man wouldn’t lecture a kid. Well then, I’ll be leaving this place to you.” After speaking, he didn’t give Zhao Hai a chance to speak at all as he entered the transmission formation and left just like that.

Zhao Hai was stunned in place. He didn’t know what to say. The old man was too anxious to leave that he didn’t even give Zhao Hai any opportunity to talk.

Zhao Hai shrugged his shoulders and shifted his focus on the piles of waste materials around him. One could see that most of them were metallic, but there were things that he couldn’t identify.

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately absorb these materials. Instead, he scouted the planet first. He wanted to see that there were indeed n.o.body else on the planet. The planet was very big. Even with Zhao Hai’s speed, it took him several hours to circ.u.mnavigate it. After going through the planet, Zhao Hai was only left with shock.

All kinds of waste materials were present on this planet. It was filled with these waste materials. There’s also a cave residence on the planet. It should be owned by the old person who left just before, he should be Old Jiang. The cave residence was built inside one of these mountains. Although it was huge, it doesn’t look comfortable.

Zhao Hai didn’t bother to go to that cave residence. After inspecting the planet for a week, he returned to the s.p.a.ce. Laura and the others were now quite busy. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “How is it?”

He wasn’t asking about Yan Planet but about another matter. Before being led to the transmission formation by Mu Yu, Zhao Hai left silver needles behind. At the same time, his large artifacts were also capable of releasing silver needles. Zhao Hai was using these needles to map more places for the s.p.a.ce.

Laura smiled and said, “Don’t worry, everything’s going well.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, how’s the design for the cannons going?”

Cai’er nodded and said, “It’s done. I’ve also divided them into two types, one’s the conventional cannon and the other is a mortar-type weapon. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai gave a nod, “We’ll give the blueprint for the mortar to Brother Mu Yu and the others. We’ll keep the cannons for ourselves. Right, we need to install these cannons to the h.e.l.l King’s Ship and our other large artifacts.”

Cai’er complied. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Now that we’ve come across such a huge treasure trove, it would be a waste if we don’t harvest some good things. There’s no need to hold back, let’s receive one tenth first.” Cai’er understood what Zhao Hai meant. Yan Planet was indeed a treasure trove for them. Naturally, they wouldn’t hold back.

Cai’er replied, “A processing machine will take care of the rifles, cannons, bullets, and sh.e.l.ls each. The rest will work on decomposing the materials. This task is too easy for the processing machine.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, you can go take care of it. I’ll head out now and collect waste materials. Let’s sort the scavenged resources into their own groups.”

Cai’er nodded. Then Zhao Hai’s body flashed as he went out of the s.p.a.ce. Then he waved his hand as a spatial rift appeared and sucked in the waste material mountains.

As a pile of waste materials vanished, the processing machines began to work. The waste materials were immediately decomposed into base materials and then put to storage.

Now that he was the only person left in Yan Planet, Zhao Hai naturally could do whatever he wanted. In a short while, a mountain was absorbed by the s.p.a.ce.

Various materials began piling up inside the s.p.a.ce. At the same time, cannons and mortars were being produced. Naturally, this included their ammunition.

After receiving the mountain, Zhao Hai stopped for a while. Then he took out a jade slip, a mortar, and a few sh.e.l.ls to the transmission formation. The transmission formation flashed as the items disappeared.

At this time, the transmission formation area of the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters was extremely busy. People were constantly coming in and out of the formations. The people who arrived were from subordinate realms while the people going out were from the Hundred Treasures Realm.

However, there was a transmission formation which didn’t have any activity at all. There were even people guarding it. This caused the people coming to the headquarters to be curious. One of them asked, “Lei Peng, where does that transmission formation go? Why are people guarding it? Last I remember, that formation was quite normal.”

Lei Peng turned towards the formation and then smiled faintly as he answered, “That’s Mister Zhao Hai’s specially a.s.signed transmission formation. Mister is currently out of the headquarters, but Commander Mu ordered to have the formation open at all times for Mister Zhao Hai to use.”

Those who were listening to Lei Peng were startled. The person who asked looked at Lei Peng and said, “Didn’t Zhao Hai enter the Hundred Treasures Realm quite recently? I heard of him. Is he strong? Why does Commander Mu treat him well?”

Lei Peng replied, “Mister Zhao Hai isn’t only strong. I followed Mister Zhao Hai and Commander Mu back in the Octopus Islands to deal with the Giant Spirit Realm b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. I even got involved with fighting against the Fireweavers. Hahaha. Fighting with Mister Zhao Hai is really great. The other party simply can’t do anything to us. Beating those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds is very energizing.” As he was talking, a white light flashed from Zhao Hai’s transmission formation. After that, a jade slip, something similar to an iron pipe, and a few round iron objects appeared.

The people guarding the transmission formation didn’t dare neglect the items. They immediately took it and sent it over. Those present quickly turned their gazes back to Lei Peng. The person from the subordinate realm asked, “Lei Peng, what’s that? Isn’t it just an iron pipe? Why do the guards look anxious?”

Lei Peng looked at the person and said, “It really seems like an iron pipe. However, it’s something sent over by Mister Zhao Hai. Not to say an iron pipe, even if he sent a stick of iron, the guards would still treat it with importance. Alright, you go along. You shouldn’t be staying here or else you’ll block other people from entering.” The person complied and then moved on with an expression of doubt.

Mu Yu was really busy. He, along with Tang Jie and Tang Wen, used Zhao Hai’s large artifacts in order to shuttle people from all around. Because of the three large artifacts, the speed of evacuation had largely increased. However, it was clear that not everyone can stay in the Hundred Treasures Realm’s camp.

Fortunately for Mu Yu, he ordered for the transmission formation to Yan Planet to be guarded. He also told the guards to immediately send anything that appears on the transmission to the Elders. With Mu Yu’s status in the Hundred Treasures Realm, n.o.body questioned him.

So when the guards saw the items on the transmission formation, they immediately took them to the conference hall.

Mu Yao and the others were currently listening to various reports and sending responses to some of them. When the guard arrived, he immediately handed the items over to Mu Yao.

Mu Yao looked at the mortar with curiosity. Then he took the jade slip and read the contents using his spiritual force. Naturally, recorded in the jade slip was the refining method of the mortar.

It must be known that Zhao Hai’s mortars didn’t need to have mounts. Normally, when a mortar was used, a mount would be used to withstand the recoil. However, the people using the mortar this time were cultivators. The recoil of the mortar was nothing to them. Instead of a mount, a handle was installed so that the mortar could be held.

As for the mortar sh.e.l.ls, Zhao Hai didn’t need to think much about it nor make any modifications. The sh.e.l.ls used were similar to the ones used by the Fireweavers. The only difference was the sh.e.l.ls of the Fireweavers needed to be fired while the mortar sh.e.l.ls were being triggered.

Mu Yao happily nodded as he turned to Tang Yaoen and said, “Take a look. Little Hai is indeed a genius.” As he said that, Mu Yao waved his hand and took the mortar into his hands.

The mortar wasn’t as simple as an iron pipe. There were plenty of formations inside it. These formations were accelerators that would boost the sh.e.l.ls once they were triggered. This would cause the mortar sh.e.l.ls to be more powerful than on their own.

As for the mortar sh.e.l.ls, they were made thick and were filled with smaller projectiles. This allowed the sh.e.l.ls to explode once more, causing even more damage to the enemies.


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