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Zhao Hai nodded. In the Ark Continent, magic formations weren’t capable of resisting natural disasters. But in the Underworld, they could. Perhaps this was something that was brought up because of the environment.

Just as Zhao Hai was about to reply, a calm voice was suddenly heard, “Kampala, Guli, Jiang Zheng, come out and meet me!”

This voice was somewhat ice-cold. The words weren’t said quickly, making one feel that the speaker was unfl.u.s.tered. This made Zhao Hai curious.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Since he called us, then we might as well take a look. I want to see what this Vampire King looks like.” Then Zhao Hai’s figure moved as he flew out from the tower and headed towards the direction of Addison’s voice.

Jiang Zheng and Guli also hastily followed behind. Before long, the three had flown out of Three Saint City. It didn’t take long until a group of people appeared across from them. These people stopped five meters away from Zhao Hai’s group.

Altogether, there were 20 people in this group. This includes two Lich, ten Skeletons, five Zombies, and three Vampires.

Standing in front of this group was a Vampire wearing a black dress. His dress was embroidered with gold, it looked very gorgeous. His hair was neatly tied with a black tie. The man was handsome, but he was on the softer androgynous side. His face was very pale, a kind of pale white skin that hasn’t seen the the sun for a long time. He had two red eyes, looking like two red gems.

He was gracefully standing there, looking like a true king gazing at his own subordinates. This kind of temperament was something that just subconsciously comes out of a person. It made the recipient of this temperament feel like they were inferior.

While Zhao Hai was sizing up Addison, Addison was also sizing up Zhao Hai. The first time Addison felt Zhao Hai, his eyes shrank a bit. This was because Zhao Hai had a heartbeat as well as life aura. But when he saw Zhao Hai’s appearance, Addison began to relax, he was finally able to identify Zhao Hai as a Dark Pharaoh.

However, Addison also paid more attention to Zhao Hai even if he was relieved. He knew that Zhao Hai was the one who fought with him before. Addison couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai more carefully.

As he looked at Zhao Hai, Addison became even more curious. In the Underworld, he was someone who stood on top, so there would inevitably some pressure coming out from him. It was a majesty that was present in a king. An aura that indicated to ordinary Undead that they should surrender, otherwise they would be killed.

And Addison, who had clashed with Zhao Hai, suddenly discovered that Zhao Hai didn’t have the same aura. What’s wrong? This made Addison very puzzled.

After looking at Zhao Hai for a while, Addison said, “Who are you? Where’s Kampala?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This one is Zhao Hai. Kampala is not here, he went to another place.”

Addison looked at the people behind Zhao Hai. And like guards, Guli and Jiang Zheng were there. Addison’s expression slightly changed as he asked, “Jiang Zheng, Guli, what is going on?”

Jiang Zheng looked at Addison and smiled, “We have already pledged our allegiance to Mister Zhao Hai, Kampala did the same. Any matter you want to say can be said to Mister Zhao Hai.” After he said that Jiang Zheng proceeded to shut up.

Addison looked at Zhao Hai in surprise. He didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be able to subdue Kampala’s group. He didn’t know Kampala and the others for just a day or two, he knew how different the three of them were compared to the others in the Resistance army. They didn’t want authority, instead they wanted freedom. Because of this, the three of them didn’t join any faction and won’t bow to any other. And now that they had submitted to Zhao Hai, Addison was surprised.

Addison looked at Zhao Hai for some time before he said, “Alright, since I’m supposed to talk to you. Zhao Hai, I think you should already be aware of the Underworld’s situation.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I know a thing or two.”

Addison nodded and said, “You should know that the reason why the Rebel army isn’t able to hit the Dark Tempe is because the Dark Temple is acting as a whole, under one leader. On the other hand, the Resistance army is scattered, simply cannot muster up enough fighting strength. In this case, it’s natural for us to suffer a loss. Because of this, the Resistance army needs to unite and form a whole ent.i.ty. Only by doing so could we defeat the Dark Temple.”

Zhao hai nodded and said, “What you said is true. But what does this have to do with Your Majesty bringing your army here to surround Three Saint City?”

When Addison heard Zhao Hai, his nose almost scrunched up. Naturally, he didn’t believe that Zhao Hai was unaware of what was going on. Zhao Hai was obviously acting stupid. This stoked Addison’s anger.

There weren’t any qualified politicians in the Underworld, so Addison wasn’t able to hold his temper as he flared up. He looked coldly at Zhao Hai and said, “Submit to me. Treat me as your King, or else you’ll die!”

Zhao Hai looked at Addison, then he suddenly laughed and said, “It’s still early, yet you’re already spouting nonsense. And why would I submit to you? Why don’t you submit to me instead?”

When Addison heard Zhao Hai, his two ruby like eyes shone. Two sharp fangs sprang out from his mouth as his expression turned fierce. Then he opened his mouth and sent out a horrifying scream.

Just as Addison’s eyes changed, Zhao Hai had already covered his group with a protective shield. At the same time, he also took all of the Undead in Three Saint City into the s.p.a.ce.

When these Undead were released from the s.p.a.ce before, they already had the s.p.a.ce’s imprint. If Zhao Hai wanted to send them to the s.p.a.ce, then he would only need to make an intention to do so.

When Addison opened his mouth, a transparent energy erupted out. A wave of energy went out from his mouth and headed towards Zhao Hai and the others. This was a unique skill to the Vampires, a sound attack.

The sound attack went straight towards Zhao Hai. The distance between Addison and Zhao Hai was only five meters, but such a close distance was not a big deal for experts like Addison. He wouldn’t even need less than a blink of time to reach that distance. This made the sound attack reach its target in no time.

But when the sound attack was about to reach Zhao Hai, a shield suddenly appeared to block it. The shield appeared as fast as the sound attack went, absorbing it and eliminating it altogether.

Addison saw that the attack didn’t receive the effect he expected it to have and immediately attacked Zhao Hai using his hand. His nails glimmered with red, indicating that it was sharp.

To counteract this attack, a sword quickly appeared in Zhao Hai’s hand. The two moved very fast that Addison didn’t have time to change his attack. However, he didn’t think much about it, he just went through and clashed with Zhao Hai’s sword. Zhao Hai didn’t move as well as he met Addison’s hand with his sword.

Just as Addison’s hand caught Zhao Hai’s sword, a bang was suddenly heard. Flames came out of the sword before it vanished.

The sword that Zhao Hai just used was the fire element sword that was made from Kampala’s compression magic. Addison didn’t suspect anything since Zhao Hai used the Underworld’s yin fire in order to make the sword instead of the s.p.a.ce’s yang fire.

Zhao Hai was very clear, although yang fire was very effective against Addison, he knew that he shouldn’t use it in the Underworld. If he used yang fire, then Addison would suspect his ident.i.ty. When the time comes, the whole Underworld would know that there was a spatial rift. It would affect Zhao Hai’s plan so he didn’t use yang fire.

Addison clearly had some reservations about yin fire. He retracted his claws as he grasped in the air and took out a cross sword.

This cross sword was silver white, the hilt was like a bat that had expanded its wings. The blade wasn’t straight but instead it snaked out. Other than that, it was a standard cross sword. It was gorgeous as it was st.u.r.dy.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he also extended his hand as he took out his own sword. This wasn’t the usual sword that people would describe. It was a overly curved sword, it looks like a scimitar but it was double-edged. [1]

As the two took their weapons out, they immediately began to attack once more. A collision could be heard, but this time it didn’t make any explosion since there was nothing made out of fire element.

After the two clashed, they immediately separated. Addison looked at the curved sword in Zhao Hai’s hand and said, “Where did you get your weapon from?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Where did you get your weapon from?”

Addison coldly snorted as he flew once more towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai didn’t retreat as he charged as well. The two moved fast and their swords continuously clashed. Dang, dang, dang, dang. Rapid successions of this sound was heard to the point where their collisions could no longer be counted.

After a while the two men entered the Dark Mist. Their figures could no longer be seen, only the sounds of their swords could be heard.

When Addison’s men saw their King vanish, they turned their gazes towards Guli and Jiang Zheng Guli and Jiang Zheng looked at the other party and immediately knew what they were thinking. Guli quickly took his sword out as Jiang Zheng’s nails grew longer. Addison’s men roared before throwing themselves towards the enemy.

Guli and Jiang Zheng were completely inferior in numbers. Just as the two were beginning to get fl.u.s.tered, a large group of Skeletons appeared around them. These Undead immediately turned towards the approaching enemies and blocked them..

Addison’s subordinates were startled upon seeing these Skeletons. They discovered that even if these Skeletons were inferior, they actually formed battle formations and were very well coordinated. They suddenly found that they weren’t able to simply deal with these Skeleton troop.

Upon seeing the situation, Addison’s subordinates immediately screamed. This scream not only disturbed the enemy, it also summoned their men. When the screams went out, the undead surrounding Three Saint City began to attack.

In the minds of Addison’s men, the strength of Three Saint City definitely wouldn’t be able to stop their attack. And because Jiang Zheng and Guli were outside, the magic formation hasn’t been activated. It seems like Three Saint City was about to be broken through.

Ideas were sweet, but reality was cruel. Under the gaze of the attackers, countless skeletons began to stream out of Three Saint City. These Skeletons were not only powerful, they were also numerous. The attackers were quick to discover that their forces began to suffer losses.

Such a change made them surprised. This was far from their expectations. They didn’t expect Three Saint City to have this many troops.

As the battle of Three Saint City became heated, the same was true with the fight between Zhao Hai and Addison. At this point, n.o.body could see their figures. The two increased their speed to the extreme. The swords in their hands danced quickly as spark upon spark appeared. The sounds of their impact were like fried beans resounding one after another, there was no moment of pause.

Besides their swords, the two didn’t use any other tricks. They were already too deep into the battle and their swords were already going too fast. There simply was no way for them to use other tricks, this was because they can feel that if they were distracted, then they would be stabbed by the other party’s sword. For masters like them, even a small wound would greatly impact their ability. Once the other party’s energy enters their body, then they would certainly suffer serious internal injuries.

Regarding such experts, even a small slash on the skin would prove fatal. If the other’s sword pierces their skin, then that would mean that their defense had been broken. The enemy’s energy would quickly invade their bodies and may proceed to shatter their internal organs.

Because of this, n.o.body dared to divert their attention from swinging their sword. As though they were perpetually locked into battle, the two didn’t leave any opportunity for the other party to take advantage of.

At this time, a Skeleton suddenly appeared amongst them. The two paused in an instant before separating. Then both looked at the other in fear.

They were fully immersed in their fight to think about anything else. But now that they had separated, they suddenly felt that they had consumed a lot of energy. With experts like Zhao Hai and Addison, the energy consumed would surely be terrifying.

The two knew that they had been too focused on their fight that they completely neglected anything else. They were aware that they had swung their swords as though they were possessed. If the skeleton didn’t appear, then the two of them would have fought until they died of exhaustion!

1. This is how I imagine it. Malthael from Diablo 3. [http://getwallpapers.com/wallpaper/full/a/d/6/212549.jpg]


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