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Chapter 441 – The Heart Of An Ancient Demon

“Demon Joelson” was completely killed.

He turned into a speck of light and slowly dissipated in the void.

His strength was indeed very powerful. After all, he was exactly the same as Joelson in all aspects.

Coupled with the augmentation of the ancient race form, his strength became even stronger.

If Gladstone had entered the final trial, then facing his ancient race form, his ending would only be death.

However, in front of Joelson.

Even the ancient race form was nothing.

Compared to the Ancient Dragon G.o.d form, any ancient race bloodline was too weak!

Joelson’s faint golden pupils were still staring at the spot where demon Joelson had disappeared.

He wasn’t sure if “Joelson” would be “resurrected” again and become a stronger form.

But this time, his worries were unnecessary.

Not long after.

A black stone platform descended from the sky.

On the stone platform was a blood-red beating heart.




The blood-red heart was beating very vigorously, giving out rhythmic heartbeats, causing ripples in the void.

Joelson looked at the heart curiously, a hint of doubt in his eyes.

Could it be that this beating heart was the reward for the final trial?

Then where was the sovereign’s inheritance?

Despite his doubt, Joelson still reached out to grab the blood-red heart.


The moment he touched the heart, a piece of information entered Joelson’s mind, and he understood.

He knew what this heart was for.

This beating heart contained the bloodline of the ancient race!

And that bloodline was the bloodline that demon Joelson had just grasped.

The bloodline of the ancient demon race!

But its purity far surpa.s.sed Clemente’s!

From its appearance, it could be seen that whether it was the membrane wings or the length of the forehead horn, demon Joelson surpa.s.sed Clemente.

He only needed to devour this heart to obtain the pure ancient devil race bloodline!

Joelson’s gaze unconsciously flashed with a trace of excitement and glee.

Ever since he had seen Clemente’s ancient race form, he had always wanted to possess two or even more ancient race bloodlines.

And after his battle with Wilfrid, this thought had become even more intense.

Originally, he had thought that after entering Alexander Academy, he would think of a way to obtain other ancient race bloodlines.

However, he did not expect that his second ancient race bloodline would come so quickly!

Without thinking much, Joelson directly controlled his spiritual power to wrap around it.

An invisible force wrapped around the beating blood-red heart.

The blood-red heart was shrinking at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, and its beating also became slower.

Soon, the blood-red heart disappeared from Joelson’s hand.

With the disappearance of the heart, Joelson’s body began to change.

His originally slender body began to become tall and strong, and pieces of perfectly proportioned muscles bulged on his body.

Two bulges on his back constantly shook, and two huge blood-red membrane wings drilled out from within.

The light pa.s.sed through the wings and was dyed a strange blood-red color. Inside his wings, many mysterious patterns kept flowing.

The patterns were extremely profound, and even with his talent, he could not understand it at the moment. However, he could see that these patterns contained endless power.

On his forehead, two long blood-red horns the length of his forearm grew out.

The long horns were also engraved with profound symbols. Blood-red light flowed along with the patterns.

Joelson’s pupils also changed into a strange blood-red color.

He lowered his head and looked at his hands that had already grown sharp claws. A hint of excitement flashed in his eyes.

He clenched his hands. There seemed to be an unimaginable power contained within them.

Joelson was confident that under the ancient demon form, he would be able to win even if he competed with Wilfrid in the ancient t.i.tan form!

He flapped his wings slightly and instantly transformed into a stream of light.

In an instant!

It was as if there were countless of his figures in this s.p.a.ce!

They formed a line in the s.p.a.ce!

Joelson was excited. With the membrane wings, his speed was many times faster!

However, the ancient demon race bloodline that Joelson fancied the most was not strength and speed.

What caught his eye the most was the kind of rays released by Demon Joelson!

Joelson closed his eyes and sank his spiritual power into the two horns.

The blood-red light in the horns accelerated and finally shot out two rays of light at the tip of the horns.

They shot out like two blood-red lightning bolts.

They intersected between the horns.

A blood-red ball of light condensed between the two horns, and a blood-red ray shot straight forward from the ball of light.

Joelson immediately turned around and blocked the sword of slaughter in front of him.

Because of the special nature of this s.p.a.ce, the ray shot back from behind Joelson and hit the sword of slaughter.


A sharp sound of metal colliding echoed.

Joelson was shocked. He didn’t expect the power of this “devil ray” to be so powerful.

It was much more powerful than the “Demon Joelson” ray just now.

It was still easy for him to block the demon’s attack.

But this time, his arms that were holding the sword were numb from the impact.

He looked down at the sword of slaughter and saw that there was a red mark on the spot where the sword of slaughter had been shot.

The sword continued to emit a hot aura that was transmitted to the hilt, making it difficult for him to hold it. He quickly put the sword of slaughter back into the pasture s.p.a.ce.

Joelson’s gaze was filled with shock.

The ancient demon form was far more powerful than he had imagined!

It seemed that after devouring the heart, the ancient demon form he obtained was much purer than the Demon Joelson.

It was also much more powerful!

If the Ancient Demon Joelson’s ancient demon form was as powerful as he was now…

Then it would definitely not be so easy for him to defeat his opponent. Even if he entered the Ancient Dragon G.o.d form, he would still need to expend quite a bit of effort in order to do so!

Not long after the shock, Joelson’s expression calmed down.

Although the power of the ancient demon form was powerful, it was still much weaker than the power of the Ancient Dragon G.o.d form.

If it was just entering the ancient demon form, it would be meaningless to him. It would not be as powerful as the Ancient Dragon G.o.d form.

His real thought was to shatter the power of the ancient demon form!

Fuse it into his own bloodline!

Just like the Ancient Dragon G.o.d bloodline!

He had done this when he was still on the central continent.

He had shattered the dragon bloodline and fused it into his own bloodline.

Therefore, when he obtained the Ancient Dragon G.o.d bloodline, he naturally fused it into his own bloodline.

And now, he was prepared to fuse the ancient demon bloodline into it.

This way, his bloodline would be even more powerful!

It was equivalent to enhancing his Ancient Dragon G.o.d Form!

If he could also obtain the bloodline of other ancient races.

Perhaps one day, his bloodline would be even more powerful than the ancient G.o.ds!


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