WebNovel Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy Chapter 367 – Gu Yan, what happened to you?

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Chapter 367 Gu Yan, what happened to you?

Gu Yan chuckled as well. Finally, she settled in Annan City.

The night fell…

The sky was overcast. The dark clouds covered the whole sky.

The wind roared outside the Mo’s Mansion and the gate creaked in the wind.

Mo Yichen looked weary, walking quickly with his suitcase on the road. Around him was the endless dark. His footsteps mixed with the roar of the wind played an exciting symphony.

The situation was so urgent that Mo Yichen did not inform Li Yunhong and the driver that he would come back home. At this moment, as long as Mo Yichen closed his eyes, he would think of Gu Yan, and he would think what happened to her and she must be helpless and lonely without him.

Mo Yichen couldn’t describe how he felt at this moment…

Outside the airport, Mo Yichen decided to go home first to put away the luggage and then drive to Gu Yan’s home, so he took a taxi. However, he got the terrible traffic jam and he had to get off the taxi and walk because he couldn’t even wait a second in the taxi.

The taxi pulled up to the side of the road. Mo Yichen got off with his suitcase. Now he was only one block away from his house. Mo Yichen didn’t want to bother Li Yunhong to arrange a car for him, so he just pulled the suitcase and walked step by step…

Fortunately, it didn’t take him so long to get home.

Mo Yichen stood in the doorway, looking at the gorgeous and elegant house. There were some uncomfortable feelings aroused in his heart.

Someone opened the door. Suddenly the bright light fell on his face. The harsh light made his eyes ache because he had been walking in the dark for a long time. Mo Yichen put the suitcase aside and rubbed his eyes.

“Master, is that you?” The old gatekeeper headed out and saw Mo Yichen who wore a solemn look.

“Yes.” Mo Yichen said without any expression.

The gatekeeper came out quickly to open the door for Mo Yichen.

The gatekeeper dared not say anything when he saw Mo Yichen’s indifferent expression. He just greeted Mo Yichen and closed the door after Mo Yichen walked in.

Watching Mo Yichen go away, the old gatekeeper hobbled back to the porter and turned off the light…

“Mom, I’m back.” Mo Yichen lay down on the sofa, looking around the house. The house was the same as before and nothing had changed.

“Dad…” Xiangyan went out of his room when he heard Mo Yichen’s voice with a sweet smile.

Xiangyan rushed downstairs and jumped on the sofa when he saw that Mo Yichen lay on the sofa. He was so excited that he chortled while jumping, which refreshed Mo Yichen at once. Mo Yichen was in a better condition. Mo Yichen’s whole body was also shaking because Xiangyan was jumping on the sofa.

“Xiangyan, come here.” Mo Yichen sat up and opened his arms to Mo Xiangyan.

Mo Xiangyan came to Mo Yichen and leaned in his arms happily. “Dad, you won’t leave Xiangyan again, right?”

Mo Yichen smiled to his adorable child and said, “Sure, I will spend a great deal of time with Xiangyan and I will not go away.”

“By the way, Xiangyan, have you been obedient to your grandmother these days? How is your study?” Mo Yichen asked seriously.

“Yes, I have. As for my study…” With a mysterious smile, Xiangyan stammered. Facing the question of Mo Yichen, Xiangyan just lowered his head, grabbed Mo Yichen’s sleeves tightly, and said nothing.

Mo Yichen knew Xiangyan must have played freely these days when he was not at home. Xiangyan was a naughty child and Li Yunhong spoiled him very much. Without the strict father, Xiangyan must enjoy playing and pay less attention to study. However, Mo Yichen didn’t decide to teach him a lesson when he found that Xiangyan was safe and sound.

“Xiangyan, has Aunt Gu come to see you these days?” Mo Yichen asked. Mo Xiangyan just looked at his father and shook his head.

“Haven’t you seen Aunt Gu for days?” Mo Yichen didn’t believe it and asked again. He remembered that he told Gu Yan many times to spend more time with Xiangyan before leaving.

Mo Xiangyan shook his head again. Mo Yichen was lost in thought.

“What on earth happened to Gu Yan? How could she forget to see Xiangyan? Xiangyan is the one she loves most. Is she really in trouble?” Countless questions made their way through Mo Yichen’s mind.

“Dad, I heard that grandma said Aunt Gu’s studio was in trouble and Aunt Gu was heavily in debt. Grandma and Aunt Chen had a long conversation here on that day, but I can’t remember it all… Dad, do you know that Aunt Gu is in trouble?” Looking at Mo Yichen’s gloomy face, Mo Xiangyan thought of the conversation and told Mo Yichen in detail about that.

Now Mo Yichen was more depressed when he heard Mo Xiangyan’s words. Her studio’s crisis? Debts? He thought to himself, “Haven’t I asked Wu Gang to handle these issues?”

Mo Yichen scolded Wu Gang for his poor efficiency. Wu Gang couldn’t even manage such a small thing. In fact, Wu Gang was so busy that he thought he had arranged that to his colleagues but actually he didn’t.

A lot of things came together and the misunderstanding occurred.

“Xiangyan, it’s time to sleep. Go back to your bedroom. I have to go out to deal with something important.” Mo Yichen stood up at once, took on the coat he just put down and said to the room where the nanny was in, “Aunt, take Xiangyan to sleep!”

The nanny went downstairs immediately and bowed to Mo Yichen. Then she held Xiangyan’s hand heading to his bedroom. Xiangyan did not want to leave, turned round and looked at Mo Yichen.

The footsteps upstairs were fading away. A few moments later, Mo Yichen heard the bedroom’s door was closed. He stood there, watching Xiangyan out of sight. Then he took the car key and headed for the door.

The moment when Mo Yichen just opened the door, a large figure was in his way. Mo Yichen rubbed his eyes and looked carefully at the person in front of him under the dim light.

“Yichen, you come back?”


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