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After taking his pulse, Mo Ruo removed his hand from Teacher Yu’s wrist.

“There is nothing seriously wrong with Teacher. An older person like you is naturally frailer and would feel tired after standing for a long time. However, your body is still good and will recover as long as you rest well.”

“Thank you, Master Mo,” said Teacher Yu.

“You’re welcome. I will write a prescription; just let your apprentice get the medicine and take it on time.”

Teacher Yu nodded in response.

Mo Ruo took the ink and pen and was about to write the prescription when he heard a sigh from the opposite side. He looked up at the sad, heavily lined face and knew what the sigh was for.

Mo Ruo put down his pen and asked, “Teacher must be feeling sad for Guo He?”

“Mm.” Teacher Yu nodded and let out a long sigh. His white eyebrows wrinkled, revealing a bit of guilt.

“I thought that the child merely left a year ago, but was still alive and well. I never expected that he was dead and even died in the academy. No one even knew of it for a year. Although he was naughty and stubborn, he’s not bad by nature. In the end, he was still my student who grew up by my side and I’m also partly responsible for his death.”

Mo Ruo comforted him, “Teacher should not say that. This matter had nothing to do with you. Life, death, accidents, and disasters are all destined. Guo He’s death was probably his destiny, and no one can predict that. Teacher should not blame yourself.”

“Although this is true, after all, a teacher for a day is akin to a father for life.” He let out a long sigh, narrow eyes were full of tears.

Guo He was an orphan who was abandoned at the entrance of the academy on a cold winter’s day. Teacher Yu could not bear it to leave him so the kid was kept in the academy, treated as if he was half-child of Teacher Yu. Guo He was very smart and displayed exceptional talent since childhood. His memory was good and his knowledge kept acc.u.mulating. Sometimes, even Madam Yu was not as good as him. But because he was always in the academy, his habits and studies were all strictly managed and restricted. And so, over the years he developed a rebellious temper, becoming stubborn as a mule and frequently stirring trouble in the academy with his friends.

A few years ago, several teachers who were invited by the academy left because of Guo He. Once, they nearly burned down the entire library because they knocked over some candles when they drank in the library. They became so troublesome that Teacher Yu was often so mad that he got sick for a few days. Although he had been lectured many times by Teacher Yu, Teacher Yu still couldn’t steer him back onto the right track. Guo He became even more set against the whole academy.

Finally, he left, leaving behind a note.

But now, he was found dead in the well!

At the thought of this, Teacher Yu collapsed and shook his head. He sighed, raising his hand and wiping a tear.

At this moment, Tang Si, who had been sitting there resentfully, suddenly snorted and coldly said, “This guy is dead, what’s to be sad about? You guys from the Central Plains always say if a person dies, other people should not be too sad about it and they should move on. What’s more, this person has been dead for a year, yet you are still here thinking about it. You scholars are all talk and no action. It’s still us wandering martial artists that are free and easy; we won’t be sentimental. When a person dies, it doesn’t matter. Eighteen years later, he is a hero again.” [1]

Tang Si held her chin in a dashing pose. She thoroughly looked down on those who put on an air of culture and refinement, so she took every opportunity to express her displeasure towards them. This was also the perfect chance for her to let off some steam.

Teacher Yu looked at her. Even if he ignored what she had just said, he felt pain in his head just by looking at her sitting posture. He said, “One’s appearance is formed through their thoughts; She has no virtue, only faults.”


“Old man, what are you talking about?” She got up and as if she was about to start a fight with him.

Although she couldn’t understand what Teacher Yu just said, she knew it wasn’t anything good. Therefore, she had no qualms fighting back.

“Be polite,” Mo Ruo reprimanded, “Teacher Yu is a great scholar, how can you be so rude? If you try that again, I will throw you into that well.”

“How dare you?!”

“You can try me.”

“You…” Tang Si was defeated, knowing that she was not as strong as him, and there was still Shi Ziran guarding outside. If she caused a ruckus, she would be in big trouble.

She could only swallow down her indignation and sat back in her original spot.

Teacher Yu shook his head. He was really speechless facing such a wild woman, so he simply ignored it. He stood up and went silently to his inner room for a while. When he came out, he had a yellowed letter in his hands.

He took out the paper that was pressed very flat inside and unfolded it carefully, little by little.

There were a few simple lines of neat and tidy writing.

Teacher Yu’s hands trembled when looking at the familiar handwriting. He frowned and tears once again welled up in his eyes.

He said, “This is the letter that he left behind. In the past year, I have been reading it repeatedly dozens of times. I thought that he would come back one day. I didn’t expect that I waited for one year just to find a dead body.”

Mo Ruo was curious. “May I see the letter?”

Teacher Yu generously handed it to him and Mo Ruo looked at the lines written on it.

I cannot repay you for your teaching; my heart does not belong here. I hope to return to my hometown; farewell and thank you.

Sure enough, it was right to say that Guo He is a talent in the academy. Even a farewell letter was written so well, there was nothing you could find fault with based on the letter.

Tang Si had always been curious. She quickly forgot what happened just now, and went up to take a look.

“What did he write? Let me have a look.”

“You won’t understand it!” Mo Ruo bluntly replied.

“How can I not understand? Isn’t it just a few words? How could anyone not understand? ” She snorted again. “I couldn’t care less!”

At this moment, Lin Shu’s voice suddenly was heard from outside the door.

“Sir!” He sounded miserable. It was obvious that he was here to make a complaint.

He walked in but he did not forget his manners. He cupped his hands and greeted Teacher Yu, then kneeled at his feet.

One of his hands rested on the low desk and the other one was on the ground.

He complained, “Sir, this time, no matter what, you have to help me get justice.”

Teacher Yu was confused. “What’s wrong? What happened to you? Why do you look so pale?”

“It’s them.” He pointed to Mo Ruo and Tang Si. “They not only smacked me yesterday but also caused me to be bitten by a snake. Just now, they even came to my room and nearly killed me!”

He rolled up his sleeve and revealed the injury on his arm. His clothes were stained with blood, but fortunately, he had stopped bleeding

[1] Here it implies that they will be reincarnated when they die.


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