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Chapter 1489 1489. Danger zone

Noah couldn’t believe in his eyes. Divine Demon stood in front of the paG.o.da in the sky. His white hair fluttered in the wind, and his cultivation level spread in every corner of the region.

Nothing could stop his aura. Even the quasi-rank 8 sphere failed to stop Divine Demon’s influence. His cultivation level had reached the eighth rank!

‘How did they even find me?’ Noah wondered without losing his focus on the Demonic Form.

The answer to his doubts quickly arrived. A pale King Elbas crawled out of one of the roofs of the paG.o.da. His crown was about to fall, his hair was dirty, and sweat rained from his forehead.

King Elbas was exhausted, and annoyance filled his face. However, an arrogance that Noah didn’t fail to recognize brimmed in his eyes.

A second rank 8 aura spread from the army in the sky. Wilfred suddenly became visible on the last roof of the paG.o.da. He wore a broad smile that radiated an intense bloodl.u.s.t as he looked toward Madame Canson.

“We have finally found you,” Wilfred said, and his voice carried shockwaves that destroyed most of the crystals in the hall.

The rank 7 experts began to cough blood, but Madame Canson’s aura soon covered the hall and protected them from Wilfred’s influence. The cultivator also turned her head to look at the hybrid. Her expression remained cold, but a trace of surprise appeared on her face.

“Do not worry, my heir,” Divine Demon continued. “Your enemies are my enemies! Now, which one of you wants to challenge me?”

The white sky turned azure as Divine Demon’s influence intensified. The world began to transform and provide energy to the expert. He was ready to go all-out.

“You can’t do anything to us,” Luke calmly said. “We have hostages. They will die if you try to touch us.”

Divine Demon was initially surprised at those words. He had convinced King Elbas to tamper with the paG.o.da to find Noah, but he didn’t expect the Crystal City to have more hostages.

His eyes went toward the garden, where he saw the five experts staring at the army. The magical beasts had run away when Divine Demon’s aura spread through the environment, so they could focus on their surroundings now.

Tears inevitably fell from Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon’s eyes. The duo couldn’t contain their emotions when they saw that their Master had come to rescue them. However, they also understood that something was off.

They knew who Divine Demon’s heir was. Their eyes suddenly went on the floating hall, but they couldn’t see its insides. Still, they could guess who that structure contained.

“Oh, you are also here,” Divine Demon said when he recognized his disciples. “Remain where you are. We will talk about your punishment later.”

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon’s expressions froze, but they didn’t dare to complain. They focused on the fact that their torture was over and decided to follow their Master’s orders.

“Humans siding with the hybrids,” Madame Canson said. “You lot are beyond saving. I will kill your heir in front of your eyes and enjoy seeing your hopes vanish.”

“I wouldn’t suggest it,” Divine Demon said before giving voice to a loud snort. “I might have taught my heir’s subordinate how to divine this place, but the Legion’s priority is to destroy you fanatics. You shouldn’t be so arrogant.”

“I’m no one subordinate!” King Elbas weakly shouted. “And you didn’t teach me anything. You just provided your miraculous energy.”

“How could a rank 7 existence like you even understand,” Divine Demon replied before waving his hand. “Don’t be shy. I might teach you something else later on.”

King Elbas wanted to complain, but he didn’t have any strength left. He laid on the roof and lost consciousness before a hybrid grabbed his body and dragged him away from the battlefield.

“You have nothing but words,” Luke said, but his eyes suddenly widened when he saw Wilfred kicking the paG.o.da toward the floating hall.

The attack surprised even Divine Demon, who had to deploy an evasive maneuver to dodge the building. Wilfred had thrown the paG.o.da without even bothering to control his strength.

“My heir is there!” Divine Demon complained, but Wilfred gave voice to a loud snort.

“He is a hybrid,” Wilfred said. “He will be fine.”

Smoke began to come out of the paG.o.da. Its surfaces started to burn due to the incredible acceleration caused by Wilfred’s kick. Even the hybrid showed a worried expression when he saw the speed reached by the structure.

“He should be fine,” Wilfred corrected himself before shooting after the paG.o.da.

Divine Demon’s mental waves grabbed the five experts in the garden and threw them in the sky where the other hybrids supported them. Then, he also shot after the paG.o.da.

Noah’s mind reached an unfathomable level of clarity when he saw June and the others disappearing from the garden. His hatred also vanished and left nothing but anger toward those who had put him in that situation.

The Demonic Form began to drain his body even more. The roots covered the whole item and devoured the energy inside the invisible fabric. Noah felt stronger than ever, but he didn’t have the time to bathe in that feeling.

When Luke and Madame Canson stepped forward to block the falling paG.o.da, the quasi-rank 8 sphere shattered, and a cloud of corrosive smoke tried to expand through the entire hall. Noah’s aura also surged and revealed his solid stage cultivation level.

Miss Nine waved a hand toward him. An invisible wall was about to slam on Noah’s head, but a series of roots covered his figure and allowed him to pierce the attack. The Demonic Form had devoured the spell before it could touch him.

“What is this?” Miss Nine asked before all the other cultivators in the hall shot toward Noah.

Snore appeared behind Noah, and Night shot out of his chest. The Demonic Sword also appeared on his left hand as he pointed his free palm toward Miss Nine.

The roots coming out of his palm shot forward and pierced every invisible protection deployed by the expert. Still, they bought some time, enough for Miss Nine to deploy a powerful spell.

A ma.s.sive black figure appeared above Noah’s head. A metallic wall had formed in the sky and began to fall toward the hall. Miss Nine didn’t mind her companions in her offensive. She didn’t even care that Ethan was with them.

Noah’s roots retracted. He swiped the edge of the Demonic Sword with his right palm before slas.h.i.+ng upward. A ma.s.sive attack came out of his blade, and a large gap appeared on the black wall falling from the sky.

The entire hall pa.s.sed through that gap, and an intense explosion followed that event. The two rank 8 cultivators had destroyed the paG.o.da, but they were now facing Divine Demon and Wilfred.

Noah slashed toward Shandal, but a thick black wall appeared on his trajectory. Miss Nine successfully protected the expert, and Noah used that moment of distraction to wield and attack with the white blade.

The roots came out of Noah’s palm before he completed the attack. The curved slash that flew out of his blade carried a corrosive smoke that tried to spread everywhere in the hall.

The auras of the rank 8 experts were suppressing Noah’s corrosive smoke, but it still managed to touch some of the cultivators around him.

Cries of pain echoed through the sky as the smoke corroded and infected the cultivators. Miss Nine promptly joined her hands and pointed them toward Noah, but a shockwave suddenly ran through the area.

Everyone spat blood. Noah wasn’t an exception. The four rank 8 experts had begun their battle, so the entire area had become a danger zone where rank 7 existences couldn’t remain.


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