WebNovel Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 593 – It's Your Good Fortune to Like Jiaojiao

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Chapter 593: It’s Your Good Fortune to Like Jiaojiao

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“The prices on the open market are all pushed up by speculators. You’re buying from me directly. I have always offered this price to people I know. If you guys try to bargain with me again, I’ll be angry.” As Chi Jiao puffed up her cheeks.

They didn’t dare to object again.

“You guys take your time viewing. There’s a tea counter inside. If you’re thirsty, there are all sorts of drinks available. I have to go entertain other guests,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

“Go ahead and do what you need to do. When your art exhibition is over, let’s go out for some kebabs,” Dang Nan said with a smile.

Chi Jiao nodded and left.

“I really think some people are blind. If those people in our cla.s.s who suck up to Ruan Xiaoxiao knew that Jiaojiao was AN, I don’t know how they would react.” Yi Lanlan recalled the students who had mocked Chi Jiao at school that day. She had the urge to drag all of them over and let them see who was better with their own eyes.

In front of Jiaojiao, Ruan Xiaoxiao’s skills were nothing.

Thinking back to how arrogant Ruan Xiaoxiao usually was, Yi Lanlan felt that she was so hypocritical.

“They probably just think that Jiaojiao is easy to bully. In this day and age, too many people judge a book by its cover,” Bai Weiyu said with a smile.

“Didn’t Ruan Xiaoxiao ask Jiaojiao for an invitation, too? She doesn’t seem to know that Jiaojiao is AN,” Xu Ye said calmly.

“Heh, does that Ruan Xiaoxiao think everyone is like her? She tries so hard to show off what little skills she has.” Yi Lanlan smiled in disdain.

“That’s right. Our Jiaojiao is very low-key. Xu Ye, it’s your good fortune to like Jiaojiao.” Dang Nan looked meaningfully at Xu Ye as she teased him in a half-joking manner.

She felt that Jiaojiao was really the legendary “treasure box girl”.

There was always some hidden quality inside her, just waiting to be discovered.

Xu Ye also felt that what Dang Nan said made sense. He nodded seriously. “That’s right. It’s my good fortune to like Jiaojiao.”

He had to work hard to become outstanding so that he would be worthy to stand beside her.

Ruan Xiaoxiao was on her way to the art exhibition. Two female cla.s.smates whom she was closer to came with her. One was Qin Ying, while the other was Feng Meichen.

The three girls were dressed to the nines and attracted a lot of attention as they walked along the street.

“Xiaoxiao, I think that Chi Jiao is just jealous of you. I have to find a chance to mock her later. I hate copycats.” Qin Ying was on Ruan Xiaoxiao’s left side.

“Yes, I also hate copycats.” Feng Meichen, who was walking on Ruan Xiaoxiao’s right, chimed in.

“Don’t be like this. Jiaojiao is my younger cousin. Please be kind. She always cries. What if you end up making her cry?” Ruan Xiaoxiao said.

“To think that she’s your cousin. What kind of cousin gets jealous of her own kin? If I were you, I wouldn’t indulge her like this.” Qin Ying snorted.

As the three girls chatted on, they arrived at the entrance of the Yun Sha museum.

A security guard at the door stopped them and examined their invitations.

Ruan Xiaoxiao showed him the invitation.

The security guard smiled professionally.. “You only have one invitation, so only one of you can enter.”


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