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Chapter 950: Chapter 949 – House Yu in Horror

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Chapter 949 – House Yu in Horror

“That’s right, uncle! The type that goes woof woof!” Haitian said as he sweated.

“Are you serious? He got killed by a dog?” Shuixing just couldn’t quite bring himself to understand this- this was a Mystic early phase spiritual pract.i.tioner- and he got done in by a dog?

“Uncle, there’s no way I’d joke around with something as big as this!” Haitian said, still sweating. “It’s that dog called General Wei Wu that’s by Lin Yi’s side!”

“Didn’t Yu Kun kill that dog?” Shuixing froze.

“He didn’t die! The dog’s pretty smart it seems, Lin Yi told him that the father should pay the debt of his son, and so the dog killed uncle!” Haitian said.

“Your uncle is a Mystic, early phase spiritual pract.i.tioner! Even a normal man would not have been able to beat him to death, let alone a dog!” Shuixing didn’t understand! Even if the dog was a bit smarter and understood the concept of revenge, it still had to have the ability to carry that revenge out!

“It’s true! Uncle, I don’t think that dog’s a normal dog! I’m not a pract.i.tioner, but I felt an immense aura coming from that dog that instant, it couldn’t just be a normal dog!” Haitian said, still a little traumatized.

“So you’re saying that today you guys went to Chu Pengzhan to cause him trouble, and that General something Weiwu came out and beat Yu Bide to death?” Shuixing finally came to his senses, but still didn’t believe that a dog could do this.

“No, uncle, Lin Yi wasn’t injured at all, and he still has all his strength! He’s still strong!” Haitian said, scared for his life, “He put on a sheepskin! So many days of silence, just waiting for me and uncle to come to his doorstep, and right when we were about to take Chu Pengzhan’s daughter he came out all of a sudden and slammed uncle away with one palm! That dog, that dog came out later and gave a final kick, ending uncle’s life…”

“Lin Yi’s uninjured? And still holds his pract.i.tioner’s strength? The dog is a pract.i.tioner as well?” This chain of information blasted Shuixing’s ears hard, and he couldn’t cope! What in the world was going on?

Hadn’t they done their research? Lin Yi was injured heavily, and had lost all of his strength- why would he suddenly recover, with no loss of that strength whatsoever? Was he really putting on a sheepskin and faking that weak look so that the enmeies would take the bait?

No! Shuixing frowned- Lin Yi might have put on a sheepskin, that was possible, but even putting on a sheepskin there was a limit to the type of prey he could bait in! Yu Kun said himself that he kiled the dog, its internal organs were basically shredded! Even if it were healed, it would have been crippled- why would it become some pract.i.tioner dog?

A horrible possibility hit him: Lin Yi did in fact get injured, but he recovered, only to have gotten stronger after the recovery, and it was the same with the dog! It got stronger recovering from that life or death situation!

Then just what sort of unfathomable power did Lin Yi’s background have? Did the hiddenhouses even have this sort of power, to not only preserve the lives of a severly injured man and dog, but even increase their power after recovery?!

Just what sort of treasures would you have to expend, and just what sort of G.o.dly master would that treasure require to reach a result like this?

Shuixing understood that he had made a huge mistake- he shouldn’t have come to Songshan to join this entire thing! If the Xiaos wanted to give their lives up then let them do so, they should’ve just stayed back and observed, why waddle into the pool themselves?!

But what’s done is done, and there was no point in regretting. He felt like crying upon hearing the news of his brother’s death!

Lin Yi, who understood perfectly just what sort of superpower the Yu family was, still had the guts to outright kill Yu Bide! There were only two possiblities- he acted on impulse, and made an idiot’s mistake; the other: Lin Yi had no reason to fear House Yu, he was fully confident! In other words, whatever’s backing him wasn’t worried about House Yu in the slightest!

Naturally, Shuixing leaned towards the latter possibility, because from what Yu Kun said, Lin Yi had intended to kill him from the start- it was Li Fu who told him to have mercy! Perhaps the first time he might have acted on impulse, but was a second time really likely?

Plus, Lin Yi held back for multiple days, enduring House Yu’s torturous taunts and demands, waiting until the very last moment, and committed murder! What the h.e.l.l was that about? Was he making an example to keep his other enemies in line?

“Haitian, tell me everything that happened in detail! Do not leave out even the most minute of details!!” Shuixing said after a deep sigh.

“Alright, uncle! This is what happened…” Haitian told everything that took place that day to his uncle, including what his other uncle said to Pengzhan as well as Pengzhan’s response… In the end, he told him about Lin Yi’s arrogant demands as well…

“This Lin Yi… What an appet.i.te! He’s taking on House Yu!!” Shuixing fumed with rage upon hearing the details, but still had some reservations- just what made Lin Yi so confident, confident enough to say something like this?

From what he could see, Pengzhan didn’t seem to know that Lin Yi’s strength had recovered… That meant that Lin Yi might have even hidden it from Pengzhan as well, so as to complete his objective of putting on that sheepskin! He didn’t tell anyone about his recovery, so that he could finish with this final burst!

What a monstrous, monstrous mentality!

But Shuixing gave it more thought- if Lin Yi really was what he guessed him to be, then what was his objective? Was it to go on House Yu, House Xiao, or was it Zhao Qibin? Or, were alll these mere chess pieces? Did he have a deeper motive?

“What do we do, uncle?” Haitian asked carefully.

“You bring back your uncle’s body back to Yanjing immediately, leave everything behind!” Shuixing really was starting to worry, he truly was!

House Yu had walked around all their lives with everyone giving them full respect- having someone kill one of their own like this was ridiculous! Yet, Lin Yi- he did so without a single care in the world, completely crippling one Yu and outright killing the other, and was even planning on swallowing up their businesses! Worse still, he wanted two Yu girls to be his mistresses!

Was he out of his mind, or was he really powerful enough to back his words up?

No matter what, Shuixing was seriously regretting all of his decisions! p.i.s.sing off an opponent of this calibre for a couple of sc.r.a.ps on a map? This wasn’t in their favor at all!

Naturally, this wasn’t something he could swallow- this revenge would be his one day, but that had to wait until he understood just who Lin Yi was- then he would pay Lin Yi back tenfold!!


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